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kbailey commented on Lexi the Pug

about 3 hours ago

She has a wonderful wardrobe! My little princess would be so envious

kbailey replied to My pug is sick...

about 3 hours ago

Shame. I don't have any useful advice, but I have lots of sympathy and good wishes for you. I hope your baby is better very soon xxx

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about 7 hours ago


MuShusMommy earned a badge!

about 7 hours ago

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MuShusMommy replied to My pug is sick...

about 9 hours ago

has he had any topical or oral medications such as a flea treatment or something? I have heard that sometimes they can have reactions to things like that and it might make him vomit and feel puny....

cd replied to My pug is sick...

about 12 hours ago

was he at the vet for vaccines? if so he could be having a bad reaction. he's hiding because he doesn't feel well. is he drinking? has he taken in any food at all? need more info, what country are...

ida posted My pug is sick...

about 15 hours ago

...and has the following symptoms: throwing up, lethargic, and hiding. He is 9 yrs young. He threw up his applesauce and would not eat the plain chicken. He hasn't eaten for approx 24 hours. The hi...

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2014-05-11 18.06.53 by jen93x