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cathym replied to Heartworm and flea medicine

about 1 hour ago

I gave Olivia Advantage and she turned green. Called the DVD they told me it was something she ate. No way! They wouldn't even listen to me this happened two months in a row. I just stop positionin...

cathym replied to Anal Glands

about 1 hour ago

Chloe' s Mom, I say save your self the aggregation. Find a groomer. We had one even come to the house every six weeks 35.00 dollars bath, anal glands and nails. No need to get your self all worked ...

cathym replied to I am so lost...

about 1 hour ago

I sent my memorial but I did not see they changed doggie to doggie I am sorry.

cathym replied to I am so lost...

about 1 hour ago

I'm so sorry for your loss. I will light a candle for you at I wish I could say it gets easier but I have yet to find that true. Be thankful you got ten years together I onl...

What-the-pug replied to Anal Glands

about 2 hours ago

You can turn it around it's never too late, be positive. Try giving a little treat and starting off slow just tapping or touching her rear area then reward when she is ok and then build it up from ...

chloes_mum posted Anal Glands

about 5 hours ago

Hi all, I need some help, my Pug needs her glands expressed! I managed to do it once......she squirmed around a bit but I managed to get most of it out I believe. However, the next time I wasn'...

mommababyboy posted I am so lost...

about 6 hours ago

On July 06, 2014 my sweet, sweet baby boy died. I am so lost. I have no children and I've never loved like this before. Doffie was only 10 years and 4 months old. And, while I know that they don't ...

dsbruins earned a badge!

about 14 hours ago

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