How to Control Your Pug's Shedding

Too many people make the mistake of assuming that a Pug's short hair means low maintenance. How wrong they are! It's true that a Pug has short hair. But a Pug has a lot of hair and that means Pugs have a lot of hair to shed. And shed your Pug will which is why it's important that you're prepared for this. If you're not up for the challenge, admit it right now and start investigating different breeds.

For those of you who like everything else about the Pug ? its gentle nature, its preference to remain inside, its loyal companionship ? and who have enough time to deal with this breed's plentiful shedding, go head with your decision to become a proud owner of a Pug!

Why do Pugs shed so much?

That short hair you see on fawn-colored Pugs actually consists of two different layers of hair. One layer makes up the Pug's top coat but there is also another shorter layer underneath. Both layers of hair are thick which explains why so much hair falls out. Interestingly, through breeding, black Pugs have only one layer of hair, the top coat. So one way to control a Pug's shedding is to get a black Pug.

Regular grooming is key

Aside from that, there's only one sure-fire way to control your Pug's shedding and that is by brushing your Pug every day. A few strokes a day will help, but won't really accomplish much. That's why you've got to dedicate a chunk of time to brushing your Pug, starting with the head and ending with the tip of its tail. You've got to brush the hair on both sides and you've also got to get your Pug to roll over so you can brush the hair on its belly.

You might find that a brushing mitt works well on your Pug. Some people also claim that adding flax seed oil or linoleic acid to your dog's food helps. The fatty acids in these ingredients help your dog develop healthy underlying skin which in turn should help produce a healthier coat of hair. Pets aren't capable of synthesizing these fatty acids which is why people recommend that they be supplemented. Products containing linoleic acid such as Linatone are available at most pet supply stores

After brushing your Pug, you'll always be covered in Pug hair so have a lint brush handy. And not only will you be covered with Pug hair, everything else in your home will be, too! It'll be on floors and upholstered furniture and tucked in every corner. That's why, besides regular grooming, you'll need to get into the habit of vacuuming your house (and probably your car, too!) every day.

Fortunately, the Pug is one of the more sociable dog breeds and there aren't many Pugs that will object to all the attention that comes along with a daily brushing routine. If you want to love a Pug, you've got to love all the hair that's part of this package deal!