Best Dog Food Choices For Pugs

Many people that pet food is just that: Pet food. However, there are many different types and some are good for your pet and some are bad. With dogs, for example, there is a big difference between high-quality protein dry food, grain-free dog food and commercial dog food, as well as puppy food and adult dog food.

It also depends on the breed of dog you have and love. When it comes to dog breeds, there are few that are as cute as a wrinkly pug puppy. They’re funny, affectionate, and bred to be companions. Pugs are generally a healthy breed, but they do suffer from some common ailments, including food allergies.

A proper diet is especially important to a pug’s health. One health issue with pugs is that they’re prone to allergies, so you have to watch what you feed them to make sure they don’t exhibit any signs of a reaction. They can also suffer from spine, hip, and knee problems and are notorious for breathing issues, so keeping their weight under control is an important part of keeping them healthy.

Special Considerations

Here are some nutrition tips to keep in mind when choosing a dog food for your pug:

  • All dogs, including pugs, will need varying calories depending on their age, activity level, and metabolism. For example, a growing puppy will need to eat more than an older pug and a pug that isn’t very active would need less than one that is.

  • Protein – An important part of pug food, protein is needed for cell growth, maintenance, and repair. Protein is usually present in dog food in the form of animal-based meats, like chicken, turkey, and beef.

  • Fats – A concentrated form of energy that is essential for cell structure and hormone production.

  • Carbohydrates – A provider of fast energy, carbs provide the brain with necessary sugars. Easily digestible fibrous carbohydrates can help manage intestinal health in dogs and are usually found in dog food in the form of beet pulp.

  • Vitamins – It’s essential that pugs get their vitamin requirements from their food, but it’s important not to give your pug or any dog a vitamin supplement unless prescribed by your vet. This will make sure your pug avoids the adverse effects of too many vitamins.

  • Minerals – Minerals must also be obtained through diet and are important for providing bone and teeth structure as well as maintaining a healthy fluid balance.
  • There are special formulas of food available if your pug suffers from joint problems.

  • Grain-free and low-carb diets can help a pug with food allergies. Consult with your vet to figure out what foods your pug can safely eat.

Some Great Pug Foods to Try

Here are some really good options of dry dog food that your pug will love.

1. Blue Buffalo Freedom

Blue Buffalo Freedom Dog Food

This comes in a variety of formulas, including Chicken, Lamb, and Beef in large breed, small breed, and healthy weight varieties. Blue Buffalo also has a number of other great dog foods for seniors and puppies. All of their recipes contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

This chicken recipe has real deboned chicken as the top ingredient, which is a great source of protein. There’s no meat by-product, wheat, or soy. Because their recipes are grain and gluten-free, Blue Buffalo is a great choice for pugs because it helps avoid some of the things that could trigger an allergic reaction.

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2. Wellness Core

Wellness Core Dog Food

Wellness Core comes in a variety of formulas, including Original Turkey & Chicken, Puppy, Reduced Fat, Small Breed, Small Breed, and Ocean Whitefish, Herring and Salmon. They’re 100% grain free and contain 80% more meat than traditional dog foods which will help increase lean muscle mass and help your pug burn excess fat and calories.

Necessary antioxidants that promote immune health, fatty acids, and probiotics which aid your pet with digestion occur naturally. In addition, they don’t use any soy, corn, or fillers. Overall;, Wellness provides your pug with everything it needs to be healthy and get all of the nutrients it needs.

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3. Orijen

Orijen Dog Food

This grain-free formula has several sources of high-quality protein, including chicken, turkey, flounder, mackerel, and eggs. A third of the meats are dehydrated and provide a good amount of concentrated protein. The protein provided by Orijen is actually very impressive. In fact, the first fifteen items on the ingredients list are proteins.

The fresh meat in this recipe also serves as a natural way to include glucosamine and chondroitin, which could help any joint issues your pug might be experiencing. Orijen also adds locally sourced fruits and vegetables to make this a tasty treat for your pug. It contains 85% protein and 15% fruits and vegetables, with no fillers, grains, or plant proteins. It’s also fresh, natural, and sustainably farmed.

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What’s on the Label?

There are some specific things to look for on the dog food label to make sure your pug is getting the right things.

First, meat proteins should be the main ingredients. You’ll know this is the case if they show up at the beginning of the ingredient list. Ingredients are listed from most to least and you want the largest part of the dog food to be a meat protein, not a grain.

You might see something like “meat meal” listed. This is an animal protein that has had the water removed. Some people prefer a whole meat protein, which is fine. But keep in mind that meat proteins are going to have a lot of water in them. Meat meals have a protein that is more concentrated and are a really good item to have listed at the start of the ingredients. Avoid dog foods with anything listed as a meat by-product, as this can mean bones as well as other indigestible parts of the animal. It can also signify road kill or expired meat products.

