Pug Care

Nail Care - Tips For The Perfect Pedicure

Anyone who cares for a Pug knows how quickly their nails grow. Most dogs, Pugs included, do not enjoy having their nails clipped. How do you accomplish this daunting task while keeping your Pug at peace? Here are a few helpful hints for giving your Pug the perfect pedicure.

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Pug Reverse Sneezing: Everything you Need to Know

Reverse sneezing is very common for pugs, but it can be startling at first. We have put together this article to get you more familiar with it and explain some basic info behind it. We also cover when you should think about getting in contact with a vet.

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Early Warning Signs of Hip Dysplasia


Learning the signs, symptoms and treatments of canine hip dysplasia can be useful when purchasing your Pug. Being educated on the disease, the pedigree, and the health history of your Pug can help you determine if they carry the gene for hip dysplasia.

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Dealing with Your Pug's Separation Anxiety

Your Pug is a loving, affectionate little dog and you are probably the center of his world. So it's not surprising if he is a little put out when you leave the house without him. But there's a difference between this normal disappointment and a dog who truly can't cope with your absence.

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Dental Hygiene for your Pug

Dental hygiene is just as important for your Pug's health as it is for yours. The only difference is that your Pug can't take care of its own teeth so this responsibility falls on your shoulders. Just like humans, a Pug's teeth and gums can succumb to disease so you need to put doggie dental hygiene at the top of your priory list.

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Grooming Your Pug

The Pug is social breed that generally enjoys being in the company of its human mate. In fact, Pugs actually look forward to human companionship which is why it's pretty easy to establish a grooming routine that'll keep your Pug healthy and looking his or her best.

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Pugs and Hot Weather


Hot weather can adversely affect all short-nosed (brachycephalic) breeds, including Pugs. You should to take special care with your Pug whenever you have him outdoors to ensure he does not develop heatstroke. Pugs aren’t really intended to be outdoor dogs. Because of their short noses and smaller air passages, they can’t cool air sufficiently when they’re confronted with hot weather. You’ll have to watch the weather and the thermometer closely whenever you take your Pug outdoors.

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Alternative Exercises for Pugs

Is there more to life than the daily walk? Yes, of course there is. Though the traditional walk is the most common form of exercise it’s not always possible. Sometimes your Pug may not be able to go for his walk or outdoor romp due to inclement weather. What if your Pug just wants to add some variety to his exercise routine? Why not try some of these exercise alternatives to bring the spring back in his step?

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