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KatB replied to Pugs and babies

20 minutes ago

When I babysat my grandaughter some time back I had her everyday since her birth. She is now four years old. From the time she crawled, she has had a bond with my pugs. I had two at the time, and m...

KatB replied to My pug keeps peeing on the couch!

31 minutes ago

Getting the smell out is your toughest thing. Mothers miracle has alot of smell removers that work pretty darn good. May I suggest that when your at home and you see your pug get up on the couch, S...

KatB replied to New pug--does not like to be left alone

36 minutes ago

What-the-pug has given you the correct advice. Making a big deal out of leaving only cause him anxiety. Just crab your stuff, don't say anything, just go. This is not just a pug thing, alot of dogs...

Sophie12 replied to Scooting!

41 minutes ago

his bowels are always loose and I've told the vet this but he didn't seem to mind that. I went to a second vet who was abit more helpful but she said she couldn't feel anything was wrong with him b...

KatB replied to Wont come when called

43 minutes ago

Practice with a long 6ft lead. Use command of Front, use happy tone of voice, pat your legs if you want to and gently pull lead to the front of you. Push her into a sit, saying sit, then reward and...

KatB replied to Bump in corner of eye?

about 1 hour ago

That needs to be looked at by your Vet. I know this post is 21 days old, hope you have gotten it looked at by now. Hope all is well now.

KatB replied to Scooting!

about 1 hour ago

I am thinking that maybe annal glands may need to be removed. He is in pain and I wonder if they are impacted. Can't understand why the vets are not looking closer into this. Is he pooping regularl...

KatB posted It's been a long time. Hello Again.

about 1 hour ago

Haven't been on PugSpot for a very long time. I haven't forgotten everyone though. China is doing fine, although she shows her age these days, She turned 8 last June 6th. You wouldn't know it thoug...

Sophie12 earned a badge!

about 3 hours ago


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2014-05-11 18.06.53 by jen93x