Fat is also an important part of pug food because it’s needed for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Look for fats like chicken fat, fish oil, and omega-3. Fatty acids keep your dog’s skin healthy and its coat shiny.

Finally, when you are selecting a dog food for your sweet pup, make sure that the formula includes high-quality sources of carbohydrates. Good examples are sweet potatoes, peas, and flaxseed. Not only will carbs provide fiber and keep your dog’s digestive system working properly, but they also provide your dog a source of slow burning energy and will allow him to feel fuller, longer.

Pug Dog Food Recipes

If you wish to make homemade dog food for your pug then you can follow some very basic recipes that we've put together. These are easy to follow these nutritional and meal guidelines. There may be times when preparing homemade meals for your Pug is too much of a chore, or you're going to be traveling and cooking is not practical and we would suggest referring to the suggested dog food we mentioned above.

Recipe #1: Stewed Chicken and Brown Rice

Stewed chicken and brown rice is an excellent meal for any Pug. Use dark meat only; chicken legs are a great choice. Stew the legs until the meat can be easily separated. Let the mixture cool until the meat can be safely handled.

Remove the meat from the bone and strain the liquid through a cheesecloth strainer to remove all fat and gristle. Return the liquid to the pot and add enough water to cook the rice. Cut the chicken into Pug-sized pieces while the rice is cooking. When the rice is ready, add the meat and it's dinnertime! You can make extra and freeze it for another day.

Recipe #2: Ground Turkey

Ground turkey is another healthy and delicious choice for your best friend. Brown the meat in a skillet with a bit of vegetable or olive oil. Lower the heat to simmer, add some fresh veggies (green beans carrots, asparagus, bits of baked potato or sweet potatoes, but not corn or peas) and continue cooking until the meat is cooked throughout and the vegetables are done but not mushy. Let cool and serve. Freeze or refrigerate leftovers for another day.

Recipe #3: Chicken/Beef Liver

Chicken or Beef liver is another Pug favorite that goes well with veggies. Brown the liver in skillet with a little bit of vegetable or olive oil, reduce to simmer and add the veggies. When the vegetables are done, let cool, chop the mixture up and serve. Some recipes suggest adding a tablespoon of honey and fresh yogurt. Liver doesn't store well so make just enough for one or two day's meals.

Recipe #4: Eggs and Vegetables

Scrambled Eggs and Vegetables are a great way to get your Pug off to an energetic start. If you're using two eggs, remove one yolk and scramble the rest in a skillet with low fat milk. Mix in some diced green beans and a bit of shredded reduced fat cheese. Let cool and serve.

Final Thoughts

Like any dog, pugs can be picky about switching foods and may even develop an upset stomach if the transition is done too quickly. It’s commonly recommended to make the switch a little at a time, mixing the new food with the old more and more until eventually the old recipe is completely phased out.

Remember, it’s important that you choose a high-protein dog food recipe for your pug and avoid meat by-products and grains as much as you can. This is one of the most important ways to help your canine friend stay happy and healthy for years to come.


ballar235 (over 7 years ago)

I am a little suprised i read something on here that said feeding pugs people food is bad for them then i just read another article that said stuff about feeding them chicken and scrambled eggs.. My problem is my pug has a really strong stinky smell toward his hind end... we just had his glands cleaned out maybe two three months ago and the vet said they wern't even bad. I also just gave him a bath and yet still he stinks, it is deff his hiney!! Help?

Pugsleigh (about 7 years ago)

I have had the best of luck with all my pugs using Fromm's.   I use it on my pugs and our foster pugs.


dixiechicdana (almost 8 years ago)

There are tons of free recipes online for dogs. I just cook some ground beef (always well done) mix in some cooked carrots, green beans, and the bulk of it brown rice. Last a good while and you can freeze it. Also, I use liver alot. Boy loves liver!!!

jeniandpugly (over 9 years ago)

i feed pugly the food from the vet. i was feeding her hollistic puppy food but it had too much vitamins and it messed with her urinary tract, and i had to take her to the vet at which point he gave her antbiotics. Her vet food is called Medi-Cal (formulated for optmal health and urinry tract health for active adult dogs)and it is cheaper than the holistic food. She has way more energy and is alot happier.

devonator (over 9 years ago)

RosienMikeysMom made some very good suggestions. When they haven't been gradually changed to a new food, their digestive systems seem to go haywire. You can also use cottage cheese to get some of the good bacteria in them. If your dog won't eat the yogurt of cottage cheese another idea is to pick up some lactobacillus acidophilus tablets and put it in a cheese ball or something else they can eat. If one of mine has a case of loose stools/diarrhea, I'll feed them a diet of only sweet potato, white rice and boiled chicken for a couple of days to give the system a rest. Then, SLOWLY re-introduce the dog food back into the diet. That way they get protein, carbs and the sweet potato is a vitamin in itself. Not something you want to continue long term but a healthy bland diet that doesn't stress the GI tract and helps it repair itself.

