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amyandpablo replied to Naughty puggy!

about 13 hours ago

He's 10 months now. He has always nipped bein playful but never too hard but recently he seems to be quite aggressive when doing it :( he's so lovely when he wants to be but this biting is really ...

Christine replied to Naughty puggy!

about 14 hours ago

How old is he? Our pug did a lot of play biting until about 6 months old then completely stopped.

amyandpablo posted Naughty puggy!

about 20 hours ago

I really don't know what has gotten into Pablo the past few days, he's been so naughty and nasty to me! He is getting very aggressive and trying to bite me all the time. I love him to bits but I fe...

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1 day ago


cd replied to ecoli nasal infection in 9 month old pug

2 days ago

it takes up to 14 days to start healing, that's why antibiotics are given for 14 days or more, then total recovery takes up to 8 weeks, once she starts healing she should be ok.

Trinity-08 replied to Senior

3 days ago

Thank you all for comments. I'm thinking of just keeping him on his weight management food until further notice from the vet. And yes he's becoming a senior, he's slower, he gets up slower, sleeps...

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