Grieving the Loss of Your Pug

Just as you first said hello, one day you will have to say good-bye. This is the heartbreak of loving a Pug. No one wants to think about this happening. But when it does, the emotions can be overwhelming.

What happens when you lose your constant companion, your friend? While most Pug lovers fully understand what you are going through, others may not. How do you work through your grief while trying to live your day-to-day life?

If you are having an especially hard time coping with the sadness you can find comfort in others. There are numerous support groups. There you can share your sadness and memories. These group members understand what you are going through. All of these people are at some stage of healing so they can be a huge comfort. You can find these support groups in both the real and virtual worlds. The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (APLB) website is a great place to start.

If a support group is not for you, there are other ways to honor your friend’s memory. You can publicly memorialize them with a donated tree. You could find a Pug related charity or rescue shelter and make a donation in their name. This will ensure that your Pug’s memory will live on.

If you desire something more private you can make a memorial spot in your yard. You could plant some flowers and place a park bench in their favorite spot. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

There are also internet sites which allow you to create a memorial page. You can post pictures and stories of your Pug. You can also invite others to leave their memories as well.

You might take comfort in helping others. You could donate your time at a local rescue organization or shelter. These animals need the love you have to give. Sometimes, the simple act of giving helps lessen the pain of loss.

Some people may decide to get another Pug. While this is not for everyone, it is an option. Sometimes the best way to overcome pain is to replace it with love. A new Pug will need you and love you. This does not replace the Pug you lost. However, it may help fill the emptiness in your heart and home.

If you have children this can be their first experience with loss. It can be especially hard on them. They may not understand where their Pug has gone. You should pay special attention to these children. Answer their questions in an age appropriate manner. They will need your full support to help process their heartache.

You may know someone who has recently lost their Pug. If you do, you can help with their grief. There are specialty cards to express your sympathy. You could make a donation in their Pugs name. Or sometimes simply offering a shoulder to cry on is the best any friend can do.

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Lucy&Earle (over 9 years ago)

I wanted to share my story. I had two great girls. Lucy was my very first baby. I got Earl from a friend who went to iraq in the military. They were 15 and doing great. then all the sudden Earl died. Me and the kids cried for days and took Lucy into our arms more. But 9 days later Lucy went. I think she was literally heart broken. so we lost our girls so quick. I was ready to get another for me and the kids but divorce came instead so I had to move into an apartment. The first thing I will do when I buy another house is get a boy and girl. I want to breed those perfect babies.

jaxysweetheart (over 9 years ago)

Jackson is my first pug, but I lost my Mastive,Moofy, last year. It was very very hard to get over. It still is.

I just hope that one day you and me will meet on the Rainbow Bridge, Moofy. R.I.P. My baby boy.

Madison Rose (over 9 years ago)

Puglover2002, I am so sorry for your loss. Muggsy sounds like he was a very special guy and I'm sure he'll be greatly missed. He surely will always have a special place in your heart, as my Rosie does in mine.

pangyalwilliams (over 9 years ago)

This is so hard for me to write. I have read each and every post here and I feel for all of you. I was introduced to pugs about 4 years ago. I wanted a puppy and my husband didn't so I found pug puppies because I know he loves pugs and wanted one of his own someday. He started liking them after seeing Frank the Pug in Men in Black movie. I figured he wouldn't stay as mad at me if I brought a pug home. I found a litter online that turned out to be just 10 minutes from my house. They wouldn't take a check and it was a Sunday so I took the $200 in cash I had and got a $200 advance on a credit card at a bank inside of my grocery store. I was desparate so I did it. I brought Sammy home (fawn female) and that was it. She was the light of both our lives and just as much a member of our family as a human child would have been. We have an inground pool in our background and it was Winter Time. We had just gotten our first freeze and first major snow and we hadn't gotten to closing the pool down yet. I have NEVER had a problem with our dogs going near the pool when it wasn't covered but the large mixed breed we had aparently got too playful and pushed my Sammy into the freezing water. I got a phone call so I had run in the house to get the phone and got carried away while talking to my girlfriend and didn't realize what had happened. Once I did it was too late. I had to use the net to get my darling baby out of the water and she had already been long drowned and I cannot believe how much grief this has caused. I still see it like it was yesterday in my minds eye. I relive that moment every day especially knowing that it was a preventable tragedy. That was 2 years ago that I lost my baby girl. She was close to 2 years old. I immediately called the lady we had gotten her from and she just happened to have a new litter (the same parents as Sammy) that was just 6 weeks old and ready to go to thier new homes. All they had left was a boy so I immediately ran and bought him. My husband had rushed home when I called him screaming and he ran in the door, ran to Sammy and picked her up in his arms and cried like I had never seen him do it before. He took her and buried her someplace he knew of that he could visit her whenever he wanted.

