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What-the-pug replied to high shedding

about 2 hours ago

My pug is 7 months and I don't think he sheds that much I don't notice excessive amounts of hair on my clothes when I pick him up or where he sits, it kind of just builds up. But I agree a good die...

cathym replied to high shedding

about 6 hours ago

I too have a terminator (look on Amazon they have the lowest prices). But I believe if you have a good diet it cuts the shedding down. I don't feed them dog food but cook their meals for them lots ...

lee replied to Is it really that bad?

about 12 hours ago

I don't care how much time or maintenance my pugs need they are the most lovable dogs I know of. I wouldn't trade them any other dog. They cuddle and give kisses and are just lovable. You make up...

lee replied to high shedding

about 12 hours ago

I have 2 pugs and I wasn't aware of how much they shed. We brush them everyday and still when I use my dust mop it looks like I'm shaking out another pug. Good Luck they are just heavy shedders b...

Pugster replied to Insect!

about 13 hours ago

Oh and i wanted to ask u that my puppy keeps on putting both paws on bed (she is not tall enough to get on it) and then she pulls the bed sheet causing it to rip please help.

Pugster replied to Insect!

about 13 hours ago

I was going to the vet and i saw that the tick is gone.

cd replied to Pimple :/

about 14 hours ago

still need to clean bowls regularly, give his face a wipe if its dirty after eating. a stray pimple every now an then is nothing to worry about, it when he gets them all the time that you may need...

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