1 year later ... My story

Hi!  I'm Angel and I'm about 6 years old now. My family adopted me 1 year ago ... I was used for breeding.  Boy am I glad that they did!  I sure have come a long way!  I was absolutely petrified when they adopted me.  When they met me at the foster home I was staying at, I crouched low when they tried to pet me and wouldn't even eat a piece of cheese the foster mom gave the girl to give me.  Crazy, huh?  After they decided they wanted to adopt me, I cried in the car the whole way to my people house, I was so afraid!  I voluntarily spent a lot of time in my "den" (crate), those first few days and weeks.  That was my safe place.  My family had to be really patient with me.  I'm so glad they were because I just love them.  I listen well and want to please.  My "mom" is the one that I stick to; I follow her around.  I've gotten used my "dad."  I've never known what to make of him, lol.  The 2 kids are great and they sure do love me a great deal.  I guess I'm pretty lovable!  My family thinks I'm pretty low maintenance.  Maybe it's because I appreciate the simple things in life; after all, dog beds are the BEST!!  


docand (almost 7 years ago)

Congrats on your one year anniversary!  You must really be sweet for your mom and dad to name you Angel.  My dad named me Lexi and I don't know why.  I've been living with my forever dad and mom for 1 year also.   Isn't it nice to be loved by nice people and to be spoiled....  I like to wake up in the mornings, and jump up in my daddy's lap before Lilo the cat does, while he's drinking some hot black stuff that stinks...yuk!  Than I fall asleep again.   I just love my daddy soooooo much and am sooo happy.       Lexi

leafy (almost 7 years ago)

That's a lovely story.  My name is Stan and I will have been in my new home 2 years next month.  I am so loved and cared for by my Mummy and Daddy and a bit spoilt.  I get lots of playtime and walks and go to these things called dog shows where I get to meet other pugs and people but sometimes they dress me up in silly costumes to win prizes.  I don't mind really, I like the fuss.  I even get to go to Mummy's work but I was a bit cheeky last week as it was a new office building with lots of new people to fuss me and give me biscuits.   I love it when Mummy and Daddy come home from work and settle down in the evenings where I get to stretch out on their laps and fall asleep

three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

Ah Angel your story hit my heart right at the moment I needed it the most.  Deb (Mom of Sam, Stella and Trudy)

KatB (almost 7 years ago)

Angel, Congrads on your 1 yr aniversary. God love ya. You have a wonderful home now, and don't need to fret ever again. Your humans love you. And so do we.

Zuji (12 months ago)

~ This is a sweet story written from the Pug's perspective.

Time and patience are the essential factors in coaxing a Pug into a happier life.

It's wonderful to read about this.