Writing this out has brought the pain back to the surface and has also brought back the guilt. My husband knows that it is his fault that the pool wasn't covered and I still can't get past the guilt of leaving them out back alone just because I had a phone call. The worst thing that could have happened did and I don't think the pain will ever go away. We have not opened our pool in 2 Summers and I have no plans to open it this year. We have gotten a female fawn named Lucy 6 months after getting Charlie and we took in a homeless 1 year old fawn female named Ruby about a year ago. (Some woman bought her, realized she didn't have the time for her and gave her away. The person she gave her to ended up not liking her so she also gave her away. She finally made it to my husband's cousin who also did not want a full grown dog so she asked us if we wanted her. Of course we took her in and she and Charlie had a litter of 4 fawn pups 6 weeks ago. Lucy also has a litter due the second week of May. We are blessed but nothing and noone will ever make us forget our first baby Sammy. Anyone with inground pools out there that own dogs..especially multiple dogs that play a lot outside, PLEASE either keep the pool covered when the dogs are not going to be supervised or make sure you stay outside with them when they go out. I got too comfortable with the 6 foot privacy fence and the fact that they never liked going boy the pool and I paid the price.

Michelle (about 10 years ago)

I lost my pug Pugsley Mugsley on memorial day of "99". I was pregnet with my daughter Zoey. I could bring myself to get another one. A couple of weeks ago my nighbor told me his pug Princess and Pugs was expecitng a litter of puppies. And asked me if i wanted one. I said yes i want a pug puppie, he said i could pic out the one i want.... I will have my new pug puppy really soon..... But i will never forget my Pugsley Mugsley.... R.I.P...... Love you my Baby boy.....

MamaPugford (about 10 years ago)

Hi Michelle, what a difficult time to go through with losing your Pugsle Mugsley boy...

Have you gotten your new puppy yet?

Pugsleigh (about 10 years ago)

Michelle, your Pugsley Mugsley need not be forgotten.
Scrapbooking helped me remember all my rescue pugs that
have crossed the bridge.

Best wishes on getting your new little arrival.
I am anxious to read all about it.

coco (over 9 years ago)

Hi Everyone , i lost my pug last march 27th 2008 her name was milkyway. She was the first dog i owned and never in a million years i thought i would get so attached. Milkyway was in heat for her 2nd time she looked sad so i took her to the vet. The vet told me she had a terrible illness and needed emergency spay. financially i couldn't afford it so i didn't know what to do however the vet told me that if she didn't get the surgery she would die. i took my rent money and had her surgery perform the next day. that evening i brought Milkyway home that night she was already starting to get sick i took her to the emergency clinic she passed away the next day. after contacting the board of vet a full investigation was done as it turns out Milkyway was misdiagnosed she didnt have anything wrong with her she was just in heat, she didnt need emergency surgery she was only a year old. the Dep. of Vets told me there was nothing i can do because pugs are so hard to predict. no one could ever tell me her cause of death. it was the worst feeling i had since i lost my dad. My husband new how empty i felt he brought me a new pug for Christmas im so excited however i am so scared i don't trust vets any more and i am so over protective with coco i don't even dare go to the store with out her. i love her dearly and she has helped me cope with the death of milkyway however it has made me worried because i had milkyway like a princess and i still lost her i dont want anything to happen to coco so im really protective she even sleeps with me and my husband

Beijing's Mom (over 9 years ago)

Hello Coco - I wish you many years of pleeasure with your new pug. I got my first pug from the humane society. He was 5 years old and only lived to be eight. He died soon after I brought him from havin g surgery for urinary stones. The vet I had did not respond to my emergency call and his staff kept telling me they were getting in touch with him. By the time he responded and I got Big Mac there it was too late. He was highly regarded in the community for his emergency work, but he had an arrogant personalit. Each time one of the dogs were sick he would say it was jsut because they were spoiled.
I decided I needed a new vet. I tried several for routine things before I found the vet I have now. I adore her. She is very bright and is compassionate. I feel blessed to have found her. I now have Neijing who will be 15 in June. She does a senior profile on him every 6 months. and he is still in great shape.
Just keep looking and you will find a reliable one.

pgtinkerbella (over 9 years ago)