pugmomof3 (about 10 years ago)

I like the article and I wish we had the time to prepare homemade food everyday for our pug babies. I do occasionally give them little bits of frozen peas, green beans and shredded carrot and the big treat is some dark chicken from homemade soup. I have found they do best on a consistent diet. Our pugs eat Solid Gold. It has reduced the ear allergies (and dark ear wax) and skin irritations. We have tried several other "good" brands. I started them on Solid gold because of recommendations from fellow pug owners and one breeder who has a long line of champions. I am always eager to hear what everyone else does.

predatorpug (about 10 years ago)

Hey momof3 I was wondering which one of the solid gold brand do you use? I looked online and there were a few choices. I'd like to try something new for the "sensitive allergy ball that I love". Let me know.

Tank (almost 10 years ago)


I have a 3 month old pug puppy who has had very loose stools and horrible gas since I got him about three weeks ago. The breeder I got him from had him on costco puppy food before i got him, but she drove several hours and forgot to bring food with her. I immediately started him on Nature's Recipe Easily Digestable Puppy food. At almost $20 a bag, and containing no wheat, corn or biproducts. I thought this was a good choice. I took him to the vet last week to get his needle, and they took a stool sample which came up clear for parasites. He will be going for his 3rd set of needles in 2 weeks, and they will do another stool check. Is there anything I can do in the meantime? or a suggestion for another food that will give him a more solid stool? I'm worried this "easily digestible" puppy food, is perhaps too easily digested.
I am a student on a budget and making homemade meals for my puppy can't happen on a regular basis.

RosienMikeysMom (almost 10 years ago)

hey tank,

sometimes it's just a trial and error kind of thing. some foods are too rich for some pugs no matter how good quality the food is. i have had my pugs on so many foods, i can't tell you and finally found one we are all happy with. i had mikey on merrick for a while and although both him and rosie loved it and it's a high quality food, mikey had such bad gas with it, he could clear a room in seconds flat. at one point, i even tried cooking for them but although they loved that too, their poops were just not right. just keep searching you'll find one that works. also, sometimes just adding a little plain, organic yogurt with live active cultures like stoneyfield brand to their food will firm up their poop. it puts the good bacteria back in their systems and helps them digest. some people also use a little dollup of canned pure pumpkin (not the pie mix, just pumpkin), usually found in the baking aisle also helps with loose stools. good luck and hope you find that perfect food.

Pugsleigh (almost 10 years ago)

I agree with RosienMikeysMom
It really was trial and error with my pugs.
I finally found a food that is good for all 3 of my pugs.
Even my vet was impressed with our Lola's minimal allergy problems this past fall.
I feed my puggies Fromm's Duck and sweet potatoe kibble.


Mrduke (over 9 years ago)

If you feed your pug "real food", how do you know how much to feed them. My pug DUKE is 4 years old and needs to watch his weight. Was glad to hear about scrambled eggs and cheese....he loves both. He likes chicken, but does not tolerate beef products.

KatieBug27 (over 9 years ago)

I give mocha scrambled eggs with cheese when i know we are going to have a busy day. she now associates it with getting to go places with mommy so she always gets real excited on scrambled egg day!!

bellylim (over 9 years ago)

I used to give shadow boiled squash and a ground beef... and mixed w/ dog food... twice a day.and for my new puppy milk and cerelac(Brown Rice and milk)

ninja1 (over 9 years ago)

I have a 7 month old Pug that I got when he was 7 week's old. He seemed to be getting tired of the same old Puppy Chow every day, so I mix his Chow with "real dog food" and he seem's to be eating better. He like's the gravy dog food's best. I don't know if this is good but at least he's eating his Puppy Chow now and still getting the vitamin's. GOT TO KEEP MY BABY HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CheekyCheeka (over 9 years ago)

Hello Everyone... I am new here...
My friend and I were talking about dog kibble and she lead me to a site that rates each kind from 1 - 6 (1 being the worst and 6 being the best)... I am currently feeding my Pug, Cheeka, Iams for Small/Toy Breeds... and well it was rated a 1 on that site! Not Good! I do however like the idea of those recipes but I do not have the time to prepare those all the time for Cheeka... (I have two small children also). So now I am on the hunt for a kibble that is in the 5/6 rating (possibly 4) that isn't going to break our budget! Any Suggestions? (The site for those that are curious: )
Also wanted to comment to Tank: I've learned with Cheeka when we changed her from Puppy to Adult formula... that you have to slowly wean them into it, I just switched and she had the runs BAD! I spoke to our vet who told me that you have to carefully wean them into a new food... so week-by-week we weaned her in... starting with an 8-to-1 ratio of the Puppy-to-Adult, then gradually adding more Adult and less Puppy... about a month and a half or so later, she was completely on the Adult formula.

