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What-the-pug commented on Mosquito bite?

about 2 hours ago

Ooh, will look Into that, prob explains why he was scratching his neck aswell come to think of it :)

What-the-pug replied to bringing 6 week pug out too often?

about 3 hours ago

Well normally you need to have had 2 lots of injections before you can start socialising him or letting him around other pets (if your friends have pets that is and hopefully if they do they have b...

brittk217 posted bringing 6 week pug out too often?

about 4 hours ago

I've been bringing my 6 week old puggie out with me to my friends houses when I go this bad for him to be aroundso many different people and smells at this age? Like will it make him not kno...

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about 8 hours ago


JanandSass commented on Mosquito bite?

about 9 hours ago

The benedryl will help it go faster - there is benedryl in a sort of little roller thingie for bites.

JanandSass replied to very dry nose

about 9 hours ago

And you might check the humidity of your house - if it is below 35% you might need to get a humidifier, that might help. Dry air makes my nose dry, LOL

JanandSass replied to My Pug like's to nibble or bite anything.

about 9 hours ago

Yes, the chew toys and foods are essential! He is growing his teeth and it itches. Plus all puppies do this and they need to learn it is not acceptable. You need to get a little spray bottle and...

cd replied to My Pug like's to nibble or bite anything.

about 16 hours ago

I agree. get him chew toys that he likes, or if you get rawhide bones get ones fairly big and tightly wrapped so he cant break pieces off. I use ones that are 10 inches long and less than 2 inches...

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