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Ximena&Leo replied to My Pug is out of control!

15 minutes ago

Even with training if the dog is not fixed he will find a way to escape. Male intact dogs will want to explore to looking for a mate. He will listen to you more when he is fixed. I know this cau...

Ximena&Leo replied to Rain!

25 minutes ago

Yah pugs don't like the rain. I bought a rain coat at Petsmart and it worked he went outside. So just buy a rain coat. ;)

What-the-pug replied to Rain!

about 8 hours ago

Some dogs just don't like rain. You could always take her out on a lead. Try and get her used to the rain by going out with her and just walking around.

fudge replied to Your Pugs funny habits

about 9 hours ago

Lets see my parents dont allow my four month old Fudge on the bed so i have to sit down and play with him and when hes ready for a nap he makes himself comfortable on my laps and hits the sack........

Pugster posted Rain!

about 9 hours ago

It has been raining since 5 hours and there will be rain for quite a while because its monsoon yesterday i took my puppy out and she wont even step out in the rain she got so scared she ran back in...

Pug life earned a badge!

about 16 hours ago


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2014-05-11 18.06.53 by jen93x