I have had two Pugs both female and fawn. they were a member of our family our children . We got our first pug in 1991 and our 2nd one in 92 both girls.Welost our first pug at 13 she was deaf and her hips were bad. her name was POGO god how she was loved . Our other daughter(pug) lived to be 161/2 she was blind and a little deaf.
Her name was Tinkerbell. We lost Pogo in 2004. I lost my husband in 2006, so it was just Tinkerbell and me. I lost her in Feb. of 08 OMG that almost killed me. I have both their ashes and they will go with me. I still have Tinkerbells' basket and pillow She slept with me went everywhere with me. I still cry ant night I don't if I will ever get over this. My 89 yr. old father lives with me. After he is gone(he is a lot of work) I will probably get another pug. I DIDN'T THINK i COULD EVER GET ANOTHER PET SO WE WILL SEE.

RosienMikeysMom (over 9 years ago)

pgtinkerbella....i'm so sorry for all your losses. you've been thru so much. i truly hope you get another pug (or any other type of dog) as it seems as though you have a lot of love in your heart. when my lab of 14 years passed, i couldn't imagine having another pet. she was a dog like no other...truly my girl. she was the kind of dog, when people would meet her, even if they weren't dog people, would just fall in love with her. she helped me thru many a hard time. when it was finally time to say goodbye to was the hardest thing, next to losing my mom, that i ever had to go thru. what i didn't expect was the loneliness i felt when she was gone. my heart and home seemed empty without her. although i never wanted to go thru that pain again...i needed to fill the void and (beleive it or not) a week later i got my first pug, rosie. not as a replacement, nobody could replace casey, but i thought what better way to honor the love i had for casey and casey gave me than to give another dog that love and home. rosie chased the blues away and now my life with my pugs (we adopted mikey 7 months later) will never be the same. the joy they have given me...well, you can incredible. i know casey is looking down on us and wagging her tail in approval. maybe getting a rescue that needs a loving forever home and needs you as much as you need them could help ease the pain.
wishing you well and pug hugs,

madzippy (over 9 years ago)

Thank you for this website. I came across it...doing searches on pugs. Just lost mine and finding some comfort in being around pug lovers. I won't get another one...too soon. He was only 8 years old and passed on due to a gall bladder infection. We thought it was PDE. I'm relieved he's no longer suffering. I will never forget him and the lesson he taught me about life: that there is no greater purpose in life than to love.

Good bye, Bruno. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

Madison Rose (almost 9 years ago)

Kelly, I am SO sorry for your loss.  Marshmellow sounds like he was a real sweetheart.  The pain does lessen with time.  If you need to talk, feel free to email me.  Karen (Maddie's mommie)

CubbyTheLovePug (over 9 years ago)

Hi I lost my Mr D. about two years ago. He was outside playing in my yard when my neighbors PitBull came over and attacked him. He passed away on the way to the vet. I was and still am heart broken over it. I miss him each and every day. We had a plake made of him and we have his ashes. He was my daughters best friend and for months after his death she couldnt sleep. Then about a year ago we lost our Bugsey. He was ridding on the 4-wheeler like he loved to do and has a seasure and passed instantly. He is greatly missed also. We still have Lily and Cubby, but they miss their friends also and some days I will catch them still search the house for them. It is so hard when your friends pass.

oliver (over 9 years ago)

SO very hard- heart breaking when these little friends pass...our FAWNZY - been almost 1 month...and grief is still extreme...he has best friend, family, everything,
and so smart - really could communicate so well - EXCEPT to tell us he was sick - he hide it so well from us and VETS - there emergency arose...long - long story!
what have I learned? can't know too much up front about all the potential health problems that pugs can have - his 1st seizure at about 15-16 months - emergency
Vets thought was due to drugs - we thought that was insane - and bottom line was it was liver problems - and there is liver shunt operation that could have been
performed then...has 85% success rate - life went on and he had super days - walking - even running - eating - then very quiet - sleepy days - something an owner
might not think much on - but can be poor liver! he went way too long keeping all this from us and VETS - but end result was PDE - we were told - may never know
full story - but read lots - be prepared & very knowledgeable & choose vet that has numerous pug clients - these pets are extremely unique & special & I hope for
another at the right time - in future - hope this is helpful for someone out there - oliver

devonator (over 9 years ago)

The pain of losing a pug (or any pet for that matter) never really goes away. You just learn to live without them. I've lost several over the many years, all from different causes, and it makes a huge difference when you have more than one. It doesn't lessen the heartache but you don't experience the maddening loneliness when you lose your only pug baby. I believe adopting a pug from one of the many rescue groups helps you through the grieving process and also gives a pug a much needed loving home.

