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amyandpablo replied to Pimple :/

about 1 hour ago

Yeah he has a stainless steel bowl for both his food and water.

What-the-pug replied to Pimple :/

about 1 hour ago

Loki had this when he was a pup, do you use stainless steel bowls? If not... You should, lol. Bacteria can get into plastics and ceramics and cause pug pimples!

What-the-pug replied to high shedding

about 1 hour ago

I use a furminator and it's awesome! I also have black carpet so I Hoover a lot too lol

amyandpablo posted Pimple :/

about 1 hour ago

My pabs has got a little spot on his lip, not sure how where it's came from? Anyone know what causes this and whether to do anything with it? :)

Patty25 replied to high shedding

about 4 hours ago

Hi there.. there are a couple articles you should check out in the Articles section- page 1 regarding the Furminator page 4 regarding Controlling shedding They may or may not work for you, but...

Rio2014 posted high shedding

about 7 hours ago

My 5 month old pug is recently sheding heavly. We can find his fur all over the house. I used to brush him daily. Recently i noticed while brushing he is loosing lot of hair. What could be the reas...

Ximena&Leo replied to Is it really that bad?

about 8 hours ago

I use to own a german shepard and now I have a pug. I can tell you this there is a difference. I find big dogs are less maintenance than a pug. OMG cleaning the wrinkles brushing his teeth clean...

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