Kong Kraziness


Unless you have been living under a rock in the past few years, you have probably heard of the Kong brand. They specialize in dog toys that are both durable and fun. We recently had the chance to try some Kong products out on our two pugs and they LOVED it!

Sofia is our toy destroyer, so we made sure that she stuck with the Extreme Kong. She easily chewed up the Baby Kong that we had a few years back. This Extreme Kong must be made of magic rubber, because there are few things that Sofia can’t destroy.

Baxter will do anything for a treat, so he especially loved the Kong Stuff’n treats. It is a great way to keep your dogs occupied for long amounts of time. That is, unless they figure out how to get the treat out fast! Our two pugs eventually found that if you let the Kong drop on the floor, then the treats would break and could easily fall out of the Kong.

Speaking of treats, we also tried out the Kong Stuff’n Beef & Liver treats and our pugs gobbled them up quickly! They seemed to be too small to fit in the medium or large Kongs, so we ended up just giving them as treats for good behavior. Baxter and Sofia didn’t mind at all!

Photo Credit: PKMousie


jeniandpugly (over 9 years ago)

we bought one for pugly. a week later it was gone! we figured she hid it so we turned the house upside down. But she picked a good spot! I remembered about it 6 months later when we were moving. We look behind the stove,fridge, washer, dryer, you name it, nothing! also missing were about 8 little tennis balls. I still wonder where she put them.

petuniamay (over 7 years ago)

Petunia jumps up on the couch with her Kong and then drops it off the edge, then jumps down to see if that knocked the treat out.  If not, the process continues until she gets it.  Up down up down for the longest time.  At least she's excercising and she's busy!

SissyPug (over 7 years ago)

That is so funny petuniamay.  That is exactly what my Sissy does with her Kong too.  She has mastered it though and it only takes her about 15 minutes to empty it no matter what I put into it.

MustLovePugs (over 7 years ago)

Hello, Just recently someone was talking about a brush that is made by kong that is great at removing loose hair. Does anyone remember the name? It can be use when bathing as well.

RedRoss9 (over 7 years ago)

My pugs LOVE the zoom groom.  It's the only brush I can use on them that they don't try to eat.

kbailey (over 7 years ago)

Charka isn't really interested in his kong. He much prefers plush toys. We have teddies all over our house and he brings them to us when he wants to play fetch

pugaboo (over 9 years ago)

I completely agree about pug obsessions with Kongs! Both my puggies love the normal red kong, even without any treats inside. The best kong purchase I have made is the Kong Wubba that looks like an octopus. Pugs love anything with extensions to chew on and it's soft too. I would recommend the Kong Wubba since all three of my pugs have loved it (I would even say they are a tad obsessed) .

MustLovePugs (over 7 years ago)

Thank you!! That was it. Zoom Groom. I was planning on getting one and I had wrote the name on a sticky note which of course the sticky note is now missing! Thanks again.

petuniamay (over 7 years ago)

Any thoughts on how the Zoom Groom compares to the Furminator?  I have the Furminator and it works great on the cats and the husky, but not so much on the pug.  Was thinking it was just too big, but if the Zoom Groom works better, I'd get that instead of a smaller furminator.

Shpigford Staff (over 7 years ago)

@petuniamay: We've got a Furminator and it works okay, but I'd say the dogs don't like it. Baxter immediately sits down and his tail uncurls when we use the Zoom Groom...he loves it.

petuniamay (over 7 years ago)

One of my cats hates the Furminator because it gets kinda hung up in his fat rolls (20 pounder).  It does the same on pug wrinkles, so I'm thinking we'll try the Zoom Groom and maybe it will work better on both.

SashaHorst92 (about 5 years ago)

Just bought my pug a baby Kong toy and she got the treats out really fast lol. I enjoy using Kong brands over most others because they are so durable!