Grooming Your Pug

The Pug is social breed that generally enjoys being in the company of its human mate. In fact, Pugs actually look forward to human companionship which is why it's pretty easy to establish a grooming routine that'll keep your Pug healthy and looking his or her best.

Brushing keeps shedding under control

Like all dog breeds, each has unique needs when it comes to grooming. For the Pug, that need is frequent brushing because believe it or not, Pugs shed a lot! They actually have two coats of hair — one on top and a coat underneath.

The hairs of the top coat are straight, typically just under an inch in length. The undercoat hairs are soft and fluffier. And when that hair falls out ? which it does year-round ? it falls out everywhere. It'll even end up in places your Pug hasn't been because it'll be all over you.

So be sure to brush your Pug's coat several times a week with a brush or shedding comb. Regular brushing is the only way you'll keep the hair situation under control and the Pug's coat shiny. Your Pug probably isn't going to mind this royal treatment so go ahead and brush your Pug from head to the tip of the tail and don't forget to brush the belly!

Clean those wrinkles, too

Another grooming necessity that's unique to the Pug is keeping the folds in the Pug's cute little face clean. Moisture and other types of debris will become trapped inside these wrinkles and if not cleaned regularly, the combination may result in an infection. Keeping them clean isn't hard. Once a week take a soft tissue, washcloth or cotton ball, gently pull back the folds and wipe. While you're grooming that area, take a closer look to make sure you don't notice any signs of an impending infection.

The Pug's ears also should be kept clean of wax, and other debris. This can be easily accomplished by taking a clean cotton ball and wiping the insides. If you prefer, you can purchase an ear cleaner that's been formulated for pets and apply this to the cotton ball first.

Other grooming tips

Dogs are just as prone to dental problems as their human counterparts and the Pug is no exception. Therefore, you'll need to brush your Pug's teeth at least twice weekly using toothpaste that's been formulated for dogs. Human toothpaste, if swallowed (which it will be) may cause illness. Allowing your Pug to chew on hard toys, biscuits and hard food can help keep plaque under control.

And every 2 — 4 weeks, treat your Pug to a bath. Again, be sure to use shampoo that's formulated for dogs and nothing else. Other products can dry the Pug's skin and so can washing too often. Trim its toenails monthly, too. Use a sharp dog nail trimmer and don't trim too short.

Keeping your Pug well-groomed doesn't take long and it's definitely an important part of keeping your Pug happy and healthy. So get grooming. Your Pug will love all the attention!


Venus'sMommy (over 5 years ago)

Great article!We tried to file Venus's toenails but her claws are too small, so we are going to need clippers. We haven't brushed her teeth yet, and we haven't had to clean her wrinkles because she doesn't really have any yet (she is only 3 months old)