MamaPugford (over 9 years ago)

Hi everyone! We love to hear your stories of your puggies who have passed away and since this topic seems to be so popular, we have added a new category in the Forums.

I think that will be a great place to encourage others who have lost their loved pugs and also a place to share your own story!

Thank you all for being such a great encouragement with sweet words of wisdom of how to get through such a hard time.

jaxysweetheart (over 9 years ago)

I almost lost Jackson. He was a new doggie day care center and the new employee didn't know much about pugs and left him out in the sun for a long time. He got heat stroke and couldn't walk because of all the water he had had to drink. It was very very hard hearing the the vets cheer for him to try to help him get through, and yet oretty much know he probably wouldn't make it. Boy! Are we lucky to still have Jackson with us today. It seems as if he diesn't have a care in life. He loves everything, tries so hardnot to be scared of things (though he is pretty much afraid of my nephew and anyone else who walks in the door)... why would anyone wanted to put him to sleep?(See my account to see his story with his past owners)

Madison Rose (over 9 years ago)

I'm fairly new to pugspot (only been on about a month) but I have enjoyed the community greatly. I can't help but add to the discussion regarding pug grieving. My dear, sweet Rosie was my first pug and first dog. She died quickly and unexpectedly last spring and I was devastated. She had just seen her vet for her yearly appointment 2 weeks before her death and two weeks later she didn't want to eat. Warning: if your pug stops eating, something is WRONG. Anyway, the next day she was very lethargic and still not eating plus she was having trouble breathing. She wasn't panting but just couldn't seem to get her breath. Because it was Sunday, I had to rush her out of town to an emergency vet clinic. They gave her a blood transfusion and stabilized her then planned to do tests on her the next day (a Monday). Unfortunately they called me at home that night and said she was in cardiac arrest. Sadly, they couldn't resuscitate her. At the time, I was DEVASTATED. In the end, after much thinking, I got a new pug puppy. No pug will ever replace Rosie, but her "sister" Maddie is loved just as much--and is just as spoiled. Please know that I sympathize with all of you who are grieving. I am facing the first anniversary of Rosie's death on April 20 and I fear how many sad memories this date will alway bring to mind. But I plan to focus on the positive. Thanks to all of you "pugspotters" who have listened and shared your stories. Even when they're gone, our pug friends and "children" are still with us. Helen Keller once said, "All that we love deeply becomes a part of us"--how true that is in regard to our beloved pugs.

KatB (over 9 years ago)

Thanks so much MamaPugford. It is so hard when we lose our pugs. It's so wonderful that we all can come together and grieve, and even just come and tell our story about our loss. I for one still am reminded everyday of the loss of my first Pug, Bailey. I still grieve over her, and it will be 3 years come June this yr. 2009. My family and I made a memorial spot in our yard. I had started a circular garden in the middle of our yard when Bailey was a 1yr. Old. As we all know our pugs like to help us dig. Bailey helped me plant the flowers that still grow their. Oddly, it became her resting place 6month later. I placed a statue of an Angel in the middle, And a head stone for Bailey, And as you had mentioned earlier. A Park bench. It has been a comfort to me. It is also odd that my pugs China Rose and Sulynn play around the statue alot, and often sit amongst the flowers there. It warms me when I see them do that. It is a Pug Spot.

RosienMikeysMom (almost 9 years ago)

(((kelly)))....i'm so sorry for your loss. it's so hard losing a best friend. unfortunately, many of us know your pain. just know that you gave marshmellow a wonderful life till the end and although he is not here on earth...he will always live in your heart. PDE is a horrible disease with no cure. a true diagnosis can't be made until after the pug passes. i'm sending you hugs to help you thru this very hard time...we are here for you .


