Why People Love Pugs

Why are Pugs so popular? Could it be their good looks or unmistakable charm? What is so darn irresistible about those Pugs? Ask anyone who has ever known a Pug and they will tell you there is no other dog that compares. But why?

Pugs are different. They possess all the qualities of a big dog in a little dog body. They are big enough to not be annoying and small enough for any size house. Perhaps their motto best describes them. Multum in Parvo - "a lot of dog in a small space."

Pugs are affectionate. If you want a constant companion, he’s your man. They are happy to follow you around, lending you a helping paw. They make great couch potato buddies. Just bring enough snacks for you both. They are great bed-warmers. They will cuddle with you on the cold winter nights.

Pugs are fun and they are funny. If given an audience, they are sure to entertain. They are playful but not overly demanding. They are natural born show offs. Nothing can make a Pug happier than being the life of the party.

Pugs have the grace and elegance sought after by royalty. Indeed, several notable nobles have owned Pugs. Just look at the list of royals they have possessed.

Pugs are friendly. They love everyone, from the mailman to the dog next door. They have never met a stranger. Pugs are excellent all around people dogs and animal dogs.

Pugs are sensitive. They do not like harsh tones. It hurts their feelings. They also are much attuned to your feelings. They can sense your distress and provide you with a comforting nuzzle.

Pugs are loyal. Unlike people, they do not know dishonor. They will be your friend to the end.

Pugs love kids. Well, most kids. If you want your child to have a perfect playmate they are “Pug”itively the best.

Pugs simply pop with personality. Never let it be said that a Pug is a boring dog. They are simply clowns in a dog’s body.

Pugs are cute. Who can resist their smooshie, squishy faces? Who could resist their snorts and grunts? Aren’t they the most precious little things you have ever seen?

Does anything else need to be said!?

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snuggypuggy (almost 10 years ago)

I am just in looove with that article MamaPugford...everything you said was so true, and just thinking about all my beautiful little puggers while reading that article almost brought a tear to my eye!!

predatorpug (almost 10 years ago)

There is nothing I enjoy more than coming home and getting my hugs and tail waggles!!!!!! Great article mamapugford!!!!!!

KatB (over 9 years ago)

Great article! Nailed that on the head. Thanks Mamapugford. I love my puggy's so much. They bring so much love and happiness to me. Nothing makes me smile more than a pug. When ever I take my puggy's out, I always have people coming up and wanting to see my baby's. They always say, "I really love pugs." Number #1 in my book.

corrine43 (about 9 years ago)

My Pug is the love of my life. I have had him only 8 months, no, not a rescue. My first laugh of the day, is because of him. When he is sleeping & snoring I know he is content. He is one of the best dogs I have ever had. Where ever we go, I get a lot of positive remarks. When people show interest in him, he returns the favor. Such a sweet dog and real clown. I love him dearly.

pugmom42566 (over 8 years ago)

That is all so very true. My 2 keep everyone entertained. Never a dull moment. Never without a friend. Pugs are the best.

PugPaws (almost 10 years ago)

I also think it's just the air they have to them, too. They're almost always happy! They're one of the best friends you'll ever have, and they're just so loveable, and are always there to cheer you up! Its almost impossible to think anyone could ever live without a pug, I agree with thast article, theyre so irresistable!!

Pugsleigh (almost 10 years ago)

Mama Pugford,
I love your article.
I think that every pug RSQ must feel the exact same way.

you always do a great job explaining things.

denicekvale (almost 8 years ago)

Can't wait to get my 2!! From what I have heard they are pretty wonderful! This is a first for me. In a few weeks I will be an offical Pug owner!!

Frankie2009 (almost 8 years ago)

So true that article. I have had other dogs...mostly mutts. When we saw our pug at the Humaine society...and saw him, we knew he was the dog for us, as he came right to the cage as if to say "about time you came to get me!" we had been looking for a dog for awhile, and was doing resarch on diffrent breeds. At the time I never even thought about a Pug. But now that I have one no other breed will do!....What's not to love about them....they are cute and full of personality. Been bitten by the Pug Bug....and of course other pugs owners are the best too.....Pugs Owners are very much like our Furkids....very freindly and caring. Hence why we have so many Pug events around the world...hmm maybe Pugs (and there human staff) should rule the world...it would be a lot better place.

Mom2Pugs (almost 8 years ago)

I agree!  I have always had at least one dog, but none are quite like a pug.  They literally share every moment  with you and seem to care to be in your company more than any other dog I have owned. 

Did I say moments?  What I should have said is share every BITE of FOOD with you!  

Dnicekvale, Wecome to Pug Spot and congratulations on being owned by a pug! 

hmbelk (over 6 years ago)

Great article. Pugs are great. I've been in animal rescue for 12 yrs and now own my first pug. He's 1 yo old now and was a gift to my fifth child, my daughter, who was born with a congenital heart defect. The breeder actually had us come out and pick a pug. Once we saw Bug we knew he was our guy. He came right to us and stayed with us the entire 45 min. we were there talking to the breeder. He too has a disability. His front legs are misformed. Basically he has no "elbow" joint. Most would have had him put down but I'm so glad his breeder didn't! When we chose him we didn't know that he was actually born the day my daughter had the heart surgery that saved her life. She's getting ready for another soon and you can bet Bug will be right there to comfort her and keep her company. You couldn't ask for a better companion!

Kat_and_Rex (over 6 years ago)

I agree with everything you say in your blog.

I have always been a big dog person; when my big girl past, I knew I wanted a buddie but i'm always busy and a big dog needs a lot of exercise, which is great but i didn't have the time and the new dog was to be 'my' buddie so i needed a low exercise dog.

I researched and researched and Pug cames up each time; I bounced back between big dog small dog for a long time.

