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SuperPugly posted Need help with my pugs flaky thin fur !!!!!!

about 12 hours ago

Hello everyone! I've written on here before about my 8 month old female pug named Milk. Lately she has been having some skin issues, she had fleas for about 2 weeks and they now seem to be gone...

melissa posted Meet my Bertie pug.

about 12 hours ago Bertie at 10 weeks old. Do you all like him? The breeder dressed him up. little man.

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about 12 hours ago

have you asked the vet to check her over? Could be allergy or mites, but why her forearm I am unsure. Irritation of some sort. Try fuciderm cream but have to get of vet. But ask the vet about it ...

melissa replied to Sick puppy help!

about 12 hours ago

I would suspect the number twos will follow. it does seem odd they never found anything wrong. maybe it was a serious upset tummy or look into a food allergy if happens again. Not meaning to mak...

cd replied to really want a pug, but have a few questions...

about 12 hours ago

pug= big dog in little body, meaning that they don't require a lot of room, the usual walks and exercise they get both in and outside is good. can the garden be fenced to allow him a little freed...

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Milks back leg with bumps and thin fur?? by SuperPugly
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