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kimmyt38 posted Excessive Drooling

26 minutes ago

My pug has started drooling excessively. I have tried looking in her mouth but she really fights me. She is eating and drinking normally. Any thoughts?

Insanity posted Home made wet food to add to dry food.

about 4 hours ago

Who makes their own wet food to add a spoon full or two into the dry food? How do you make it, what do you use, how much do you make, and how long dose it last? I am looking for better alternatives...

minecraftgirl13101 posted Wanting to get a pug

about 20 hours ago

hi, my name is minecraftgirl13101 for about 2 years now i have been thinking really hard about getting a pug. only about a few months ago have i decided yes ( i haven't got it yet though), i have ...

minecraftgirl13101 commented on minecraftgirl13101's profile

about 20 hours ago

Hya everyone!! :3 im minecraft girl13101. for a while ive been thinking hard if i should get a pug. ive never had a dog and i would really appriciate som information from people who own or have own...

Klister replied to My pug keeps being sick

1 day ago

Our rescue pus was doing this also on a nightly basis (mainly middle of night) when we first adopted him. He Would start by sitting up and constant licking/swallowing followed by brining up a yello...

Klister earned a badge!

1 day ago


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