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What-the-pug commented on New collar

20 minutes ago

I know the feeling, just looking at their little faces just makes you so happy!

What-the-pug replied to Darkening skin?!

23 minutes ago

That it totally normal my little man just went through the same transition, it's just growing up, he had a little pink belly that gradually got darker with some pigment differences and patches, his...

jseoshea replied to Vetri-Science Omega 3,6,9, 90 gel Caps

25 minutes ago

Yes, we use Fromm Puppy Food and a little bit of Ultra Holistic Puppy wet food. His fur just seems a little dull..I was thinking the omega might help and has other health bennifits...

Susan replied to Food

about 1 hour ago

Thanks everyone for your thoughts!!!

Susan replied to Darkening skin?!

about 1 hour ago

Just watch it could be food allergy or seasonal. My little boy changed colors and it seemed normal, but he later had allergies.

Susan replied to Vetri-Science Omega 3,6,9, 90 gel Caps

about 1 hour ago

No I have not. I am no expert, but I read that if your dog food is a good high quality food, it should have all the Omega it needs. Also check with your vet and check your dog food ingredients.

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2014-05-11 18.06.53 by jen93x