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chloes_mum posted Anal Glands

about 1 hour ago

Hi all, I need some help, my Pug needs her glands expressed! I managed to do it once......she squirmed around a bit but I managed to get most of it out I believe. However, the next time I wasn'...

mommababyboy posted I am so lost...

about 2 hours ago

On July 06, 2014 my sweet, sweet baby boy died. I am so lost. I have no children and I've never loved like this before. Doffie was only 10 years and 4 months old. And, while I know that they don't ...

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about 9 hours ago

Pug Lover

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What-the-pug replied to Harness

about 19 hours ago

Well I've tried a few and to be honest the puppia rite fit is working out perfectly. It's soft and slightly padded so it doesn't hurt if they pull, you can adjust size around neck and body so it la...

Susan posted Harness

1 day ago

Hi Guys, I was just wondering what kind of harness is the best one for pugs? Having trouble picking the right one.

cd replied to Really want to cuddle

1 day ago

also cuddle time is any time, remember she was taken from her pug family at an early age so she needs warmth and cuddling any time you are able to.

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