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louloudr replied to Are Pugs mostly attached to males?

about 12 hours ago

Dogs can bond with one owner over the other! Dexter was all my other half (male) when he was a puppy because he spent more time with him, due to my work commitments, but since they changed, he is a...

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louloudr replied to Excessive Panting - New Pug - Advice Please????

about 12 hours ago

Thank you both. She has calmed down a lot but still pants on walks, when playing and at night time in particular (goodbye watching TV in silence haha)........ We have also just found that she has c...

janisandsacha replied to Help! My puggy has bold patches :(

about 13 hours ago

Oh just a plain one, like vanilla. I see that you can also use melatonin therapy and light therapy also but check with the vet. Yes, that is what Sass looked like, but more so. Try giving a few ...

janisandsacha replied to Are Pugs mostly attached to males?

about 13 hours ago

Once we had a Sheltie who was terrified of my husband, wouldn't let him near her! He is of the most mild and sweet temperament too! (The husband, not the dog.) She went through her entire life t...

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