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cd commented on 4Brindlepugs's profile

about 7 hours ago

can you post pictures of your pugs? I have 4 different colored pugs. as for color variations I posted awhile ago, go to search and look up pug colors. I am Interested in what your silver looks like.

Angel-A lu earned a badge!

about 10 hours ago


4Brindlepugs replied to Brindle pugs & other variations

about 12 hours ago

I have a brindle pug, and I will guarantee that he is a purebred. He is NOT a mix breed. I raise pugs because I love pugs. I don't raise them for profit and I don't over breed. I have had a silver ...

cd replied to Growth on pug's paw above nail

about 12 hours ago

it was a foxtail seed article I was referring to, they get under the skin and travel. Foxtail is common all up and down the West Coast but has also spread across the country, according to the U.S. ...

cd replied to Growth on pug's paw above nail

about 13 hours ago

I always use rubbing alcohol to clear up things like this, you need to put it on a few times a day until the swelling leaves, maybe by then you will see the problem, and can pull it out. the alcoh...

Jacquie replied to Growth on pug's paw above nail

about 13 hours ago

CD, you may be right about sliver or thorn. The vet did say it could be a splinter. How can I know for sure? The growth appearance is soft, round, smooth - if there is fluid, I do not know for s...

What-the-pug replied to Squinting eye! help..

about 21 hours ago

Yeah that's not enough time to let it heal and let the antibiotics do their stuff. That's the trouble I had with my old vets they always advised the most expensive course of action as it's the most...

Kelseybev replied to Squinting eye! help..

1 day ago

i don't actually think she is, i tired a new vet today as the last one i was going to was useless!! if she wants to on friday i think ill ask for other options cause the antibiotics go for 10days a...

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2014-05-11 18.06.53 by jen93x