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alicethepug replied to Help making Chicken Jerky

about 1 hour ago

thanks so much. I will be trying soon. hopefully i can find some better prices on chicken breast, I personally eat this often and it seems the prices keep going up lol. this week especially.

Rita replied to Just really down today!!!

about 7 hours ago

Doc, I just now read your post about Lexi, Zena and I are so thankful that she is okay. Zena is my sevice dog also and my baby as Lexi is yours. We will be keeping both of you in ourt prayers. Lov...

julie s posted is my pug full bred?

about 8 hours ago

I have a 6month old pug named coco, we love her to bits but we are not sure weather she is full bred, she is an apricot pug and i have put photos up of her :) wud be great if other pug owners/lover...

docand replied to Just really down today!!!

about 11 hours ago

Hi to all my friends! I'm Lexi the Pug, and my dad posted that he was down due to my cancer surgery. Well, all margins were just great and it was all removed. I'm am healing well and been on so...

MrHub earned a badge!

about 17 hours ago


MrHub replied to Owned by a Pug!

about 17 hours ago

Hi Susan, He is on a urinary SO diet, so that makes thing a bit more difficult, but I have started making burgers for him to eat in the morning. He does not like wet dog food. Here is what I hav...

hma87 commented on hma87's profile

1 day ago

Thank you! I will do as the vet told me. Thank you very much!

cd commented on hma87's profile

1 day ago

mange is a bug(mite) that needs to be treated, dandruff shampoo has the similar ingredients as the shampoo a vet will give you, use it as prescribed and finish the antibiotics as prescribed, it is...

hma87 replied to Pug 12week old has demodectic mange

1 day ago

My pug was diagnosed with mange too, he's 7 month old. The vet gave him antibiotics and a special shampoo. I feel a little uncomfortable about the antibiotics since I read pugs overcome this by the...

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