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cd replied to Pug life expectancy?

about 2 hours ago

healthy pugs seem to average 16-18 years, the oldest pug recorded was almost 21 years old. pugs that have health issues vary but seem to last as long as 14 years in age.

cd replied to Does my pug look pure bred?

about 4 hours ago

he looks purebred, pugs take up to 2 years to get to their full size and color, so little changes that may seem odd is just part of the growing cycle.

Cindy Hicks replied to Are there any pug owners in britain???

about 5 hours ago

There are PUGS, of all colors,shapes , and sizes , everywhere, Pugs are taken the canine -world by storm. The world is a better,Happier place, because of Pugs!!! Melissa,and Bertie, I wish y...

shannonlaird posted Does my pug look pure bred?

about 5 hours ago I'm almost 100% sure he is but I didn't get papers along with him. I paid £850 for him, which i think is reasonable. Does...

lisafaw earned a badge!

about 13 hours ago


cathym replied to PUGS and toilet training

1 day ago

I'm not done with my story but ran out of space. The house stinks to hi heaven. The bigger they get the more they go. Now went tinkle 3 times in a half hour. My feet stick to the kitchen floor. Maj...

cathym replied to PUGS and toilet training

1 day ago

Hi Melissa, sorry I have not got back to you. I have been very busy. We are still fighting the battle. My Mother is ready to give up. I keep telling her they are babies. They tinkle and poop all th...

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2014-05-11 18.06.53 by jen93x