Pug Feeding Chart - How Much Should a Pug Eat?

Pugs love food. They can be coerced in to doing just about anything if the promise of food is involved. Unfortunately, Pugs also tend to have weight issues. They will eat as much as you give them so extreme care must be taken to ensure they do not become overweight.

The feeding chart below is a sample schedule of what the average Pug will need as they grow. You should consult your veterinarian regarding the exact amount that is right for your Pug.

AgeTimes Per DayAmount Each Time
Puppy (3 to 6 months)31/3 cup
Adolescent (6 months to 1 year)23/4 cup
Active Adult (1 to 8 years)21/2 cup
Senior (8 years+)21/3 cup

Now that you have a good idea as to how much you should be feeding your pug, how about what type of dog food. We have a full article already dedicated to explaining the best dog food for pugs that you can check out. This will give you a good idea as to what exactly you should be feeding your pug.

Our Top Picks for the Best Pug Food

Picking between all of the different dog foods out there can be a hard process, especially when you want to make sure you are feeding your pug only the best food possible. The three different types of dog food below are all great choices if you don't know where to start.

  1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

  2. Merrick Grain-Free Dry Food

  3. Royal Canin Pug Adult Dry Dog Food


nigellachanel (about 10 years ago)

Hello to all. My pug is 7 weeks young & I'm curious if you have any suggestions on food brands. Also, is my pug pup to young for treats? I hear anything raw hide is very bad for the pug pups.....is this true?

butterflijen (over 7 years ago)

I was looking at the chart on the article and I'm kinda curious as to how that chart was determined.  Shouldn't you be checking the feeding instructions with the brand of food that you are giving to your dog?  Especially if your are buying food that is a wholistic brand or a brand that gives extra nutrients to dogs that have special circumstances or even a brand that is low cost.  I think the most important thing about feeding your pug is to make sure you check the ingredients  to see how much "filler" they put in their food.  That's going to effect your pugs weight.  I know the article said to check with your vetenarian, so I would do that b/4 following the chart.  I don't feel like it is a reliable source b/c it didn't cite how they determined the amounts.

hannak28 (over 7 years ago)

all the vets we have ever been too have always said to NEVER go by what the bag says because it is usually not correct for your breed of dog, soze etc. Also, a few of them will tell you to give them more so, you need to purchase food more often.... I think i will call the vet Monday to see what he would recommend.

KatB (over 7 years ago)

Never go by the charts on the bag of food. You will end up with a very fat pug. HA HA! That is too much. The charts on the bag don't consider the breed of dog. I feed only 1/4 cup of food to my dogs. All are toy breeds. Jap. Chin, Minpin, and pugs. Pugs are always telling us they are hungry. They would eat all day if you let them. But it isn't good for their weight. I disagree with the chart for adolescent pugs. 3/4 cups is to much.

Flatface (about 10 years ago)

We higly recommend Natural Balance. Our Gus had a serious face breakout problem due to the Eukanuba we fed him. We got Bobby (pug #2) from a different breeder who had been feeding him Natural Balance. After researching the brand, we slowly converted Gus and his face cleared up fast. Natural Balance also has great treat options.

zombie (over 9 years ago)

ZomBie always acts like hes sarving! I feed him the recommended amount, but he still tries to eat anything he can get! especially sneeking into the kitty food... he makes me feel bad! also, how many treats should i allow him, were trying to train him on tricks and what not, plus i like to give him a treat when he listens, and obeys really well...

RosienMikeysMom (over 9 years ago)

i trained rosie on cheerios, they're small, easy to have in your pocket and low calorie. as for treats during the day...i try and stick to apples and cooled steamed green beans so i'm not putting the pounds on. of course once in a while they get an actual natural organic cookie and in the warm weather i make doggie ice cream from bananas and organic yogurt mushed together and put in ice cube trays...always a welcomed treat!

hannak28 (over 7 years ago)

i wanted to ask how much you all feed your puppies at 7-8 weeks old? I use to feed Mugzy 1/4 of a cup 3 times a day and i have been doing that with Nala and she seems to still be looking for more. I noticed of the Fedding Chart it says 3-6 months 1/3 of a cup 3 times a day, but i am not sure of thats too much for her...

Grapost (about 5 years ago)

I have 4 pugs. For years I have been giving them 2/3 cup of dry and 1/4 can wet (3 ounces). and they are all 25 pounds. They spend most of the time laying round the house. What I give them doesn't seem like much.

When I told my vet how much I gave them he said "well you don't have to starve them"

They get no table food and a little smidgen of dry food for a snack twice a day between meals.

1 is ten years old and 2 are 12 years old, but they've been 25 pounds for most of their lives.

Since what the I give them doesn't seem like much I'm afraid giving them less would be starving them.

I vary the kinds of brands and flavors of foods each month so they get a wider variety of dog food.

If I cut back on their food they drive me nuts.

Sbain (about 3 years ago)

I am new to the pug world, I have only ever had boxers previously. I am due to pick my pug up in 7 weeks and wondered what people's thoughts are on me making homemade food for him vs the bought bags? I really want him to have the best nutrition. His name is winston he is a wee fawn boy 💙

Blaireb (over 2 years ago)

My pugs walk 3 miles a day happily and are very high energy, I
feed them 2x a day 1/2 cup and a tiny bit of wet food mixed in. I think because of the energy and calories they burn each day this is the perfect amount. I have two 8 year old pugs and they need the calories to replenish the energy burned on their long walks which they love immensely and are begging to walk ever further after! (Side note; these long walks are performed in the winter, in the summer I stick to a 1.5 milk walk.

jojodesca (over 2 years ago)

so according to this chart my 10 week old pug puppy should eat 3 times a day and my 4 year old pug should eat 2 times a day, but both get the same amount of 1 cup total each?