Mikko (over 9 years ago)

i used to feed my dog only home made chicken and rice mixed with raw veggies such as brocolli and carrots then i switch my pug to commercial dog food and his skin got very dark. im pretty sure he's allergic to commercial dog food. if you guys want your dogs to live longer i suggest feeding them home made food. commercial dog food has many negative long term side effects that will cost you thousands in vet bills. im going to switch my dog back on home made food and i suggest all of you do the same. many commercial dog foods are very distructive to dogs and can cause liver failure, heart problems, arthritis, hip displasement problems. there's a long list. do some research online and you'll see.

elliemaeward (over 9 years ago)

I have 3 pugs - 2 are 7 yrs. and 1 is 2 yrs. They eat Canidae dry mixed with a small amt. of moist canned food. They all eat the same amount, however, my 7 yr. old female is overweight and has always been. My other 2 are a good weight. They eat once a day with a about 2 bites in the morning and doggie treats for their teeth. I've had 8 pugs over the years and find each is different and cannot be put into the same mold. The only thing that is consistant is that they act like they are always starved!

devonator (over 9 years ago)

Elliemaeward - your puggies sound so much like my own! My 7 yr old female is a bit overweight and has always been. She lives to eat, even though I feed her the same amount as the others yet they have no problem. I, too, have had many pugs over the years and NONE are the same as the other.

Rocco (over 9 years ago)

Hi CheekyCheeka! I feed my Rocco Taste of the Wild and he loves it! I used to feed him Timberwolf Organics, but after they had some issues with changing mills, I was having trouble finding it in stock. The Taste of the Wild food on the website you mentioned is rated either 6 or 5 depending on the flavor. Rocco never has any gas AT ALL and produces firm stools. I would recommend getting a sample at a store that sells it and seeing if it works well for your Pug. It really just depends on the individual Pug for what works for you!

puggylou (over 9 years ago)

elliemaeward, that is so true! puggylou always is sniffing the kitchen just for the smallest scrap of food. she acts like she is starving!
we feed puggylou 2 hand- fulls off Iams dry food and mix in with choice cuts in gravy. (her favorite kind is counry stew. Delicious!) if we do not add the choice cuts in gravy,- or wet food- she will not eat it that well. we will mix it with water, but she still hates it. we only don't give her wet food when we run out. but when we don't have it, she looks up at me like " where is my country stew and chicken with gravy? i say, " sorry Puggy!"

nicky927 (about 9 years ago)

We feed Sophie our 3 month old pug, Natures Choice Small Puppy Bites. It's what she was started on by the breeder so we kept her on it. It's kinda expensive but shes not had any problems with it, so were not changing it. We feed her twice daily about a half cup or so of food. I think If I started making special meals for our pug I would have to do it for our 3 cats as well, then I wouldn't have time to make food for us humans to eat!

nicky927 (about 9 years ago)

I was eating a plum last night, and Sophie kept trying to get it, so I gave her a piece. Ive also tried apples, and carrots and she loved it! lol I guess they like fruit too?

Mom2Pugs (about 9 years ago)

I give my two 5 year old pugs eggs and cheese too.  I use one egg and some egg beaters then add cheese, and usually chicken or pork chop bits to that.  They also eat Nutro Max Senior, it is lower in fat and easy to chew with a little hole in the middle of the kibble to assist in chewing.  Everyone ask how we keep their coats so soft.  With this they also do not have gas and they smell good.  Oh, and their favorite thing to eat is the nightly treat of a bite of what ever we are eating.  It is a hoote to watch them try to eat a vermicelli noodle!

KatB (almost 9 years ago)

BOY! This topic really hit the nail. Did any of you look at the number of views? Over 3000! Great topic shpigford!

ShannonKeld (almost 8 years ago)

I havea 1month 1 week old pup. What's the best food for him? I bought him GNC ultra mega premium mild replacer enriched formula powder. Is that ok?

Frankie2009 (almost 8 years ago)

Food is one of those strange issues as we all have a diffrent perspetive. i feed my Pug Lamb and rice formula from Science diet, but once in a while I'll let him have ground beef , chicken, cheese, apples, and a few veggies. All in moderation for his small tummy...but he always wants a typical Puggie! lol He goobles up anything we give him (being mindful of thungs in order no to make him sick) like choclate and things of that nature.

