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SolarisL posted Is it really that bad?

about 4 hours ago

Hello everyone! I wanted a pug for years...i just love their expressive and cute faces and they seem so lovely and easy going ( and prone to be couch potatoes like me!) i've read a lot about the...

dainajames posted Pigmentation in our Chunk!

about 4 hours ago

My poor Chunk is 2 years old September. We recently figured out that he has Pigmentary Keratis (Pigmentation of Corneas) and we we're devastated. We brought to a specialized vet who suggested a sur...

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about 5 hours ago

Pug Lover

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about 5 hours ago


cd replied to My pug keeps scratching his ears

about 10 hours ago

surolan is for infection and ear mites, depending on the vet, they usually sell it without seeing the dog,(its not prescribed). but you could try the alcohol first to see if it clears it first, tak...

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about 12 hours ago


Ximena&Leo replied to My pug keeps scratching his ears

about 12 hours ago

I use Optic ear cleaner to clean his ears and oatmeal shampoo for bath time. I do see a black grainy slimy residue on his ears... omg I hope it is not mites. CD, I will try alcohol to see if that...

What-the-pug replied to My pug keeps peeing on the couch!

about 12 hours ago

When Loki had an accident on the rug I used a solution of fabric softener and water, sprayed it wet and scrubbed and the smell went straight away. Same stuff you use in the washing machine conditio...

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