Pug Articles

Pug Reverse Sneezing: Everything you Need to Know

Reverse sneezing is very common for pugs, but it can be startling at first. We have put together this article to get you more familiar with it and explain some basic info behind it. We also cover when you should think about getting in contact with a vet.

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The Best Dog Beds for Pugs

Choosing the best possible bed for your pug is important. We know this and want to help. This article will help you decide in the best possible bed for your pug.

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Common Skin Problems in Pugs


No matter how cute your Pug's wrinkles may be, they can lead to major skin irritations. Being aware of the different conditions these skin folds can cause will better prepare you if they ever happen.

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Early Warning Signs of Hip Dysplasia


Learning the signs, symptoms and treatments of canine hip dysplasia can be useful when purchasing your Pug. Being educated on the disease, the pedigree, and the health history of your Pug can help you determine if they carry the gene for hip dysplasia.

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Four Ways to Stop Excessive Pug Licking


Dogs are known for affectionate licking, but pugs sometimes go on a licking frenzy that can drive you crazy. They lick for a variety of reasons, and once you know why you can keep the licking to a happy minimum.

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How To Pug Proof Your Home


Pug-proofing your home does not have to be difficult, if you can begin to think like your pug. Getting down on his level can be quite the eye opener and will expose areas that your pug can get into trouble with.

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