Now, I was sitting with my mother, Rexi was messy around on the rug, a run in a circle, flog to the floor, roll on his back all in high speed, and funny look up to us as though asking, 'did you see me?' Laughing at him my mother (74) turned to me and said.....I wish we'd had pugs a long time ago; I agreed and said, from now one I shall always be a pug owner....now this one little guy in 14 short months has changed us from die hard big dog family, into a small pug crazy family.

HANK2008 (over 6 years ago)

What a great article.  Nothin but the truth  After 30 years with my goldens I've also been pugged.

HANK2008 (over 6 years ago)

What a great article.  Nothin but the truth  After 30 years with my goldens I've also been pugged.

HANK2008 (over 6 years ago)

What a great article.  Nothin but the truth  After 30 years with my goldens I've also been pugged.

saintpuggletricks (over 5 years ago)

Iv been 'puggd' for 5months and It was the best thing I ever did! My kids love him to bits and he's very gd wiv my kids and are other dog (staff) he's jus the apple of my eye! Melts my heart everytime I look at the lil puggy!! The pug is the best dog ever! ))))

Joe (almost 5 years ago)

The article missed an important point. "Pugs are just lovely people we all like to interact but in little dog's cute face and body".

Jessie (about 5 years ago)

I have a Pug called Pumba, I love him really much!!!
He's almost 1 year old, and I have to take him to India but its very hard to take him in cargo {in the flight} I'm very scared... Please everyone who is reading this, hope for my pug to land in India safe. Thank you!!

drugsnotpugs (almost 5 years ago)

Pugs are a cruelly and intentionally mutated perversion of a dog. You should be ashamed for promoting this poor, suffering breed. They have trouble breathing because we took away their nose. They have the highest rates of hip dysplasia and spinal defects of any dog breed we think the double curled tail is "cute." Their eyes bug out grotesquely (and get injured and FALL OUT) because it's funny to us. This is no longer a dog. It is a fashion. Pug people are sick; they are not dog lovers. If this is actually news to anyone, please see the following:
http://pedigreedogsexposed.blogspot.com/2010/12/pugs-lets-face-it.html http://retrieverman.net/2013/08/28/the-problems-with-pugs/

Pebbles01978 (over 3 years ago)

Drugsnotpugs- the same can be said about many pure bread dogs, as most purebreds are predispositioned to having health problems. You mention hip dysplasia...there are many other breeds that suffer from this issue as well, notably the German Shepherd. Yet we still love them and even more, they are still bred for police work due to their endurance and ability to train. Boxers are prone to Cushings Disease, which is a costly and an eventually fatal disease.

Before you make comments about the Pug breed, you might want to consider lookings at all purebred dogs, you will quickly realize most are subject to health issues. Your above post is nothing but narrow minded, as you are picking out only one breed out of hundreds that have similar predispositioned health issues.

I have owned many dogs and all of my purebreds have eventually suffered from some sort of health ailment. Pugs generally have a longer lifespan than many dogs, which makes your above comment appear one sided.

cd (over 3 years ago)

pebbles, if you look at the profile you can tell the comment your referring to is from a low life troll just looking to cause trouble.

Pebbles01978 (over 3 years ago)

I couldn't help myself! Especially in defense of those looking for Pug information and may stumble across this article.

Skye Iron (over 2 years ago)

Pebbles01978 - No true dog lover loves Pugs. To love the pug breed is to promote the continued breeding of dog's that are born into torture.

Before you bite my head off and say that I am singling out a single breed - I'm not. No true dog lover would promote the breeding of ANY kind of flat faced breed. There are NO healthy flat faced dog's. The only way you can give them a semblance of a normal life is to have their nostrils widened (flat faced dog's often have closed nostrils) and their soft palate trimmed. While there are other pedigree dog's that have problems, there are none that have as many problems, as wide spread as the pug except maybe the English bull dog.

You mentioned German Shepherds. This is a breed I love - as long as it is the working type. The cause of the high rates of hip dysplasia in German Shepherds is the roach back that is required of the show breeds. I am strongly against show types. No working German Shepherd has a roach back and a well bred working type German Shepherd has sound joints.
Boxers have some very important differences to pugs. Their very phenotype is not responsible for the bulk of their hereditary problems and careful breeding can eliminate most of their health problems. This is impossible in pugs because their flat nose and tightly curled tail are responsible for their pain while simultaneously being an integral part of their breed.

I am against the continued breeding of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, another breed that is born into a torturous life. These dogs skulls have been bred so that they are too small to house their brain's. Imagine having a constant headache (COMS) which over 95% of this breed suffer from, over 50% suffer from the more severe SM (Syringomyelia) which basically means that the dog's brain has started to push out of the dog's foramen Magnum. This causes many problems and the worst cases are in so much pain they have to be put down.

I am against the breeding of any breed of dog that has an extensive amount of extra skin around the eyes which often causes the eyelid to invert and injure the eye. Among these are the Meatmouth Chinese Shar-pei and the Neopolitan Mastiff.

You say all of your purebreds have eventually suffered from some health ailment. If any were hereditary then the breeder that bred them was far from a responsible one. No responsible breeder would breed dogs for looks above health. Health first, looks second. No responsible breeder would breed ANY dog with a hereditary (or otherwise) disease.

cd (over 2 years ago)

"You say all of your purebreds have eventually suffered from some health ailment" Skye Iron???? No, I did not say that, That is an outright lie. Your comments are inflammatory and only posted to cause trouble. We have pugs because we love our pugs, no matter what people like you say. If we believed everything people like you say we would have no pets at all.

Pebbles01978 (over 2 years ago)

It's funny that you say pugs breathing issues, but mine seems to not notice. He is one of the happiest, active dogs I've owned. Seems a bit dramatic....