PugluverTut (over 9 years ago)

3 years ago we got a black pug puppy on mother's day. Her name was Cleopatra. I loved her instantly and she was the best puppy I ever had. I took her everywhere with me even the grocery store. I did not go out to eat because I wanted her to be there. I took her to the office and got scolded by my broker for bringing her in. I had to go show houses on Father's Day just one home. I thought of taking Cleo with me but did not think she should stay in the car when I was showing the home so I left her at home. My husband told me he wanted a grill and I told him to wait until I got home. Needless to say I am in the bathroom showing this home to clients that did not speak English that well, I answered the phone to hear Cleo is dead. I fell to the floor and started crying my baby is dead. I could hear my clients talking to each other saying her baby is dead. I had to get off the phone and explain it was my dog but she was my baby and I had to leave. My husband was putting a grill together out front and we live on a busy street. She was hit by a truck and died instantly. It pains me just to talk about her I still miss her.
The next day we drove 7 hours and bought her brother King tut, he is a fawn. Then a couple of months later I went and got another black pug named Daisy. I wanted another black pug. Then I was resentful to my black pug because I thought it was just replacing Cleo. Daisy would always want to be with me everywhere I went. It has been over 3 years and we are very close. She is just a sweet pug. She is 12 pounds and a little cuddle love dog. I still miss Cleo and wish she was here.

Madison Rose (over 9 years ago)

I just received PugluverTut's posting tonight, April 20, which happens to be the first anniversary of my dear Rosie's death (see March 27th posting). As I write this it is nearly to the hour when Rosie died. I was getting ready to log off of the computer but saw there was a new message from PugSpot; as it turns out, it was a message about grieving our pugs. How amazing the timing. Thanks so much for the wonderful and supportive community of PugSpot. It's been such a help to know there are people like me who understand what a huge place our pugs fill in our lives. Today, my new pug, Madison Rose (the middle name is for her "sister" Rosie) was acting very odd and out of sorts, as if she knew there was sadness in the house today. How astute. No wonder we love our pugs as we do.

puglover2002 (over 9 years ago)

My poor Muggsy.

Hello everyone, I'm new to these forums and on this sad day I've had to have my buddy Muggsy put down today due to tumors. Muggsy was an 7 1/2 year old black, full of life until late Saturday (04/18/2009) that loved the world. He was my first pug and we had a special bond. I have two other furkids and love them very much, but they came home together as puppies 5 years ago and while they love me, they love each other more. I'm going to miss my little buddy very much.

PugluverTut (over 9 years ago)

Madison Rose and puglover2002 I am so sorry for your losses as well. It is so nice to have this forum to support one another through these hard times. Your stroies are so touching and heartbreaking. We will never get over losing our little friends but they will always be in our hearts. Have a wonderful day.

Madison Rose (over 9 years ago)

PugluverTut, thanks so much for your kind and comforting words. Your support (and everyone's) means more than you can ever know. Some people say their pugs are part of the family. Mine, I have found, ARE my family.

Madison Rose (over 9 years ago)

Pangyalwilliams, what a tragic story. I am so sorry to hear about your loss and the horrible circumstances. While this was an unfortunate accident, please remember that it was an ACCIDENT. You would never intentionally inflict harm on Sammy so please try to get past the guilt. Sometimes our angels are called to heaven way sooner than we can bear. When my Rosie died, one of my friends wrote something in a card that has stuck with me: "Rosie knew she was loved. What better gift?" I have no doubt in my mind that Sammy felt the same way. She knew she was (and still is) greatly loved--and what better gift can we give to our pugs?

Puggy2009 (about 9 years ago)

Hey I've got a problem with my pug Maxey, his mommy died a couple years ago. I have a picture of maxeys mother, Dolly, in my pictures. But first of all. Dolly was maxeys mom. That was when before I got my two other pugs Bella and Cookie. MAxey has been having fun of all. But when ever he see his mothers grave he looks like he's crying. He knows that she gone, because in the morning when I woke up early, I heard Maxey whining, and so then I knew maxey was sad about his mother.I just miss Dolly, I have had dolly when she was young adult. But she was a great parent to Maxey.

I made a poem for my old pug when I was little girl, my pugs name was Toby.

The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world,
the one that never deserts him,
the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog.
A man's dog stands by him in prosperity and poverty, in health and sickness -
He will sleep on the cold ground where the wintry winds blow and the snow drives fiercely, if only he may be near his master's side.
He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer,
He will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounter with the roughness of the world.
He guards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince. --
When all other friends desert he remains. -
When riches take wings and reputation falls to pieces,
He is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens.

puglovinmamamam (almost 9 years ago)

HI everyone, I recently lost my son Marshmellow (October 28, 2009) to PDE, he was 7. I have been devasted by the fact that my best friend is gone. He was my life and now he's gone. I have 2 dobermans and a cat but they are by far not anything like having my pug. When he went blind 2 years ago, we took him to the specialist and all they said was it was something neurological and had no idea why he lost his site?? Then he started vomitting and we took him in, they ran tests on him, told us it was possibly his liver and put him on a bunch of meds, all of a sudden he started moving in circles and he could not control it, he couldnt sleep, he couldnt snuggle, quit eating his food and treats and wouldnt drink. He was obviously not there anymore. My husband started researching and he had all the symptoms of PDE, we never knew anything about this disease. I doubt his vet knew about it, they were puzzled by his bloodwork and just gave him a bunch of medicine. If the vet had no clue why wouldnt he go onto the computer and figure it out like my husband was able to? It was right there????

