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Pugster replied to Rain!

about 2 hours ago

I know i wanted her at the age f 12 weeks but the breeder said that if i dont buy her in three days he will sell it to someone else.

What-the-pug replied to Random loss of balance

about 4 hours ago

Ok well I got an emergency app at the vets and he had a neurological exam and full health check, turns out he has concussion! He did hit his head yesterday but was immediately fine afterwards and a...

What-the-pug posted Random loss of balance

about 8 hours ago

I'm a bit worried as my pug has been asleep for a lot longer than he usually does, he usually wake up for the toilet. I took him outside and when standing still or sitting he just falls over. Like ...

Ximena&Leo replied to Puppy driving me crazy!

about 9 hours ago

Hi Pugster, you shouldn't crate her all day. My suggestion is buy a baby gate put her in a bathroom or in kitchen area that has tiles and leave lots pee pads around. Let her poop and pee there...

JanandSass replied to Rain!

about 9 hours ago

This puppy should still be with it's mother, nursing. She is not really even old enough to be eating only solid food. What is it lately with people selling wee puggies too young? I a sorry, but ...

cathym replied to Puppy driving me crazy!

about 18 hours ago

Pugster, your pug is is what 5 maybe 6 weeks old at this point. First a puppy should not leave it's Mother before 8 weeks old. So you have a double whammy against you. Not only do you have to be...

What-the-pug replied to Puppy driving me crazy!

1 day ago

All dogs are different... And you can still use the crate if u go out. I would just try and get her to go potty on a puppy pad before you put her in there. I didn't use a crate so I don't know real...

Pugster replied to Puppy driving me crazy!

1 day ago

But my last dog used to bark when he needed to go. (Only if he was in the crate) Now je is a year and a half.

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