RosienMikeysMom (almost 8 years ago)

shannonkeld....WOW, 5 weeks old is awfully young to be taken from it's mother, if i may ask, what were the circumstances that you got a puppy that young? at this point, your pup should just be starting to wean off it's mother's milk and then slowly introducing solid foods. i would call your vet to ask what your pup should be getting. if he suggests a puppy food, then i would get a high quality puppy food (not from a grocery store). my guys started on "chicken soup for the puppy lover's soul" and had great results but there are many out there. you will probably have to soften it up with warm water....or he just might want you to give him some cooked hambuger with rice. a mother's milk supplement might also be in order. i have never had a pup that young...maybe others that have bred pugs will chime in with some suggestions...i'm kinda at a loss here, sorry. when your puggie is older i can give you some suggestions on how to find a good food. good luck and let us know how your little guy is doing.

natb126 (almost 8 years ago)

Our puglet is fed on Royal Canin mini junior and after 10 months old will be on Royal Canin pug specific

KatB (almost 8 years ago)

I have been feeding my puggers and the rest of my posse Wellness, white fish with sweet potatoe. I had been really having problems with China Roses allergy's. Sulynn was really having problems with her anal glands, and Jiminy's coat was drying out and breaking. Since I have changed to Wellness, all of the above problems have gone completely, or gotten way better. (China Rose is having much better days with her ears and itching). I like this dog food.

tamispuggies (almost 8 years ago)

i use to feed my pugs iams smart pppy but it always makes them consitpated.  now i have them on nutro max  for puppies

then everyother day they get soft neutro (1/3 can) mixed with their food and they are doing great!  infact vet said at last visit these were the first pugs he seen at perfect ideal weight!

puggly is 15.6 lbs

puggles is at 11.8 lbs ( she is short very short)

pixiesue (almost 8 years ago)

I give my doggies, pedigree small breed  dry food and they like it fine, have normal poops and well lets face it...pugs fart!

SmashLeroux (almost 8 years ago)

My Dekker was horribly allergic to everything and so I did a lot of research and found this food.  I am also adding a link about dog food in general from this great website.

Primal Raw Dog Food - One bag last a pug about 2 weeks ( 1 cup a day)

They also have a place you can type in a subject you need information on to learn more about it.  Here is the link.

This was the article that turned everything around for me and for Dekker:  What you need to know about your pet's food.

Hope that helps out!


RosienMikeysMom (over 7 years ago)

thanks dominique...i'm always looking for more information and education. i also noticed in your previous post on december 18th, you listed links to the only natural pet site...i love that site and have bought lots of stuff there.

ilovemypugggggg (over 7 years ago)

well my pug eats mighty dog canned food in the morning and kibbles and bits for dinner cause shes way to skinney for a pug and i wanted to know is this food good for her or not plez reply

JanandSass (over 7 years ago)

Well Sacha does good on the Royal Canin Pug 25, but whooo - is it expensive!  $35. for a small bag over here!  Two of my four dogs are overweight and one has special problems so I have them on Royal Canin Weight Management.  Seems to be a good toleration but they need a bit of other stuff to keep from getting constipated.  I give some yoghurt and a bit of plainly cooked wild (moose) meat, about an ounce apiece.  (can be hard to find in the city!)

chrissy03bw (over 7 years ago)

We are looking for a better dog food. One is for our oldest pug a senior(9yrs) and another is for our two other pugs who are adults (2 and 3yrs). We have had them on Purina One. Like most pugs they are prone to sensitivities. I do not want to disrupt them in any way.

However, I just do not like the Purina they are on. The vet suggested we keep them on it, but I see a lot of things that bother me from time to time. Their little ears flare up and get red, they itch and scratch their ears/face/paws are sensitive, one has flaky skin, while the other's coat is just not looking good right now, they all display sensitive stomachs from time to time (not always). We keep them cleaned on a regular basis with very genle shampoo and always avoid their eye/ears. We clean wrinkles, ears,etc. We think we should start them on a different food...just concerned about the vet saying to stay on the purina one. There are so many foods out there and it all can get confusing and overwhelming.

 We are looking for some excellent suggestions that will be a good/easy transition for them. They are currently on a dry kibble. We know some cook food, but during the week that would be very hard for us (we could possibly do that during the weekend). If anyone has suggestions please let us know! Thanks so much! It is a very hard decision for us...we just want the very best for all of them! Sorry so first time here! Agian a senior(9) and two adults(2&3).  :  ) Would appreciate any suggestions! 

RosienMikeysMom (over 7 years ago)

hi chrissy03bw...welcome to pugspot! i agree, there are much better foods out there than purina one. unfortunately, not many vets are well versed in nutrition. frequent ear infections could be a sign of allergies. i would go with a grain free food. each pug is different so what i might use for my pugs might not work for yours. it's all a trial and error kind of thing. the first thing i would do is educate yourself on what to look for in a food. here are some sites i suggest you check out...

both are really informative. buy the best food you can afford, it will pay off in the long run with a healthy happy pet with a beautiful shiney coat. introduce the food gradually by adding a small amount to their old food, increase the new food amount and decrease the old food amount until you are feeding all new food. do this over about a week or 2 time. a good food will show in their coat, it should be soft and shiney. also, a good food will not give them gas and they should have firm poops. also, although a premium food might cost more, you will be feeding them less as thier bodies use more of the food instead of just pooping out all those fillers. good luck in your search and if you need anymore help, feel free to ask.

by the way, i feed my guys nature's variety instinct raw...and i use the nature's variety instinct dry food when i forget to defrost the food or can't for some reason.

chrissy03bw (over 7 years ago)

RosienMikeysMom~ Thank you so much for all of that information! I appreciate it. I stumbled across dogfood advisor and what a site! I love it. I will check out the other site!