The pain of losing this pug has been terrible, just like all of you. All your stories have made me cry, im so glad that there are others who feel the same way about thier pugs and the loss you feel after having a pug in your life. He was a blessing every single day! I felt like I was the luckiest person in the world to have him. 2 days before he died he cried for me to take him for a walk, I took him for a ride in the car and we went down to the lake and fed the ducks and hung out, he was blind so he was all over the sidewalk making me laugh and we had the best time, people were petting him and laughing at him. then the next day he got really sick and a day later we had to put him down. Anyway the whole point of this is I miss him and im glad I can read all your stories and Im sorry all of you are missing your pugs too.


Teddy's Mummy (over 5 years ago)

I would be devastated if anything happened to my Teddy baby! These are all sad stories! R.I.P all puggies who have gone to pug heaven.

Brazen (over 4 years ago)

Brazen died late April 30th. I have been inconsolable since then. She was 13 years old and about 6 months ago I notice old age descend on her - she was always a jumper and now needed steps, lately she when she jumped off the last step her front legs splayed. I wanted to make her last months to be as good as possible.

I spent all my time with her, took her on long car rides, all the drive-thru windows knew her and gave her milk bones, she watched TV with me. I made a special basket for her to lie in, filled with comforters.

Late Monday she began having trouble breathing, I lay next to her to support her and calm - I gave her medicine as well. But, this was no ordinary episode of tracheal collapse: first, I couldn't calm her and second she became incontinent. I took her to Pet Emergency and they put her on oxygen - the next day they told me to take directly to the vet.

The vet was said the prognosis is poor - but she made through day and they insisted she go back to Pet Emergency or home. Thinking she would rather die at home, I put her in my bed, but she could barely breathe even with all the medication and she was completely incontinent. (This means she lost control of her functions and was just trying to breathe.) She was suffering too much.

I took her to Pet Emergency and through all my tears managed to have her put down - I held her my arms and told her what a good dog she was and how much I loved her.

I have been weeping ever since.


ichigomentos (over 3 years ago)

Hi all.

Yesterday, I lost my baby girl Lysha. She was just a few days shy of her 9th birthday. We got her when she was just two weeks old. I grew to love her very much, very fast. I am utterly heartbroken, and feel as so helpless.

I moved out of my house a year ago, and she stayed with my parents. From what I was told, my mother thought she had a cold, and didn't think very much of it, when she didn't want to eat as much, as she has lost her appetite at time before, and just started eating a couple of days after, but this time around, it turned out it wasn't a cold. I didn't know how bad it was until I received a call telling me that she had to undergo emergency surgery. It turns out she had a really bad infection, and they had to remove her uterus. The vet said that her only chances of survival was to do the operation, but that he was unsure if she would even survive it. She did, and was placed on antibiotics, and liquids. She held on as much as she could, but eventually passed away.

I'm devastated. I don't know how to do deal with this. I don't want to go to bed, because I don't want to have that moment where I wake up and realize she's gone. I just want to stay up. I've dealt with pet loss and grief before, and I know that every pet out there is beautiful and special in their own ways to their owners, but there is something about pugs that just make it so hard to deal with. I just keep picturing her big beautiful eyes staring at me.

I jsut hope she know how much she was loved, and how much happiness and comfort she brought to my life. I'll always remember the times when I would be having a bad day, and would sit and talk to her. I would hear her snort, and it would instantly make me smile.

My dear Lysha, I hope you are in a wonderful place, and no longer in pain.

Hopefully, I get to see you someday again.

Love, Larry.

Dorylovesisabel (over 1 year ago)

Well I wanted to share my story I had a pug her name was bonbonsita and I love her sooo much but she was looking very skinny and began to worry I came out later that night to check on her and she died. A year later I got a new pug her name was dory and she was great nice loving but on her fifth month of life she left me I was and am very heart broken she died without a sign I am very sad to this day they were great dog and I'm am crying writing this but they were really great i just hope they are watching me and saying i miss her. I'm so sad I actually became depressed after she died I felt like a big hole in my heart was missing.~ Isabel