FURminator for Pugs


What is the FURminator?
The FURminator deShedding tool is a stainless steel comb which gets under your dogs topcoat and into the undercoat where loose fur is being shed. Unlike a lot of other brushes on the market, it's been engineered with a button that releases all of the hair that it collects so cleaning it out after using it a few times is really easy. And because the FURminator offers a variety of different brush sizes, you can get one for a dog of any size. And because this brush is designed for dogs with two coats, it's ideal for pugs! My own pug has become a FURminator pug ever since I found this comb, and she really seems to enjoy having it used on her.

Does it work?
After a few uses you can tell there is no doubt this brush does exactly what it is supposed to do. It does a great job of getting rid of excess hair and keeping your floor from being coated in fur. If you want to put a stop to shedding and having fur everywhere, you'll really enjoy having this on hand. And since you're cleaning out the undercoat, your dog will probably be a lot happier too, especially in the summer months.

You'll want to be gentle using it, since the teeth of the comb are sharp, but it's not dangerous or difficult to use. Depending on how much your pug sheds, you may need to brush with the FURminator every few weeks.

Any drawbacks?
While the FURminator is a well made product, after a year or so of heavy use you might find that the teeth of the comb begin to wear down or even break. Fortunately replacement blades are available, but they're fairly hard to find and nearly as expensive as just buying another one. Though, after a few months of use, and having seen the difference this tool makes both in your dog and in your floor, you'll probably be glad to buy a replacement.

What's the bottom line?
In short, I highly recommend the FURminator. It does amazing job of cleaning out the undercoat on your pug and in no time you'll see why you want to have a FURminator pug!


John Merryweather (about 6 years ago)

I haven't tried the Furminator but really love the Kong ZoomGroomer. Jabba sits on my lap and waits for me to use it. Better to have the hair outdoors than in the house. Does anyone know if there's a market for a 'Knit your own Pug kit'? We could make a fortune!!

rumccormick (about 6 years ago)

I love it as well. It is amazing how much hair it takes out and Lucy has no problem having it used on her.

spooky (almost 6 years ago)

Is there a minimum age after which one should start using the combs/brushes on pug puppies?

Ness (almost 6 years ago)

For years I thought about buying this and didn't as I didn't know anyone who had used it.
I got one a few days ago at a great price $29.95 AUS and it's amazing!! I just cannot believe how easy it is and the amount of hair coming off is HUGE!! It feels exactly the same as brushing and doesn't bother the dogs at all. I've finished one pug and the cat and have had to stop and vaccuum. One pug to go and a reminder to all that it's probably best not to do this in the main living area.

We live in Northern NSW Australia and it's hot for half the year, so this will bring much relief for my pugs and my cat.

Great product, I'm 100% happy.


KatB (over 5 years ago)

If you have pugs? You NEED ONE OF THESE! They are great, and really help with shedding.

Venus'sMommy (over 5 years ago)

I just bought one of these (the green small one) and did just a couple of strokes on Venus to see what it was like, so I don't really know wonderfully it works yet.

Ldcavallaro (over 5 years ago)

I just bought one today and with in a couple of strokes I realized how wonderful this is. any pug owner who is on the fence about buying one of theses needs to get off the fence, get to a pet store and buy one!
I have never seen so much hair come off a dog in just a few strokes, just had my husband toss out all the other brushes.
Well worth the money

Redbrie (over 5 years ago)

I will need to try this! We usually go to the groomers every few months for her nails to be clipped because that is one thing I won't do. The last trip the groomer yelled at me for not brushing her and said she sheds a lot. Well, this I know and its not stoppable! Welcome to pug life.

cd (over 5 years ago)

time to find a new groomer, all dogs shed fur, a good groomer knows it and would never blame a customer.

dgarlickwillingh (almost 5 years ago)

I just bought this yesterday, and it is amazing! Who knew I could have another pug with as much hair was combed out! it's kind of high on the price for the comb, but worth every penny!