I have heard wonderful things about the Natures Variey Instinct. A small local pet shop recommends that brand. I will look into that one. Are there any dog treats you recommend?

 Thank you so much for the transitioning information, as that is my biggest concern. I hate to upset them, but I am just not a fan of the Purina One at all. There are newer Purinas, which the vet was recommending, but for the price of them, I can go out and get something much better! 

I have to take my oldest (the senior) to the vet. His hair is completely coming out in huge clumps, in various spots ( on his belly, all over back...probably hot spots). He just has so many, which has never happened before. I want to be safe.

Anyway, thank you very much and if I have any other questions...I will let you know!

RosienMikeysMom (over 7 years ago) far as the transitioning, that is only if you go the dry kibble route. if you decide to go with nature's instinct (which i am all for), just give him the raw all at once. mixing the 2 might upset his tummy as raw and dry digest differently. when i switched to the frozen raw, i did it all at once with no problems what so ever and my pugs LOVED it. they always looked forward to meal time, like most pugs, but when i take their meal out of the fridge now, they go absolutely nuts. as far as treats...i give my guys blueberries, apples, bananas and a list of other fruits. as far as packaged treats...i read all ingredients carefully. i buy grain free treats with limited ingredients, nothing from china, and no artificial coloring or preservatives. my pugs eat better than i do

@ballar235...first, welcome to pugspot! people food isn't necessarily bad for them depending on what you are giving them. fruits and veggies are fine (no grapes, raisins, onions...there is a whole list of others if you need them), even some meats are fine. just make sure that you don't give them processed foods that are high in salt, sugar, onion powder, etc. you just have to be careful of their weight and sometimes they like homemade more than their kibble so unless you plan on a homemade diet (which takes lots of research), i would stick to people food as occasional treats. as far as his stinky butt...try giving him some canned pure pumpkin (not the pie filling) with his food, about a tablespoon a day. that will put some fiber in his diet and help him empty his anal glands naturally when he poops. if he has gas...i would think about changing his could be that what you are feeding him is too rich for him. a food that works for your pug should NOT give him gas.

JanandSass (over 7 years ago)

I am gradually putting three of my four dogs on fish and potatoe formula.  Seems to be quite an upswing in energy levels - but maybe they just have spring fever!  But they are doing good on it - stools are good, and I also noticed Sassy doesn't do so much "afterthought" poops.  I think that might be her glands, so maybe the new food is helping that too.

KatB (over 7 years ago)

i lovemypuggggggg, The two foods you are feeding are two of the worst in my opinion. And mixing two different brands can really hurt your pugger. Both have no good nutritional value. Iams and Euckanuba are a better lower cost food if you are looking for low priced food. But giving a better quality brand would be best for your puggy. Mixing brands like that can cause things like intestinal problems and pancriatitious which can kill your dog. It can cause upset stomach and loose stools. Hope I didn't offend you. Just want to help.

alhall (over 7 years ago)

Ok pug peeps, I need you!!!!  This is an ongoing issue for me now as well.  My Aubie is gaining weight and not losing.  Puga dropped a pound and Aubie gained a pound.  I took them yesterday to the vet.  I feed them 1/4 cup twice a day with some green beans.  Works great for Puga, like I said he lost weight, however, not Aubie.  Aubie is now 27lbs and Puga is 21Lbs.  Puga looks awesome, I thought he did before, he was never overweight, but my poor Aubie looks round.  What can I do to help this baby lose some weight????  Should I switch his food to weight management, suggestions would be great...should I home cook, he gets exercise, so it's not that and he is a pug that wants to eat all day, but I won't let him.  We are flying back to the states on June 16th and he takes up the whole soft sided bag, but I refuse to put him underneath the airplane.  He will not have to sit under a seat, we will be flying business class, so plenty of room to sit in front of us...HELP me Help Aubie.  Thanks to all.

