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cd replied to Changing color of ears

about 13 hours ago

no, its not infection, a pugs color takes awhile to develop. you will notice slight changes in his fur color seasonally, but a pugs defined fur color takes about a year to develop sometimes longer.

Rio2014 posted Changing color of ears

about 18 hours ago

My pug is 4 months old. Recently i have noticed the color change in his ear. Slight fawn color is spreading from the border of the ears and from back side is that an infection? should i do anything...

Ilovemypuggy replied to New pug and neutering.

about 24 hours ago

I, in now way plan to breed. My blind pug is already neutered and as long as blood work comes back fine Duncan will probably be too.

cathym replied to Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue T-shirt sale fundraiser

1 day ago

Hi petunia May, just ordered 2, can't wait for them to arrive. Wish you guys were closer to Chicago. Going this weekend to Wisconsin to check out show dog breeder. They only have two litters a year.

Ximena&Leo replied to New pug and neutering.

1 day ago

Lynn you have to be a reputable breeder to breed pugs and can be very expensive. Not having them neutered can cause problems down the road. Her pugs are old. Breeding is not an option. I am ass...

cd replied to PDE in a 12 year old?

1 day ago

if it was pde you would have more symptoms, she may have had a seizure due to heat or epilepsy. if it was heat she will need rest and plenty of water, and a cool environment, takes a few days to re...

What-the-pug replied to My Pug is out of control!

1 day ago

That's normal, do you take him on walks to explore? If not then that is why he might make a run for it given the opportunity, imagine how boring it must be to be in the same place all day.

What-the-pug replied to Timings

1 day ago

Well whatever time she wakes up in the morning, so let's say for me 6am then again at 12pm ( but only a small amount as you will cut that meal out soon) then dinner is at 4pm. I didn't measure I ju...

Pugster replied to Timings

2 days ago

But can u pls tell me after how many hours should i feed her? I give her 30g of Royal Canin Maxi Starter 3 times a day.

ketset replied to My pug smells bad

2 days ago

WHAT THE PUG Thanks for doing the research and giving me your valuable time. I used pedigree in his early days but the smell didn't go... I think that’s probably because of the low quality. I ca...

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