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lee replied to Pug owner wannabe

about 13 hours ago

Please look into purchasing from a rescue. There are so many pugs that are give up and in need of rehoming. I am getting my 3rd one from a rescue site and she is a purebred that at one time was u...

Susan replied to Skin problems in pug

about 14 hours ago

Food allergies can happen at anytime. Dogs can be on a food for years and all of a sudden they are a mess!! But to be honest by the look of those pics, it looks like something else. I am thinkin...

cd replied to Skin problems in pug

about 20 hours ago

not mixed reaction, as it is hard to determine the cause you need to test each solution to see what works best for your pug's situation. have you tried the Benadryl? or even the yogurt?

cd replied to Something up?

about 20 hours ago

keep an eye on him for signs of illness, maybe he just isn't feeling himself or maybe he is upset with you for something. if he stops eating all together or appears ill, a vet trip may be necessar...

cd replied to Tummy ache?? Diarrhea?

about 20 hours ago

have you changed her food or given her anything different in her diet, treats, milk, or dairy? some pugs have that reaction to dairy. if she is other wise normal. she may have drank from a sour wat...

cd replied to Introducing a new pug to the family

about 20 hours ago

you need to introduce them carefully , and watch for signs of aggression, is the female fixed? the males may try to hump her, are males fixed? treat them equally, praise good behavior and be sure...

cd replied to Pug owner wannabe

about 21 hours ago

first, read all the info you can find and familiarize yourself with the pug breed, a good place to start would be a pug rescue, their pugs are always, vet checked, fixed, chipped and all vaccines ...

Milla1078 posted Pug owner wannabe

1 day ago

Hi All, I'm new to the forum and after some help, I want to purchase a pug puppy but really don't know where to start. I've seen many pups priced at varying prices from over 1000 to just 450. Sadly...

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2014-05-11 18.06.53 by jen93x