RosienMikeysMom (over 7 years ago)

alhall....i know how hard it is to put your pugger on a rosie is on one now to drop some of her winter weight. she just has to drop a pound or 2 but i like to keep their weight in check. mikey for some reason just doesn't put on weight and he's my chow hound...typical boy. i guess every pug is different and has a different metabolism. what are you feeding them? i would check the calories of the food... if it doesn't say on the bag, then go to the company's website. i feed my guys nature's variety instinct frozen raw. mikey is still on that but i put rosie on primal frozen raw as it has half the calories. she is losing weight but it is a slow process. also, if you like the food you are feeding them, check out different protein sources that they offer. turkey is less calories than chicken and usually, fish is less than turkey. also check the grains in the food. a food with a lot of fillers will have more calories.

alhall (over 7 years ago)

RosienMikeysMom, they both eat pedigree small bites, it's not a good food at all and that could be part of the problem.  It isn't bothering Puga's weight, like I said he lost a pound, so I have to get something better and leaner for Aubie.  I will take all suggestions.  We will be back in the states next month, so I will finally have more resources to get the right food.  Thanks for your help.

mavalvenk (about 7 years ago)

I like this article its very helpful, I cook  Romeos food the same way and he loves it..chicken and rice is the best. I make a chappatie for him and a scrambled egg too and manage to mash them up well, its his favourite. For bfast i give him (7am) a small glass of milk. At 11  a boiled egg. 4.30 chicken and rice. At 8.30 100 grams of cottage cheese. mashed. He is 6 months, the meals are small but spaced out 4 hrly. My vet says that I should now start giving him 3 times only at 6 hr intervals..

yhaoshih (about 7 years ago)

Hi guys, Im from Philippines and 1st time to have pug.. she is 3months old.. I find it hard to take care off because She is picky eater, I've tried alot of different pet food but nothing suit her... I've tried the in can dog food, the dry dog food and alot more. For now I just feed her BBQ mixed with rice and Infant Milk to drink..

RosienMikeysMom (about 7 years ago)

@yhaoshih....i would find a high quality puppy food and stick to it. right now, she is getting used to people food and what pug wouldn't want people food over puppy food. now preparing your own dog food is a great idea as you know exactly what is going in it but you have to do your research. bbq & rice will not give her the nutrients she needs to grow. as far as the infant milk, that's for infants not puppies. most dogs are lactose intolerant so giving her that can do more harm than good. to get the calcium she needs, it's better to give her some ground egg shell powder. i don't know what is in the bbq, but i know how i make bbq and it contains many spices that aren't good for dogs. like said before, find a high quality dog food, put it in a bowl, set it down at mealtime for 20 minutes, if she doesn't eat it after that, pick it up and try again at the next meal time. she will eat if she is hungry enough.

@bella1...welcome to pugspot! like said before, find a high quality puppy food. it's hard to suggest one as what works for one pug might not work for another. a good food will give your pug a soft shiney coat, will make their poops firm and not give them gas. as far as gaining weight, just feed more food...but be careful not to feed too much as an overweight pug is not what you want.

@yhoashih & is a  link that will help you learn what to look for in a high quality food. go to a pet supply store, not a grocery store, you will get more of a selection. buy the best you can afford. good luck and if you have any questions about a specific food, just ask, we'd be glad to help

three_cute (about 7 years ago)

Our little stella is not to big either, but she eats Blue Buffalo whitefish and sweet potatoe, the vet said she is very healthy, she just isn't going to be a big pug, now her brother almost weights 20 lb. but he has such long legs that weight isn't a problem for him, we do like rosey and mikeys mom says, we put it down and pick it up after 20 min.  they will eat if they are hungry, we also give them green beans sometimes as well as bites of apples, banana, as a treat....deb and kids

shelley7053 (over 6 years ago)

I started my pug on Fromm's whitefish, Pork & applesauce, Beef Fratata, and their new Game food.  Her stools are perfect!!  I will also sprinkle a little of Bravo's freeze dried liver treats over it.  You can change the flavors frequently in Fromm so they don't get bored with the same food every day.

Mabel_Moo (almost 5 years ago)

Hi there! New here. My little Mabel is now 12 weeks old. I have been feeding her Beneful puppy. She eats it up. Her coat is shiny and her pug poo is solid. She is regular and very lean. She is at the optimal weight for her age and the vet has told me that she is very healthy. I appear to be doing all the right things. However, I'm concerned that I may not be giving her the best diet I can as it is a grocery store product....but at the same time I'm apprehensive of switching because it appears to be keeping her healthy. My 17 year old pug was on Beneful his whole life with very few health issues that were mainly age related. I have had a few friends tell me that too much protein in their food makes them too spastic and that I should look for one with lower protein (huh?)....I know that pugs are very high energy breeds. She sleeps well, and loves to play until exhaustion. Can you please offer me some a new daddy I want the best for her. J

undavalli (almost 5 years ago)

hi there ! new here. My little darling is now 9 weeks. i have been feeding her royal canal starter.but my friend told me the food which i used is harm your pup and he suggest me pedigree i'm confused with this.
So please suggest me what is the correct food for my pup for her good health.
thanks in advance.

Beelzepug (almost 5 years ago)

I have two pugs--a three year old male (Ollie) and one year old female, (Scout). I'm with RosienMikeysMom. Both my pugs have been on raw food for their entire lives. Scout came to me from her breeder with a large bag of Costco puppy kibble. I threw it out. With raw, there are no issues with allergies or ear infections, vomiting, diarrhea, or any other stuff pugs can get. I know another woman with two pugs that are similar ages, and she is always at the vet for some issue or another, but she feeds vet approved kibble.

I was turned on to raw when Ollie's breeder said, "Do you think you'd get all your nutrition from eating Cheerios day in and day out?" Kibble is Cheerios for your dog. Even the best ones have too much filler and the cheaper ones include chicken meal, which you'll discover is disgusting if you do some online research. My pugs are so healthy and love their raw food. Of course it's more expensive than kibble, but you don't have to go to the vet for intestinal or allergic issues, so factor that in. I get the patties that are mixed with some vegetables and add salmon oil and kelp as well. To keep costs down, you can try feeding 1/2 cup of a good kibble like Orijen in the morning, then 1/3 cup raw at lunch, 1/3 cup raw for dinner, depending on your pug's weight (my pugs are both in the 20 pound range and are very active). As long as four hours between the kibble and raw. At least most of their diet is raw. And did I mention no need to transition when switching to raw? And small, non-smelling poops and no room clearing pug farts? If your pug is at the vet too often or sighing and looking at his kibble as if to say, "This again?" do your research on raw and try it!

Jade (over 4 years ago)

My 5 month old pug is on the Blue puppy food and I'm not sure it's working for her. I have had pugs my whole life and she is too active. She's looks as though she is over 1yr and just will not stop. Yes, I know she's a puppy but I don't know if she's allergic to wheat or what. In this case; she is too skinny. I play, walk and train her every day but it seems like she is crawling out of her skin. HELP!! I need a food to calm her down or any suggestions to get some weight on her and calm her down; this is no life to live for either of us. Please reply!

mousehouse (over 4 years ago)

I feed my Pug 30-40 grams of low-fat dry dog food with 1/3 of a cup of a low fat tuna, veggie rice dish I make. I basically just grab whatever I can find in the garden and put it all together. My poor Pug has had pancreatitis twice (due to his anti-epileptic medication) so it's really important for him to be on a very low fat diet. My vet and I put together this little meal plan for him and he loves it and it keeps him healthy. It's important that your little pup gets some crunch for his or her teeth so that's why we include a small amount of low fat dry dog food.

hugopuggy (almost 4 years ago)

this article really helped me. I had a 3 month old pug puppy and now I know what I can give it a home or even while travelling. Does eating curd for dinner affect the way a pug sleeps? because when it eats curd and sleeps, it wakes up many times in the night while when sleeping after eating its dog food, it didn't wake up as many times!

AileenL75 (almost 4 years ago)

Hi, I have 2 pugs, Bruiser is now 10 1/2 yrs old and Baxter just turned 1 yr. I had switched Bruiser to Nature's Choice some time ago because he seemed to be having issues w/ his coat. Since I switched, he has done better, but he doesn't necesarily seem to "love" his food. Before we got Baxter, he would just eat whenever he got hungry, so in otherwords his food would just sit until he felt like eating. Now that we have Baxter, he tends to eat it faster so that the little guy doesn't eat it. I just began switching Baxter from his puppy formula, which he devoured, to the adult formula, which he hates. The last 2 days he barely wants to eat. I don't know what to do and I am a busy working mom, so I don't have time to make their meals. Any suggestions? I know ALL pugs are different, so I don't want to just stick w/ Nature's Choice if it's not going to be the best choice for my little guy. Not to mention, he looks like a sausage! lol

Img-missing_0_s (over 3 years ago)

I have a pug named Bailey. When we got her she didn't look very good. She had an odd smell. Eyes were watery etc. she just didn't look healthy. She was lethargic. The people we got her from were feeding her walmart kibble. I'm convinced that's why she wasn't healthy. I immediately changed her diet to a fresh diet. Fresh lean meats, baby liver, fresh steamed vegetables, fresh fruit, salmon oil, eggs, cottage cheese, pumpkin, coconut oil, bone meal, flax, quinoa etc. I would grind all the fruits and veggies and incorporate it there meat. In such a short time she was a different dog. She's now a healthy, happy girl. No itchiness, no stink, no nothing. Her shedding has really diminished a lot. Her hair is shiney and soft. I really think it all has to do with diet. Our Pugs need healthy oils in there diet and they are just not getting these things in commercial dog food. It's just like us. We have to maintain a healthy diet for weight and health. It's the same thing for our dogs.

Zuji (about 1 year ago)

~ kristi:

Ha! That sounds about right. They're a pup at heart regardless of age.

Your comment interested me as I'm thinking over what to someday feed Zuji after he grows out of his infancy.

He's such a little character, filled with affection and curiosity.

In addition to puppy kibble, he loves micro-thin slices of apple.

The treat-of-choice are small chunks of steamed chicken breast placed in a red Dogzilla bone.

The Merrick Small Breed recipe sounds excellent.

Thanks for your reply.