2 month old pug puppy. Diet, Water, Vaccination concerns. Pls help.


I'm sorry if this has been answered before. I've searched around and it just seems that every different blog or forum has a different answer for this. I'm hoping someone could help me as I'm quite concerned for my pug's health. I'm currently living in Vietnam by way of the U.S. I've had a pug before, but it didn't behave this way.

I've purchase Pedigree canned wet food imported from Thailand to feed her right when I got her. Vietnamese are notorious for treating dogs like crap and feeding them leftover scraps, so I thought I'd start her off by giving her "the good stuff".

Firstly, she is only licking the food. I've been feeding her 3 times a day. She was peeing regularly and pooping regularly after meals. I did notice that her stomach seemed to be quite bloated but figured it was normal. However, today (1 1/2 days after purchasing her), after dinner she was normal and playful. Then she went on her pad to poop and seemed to be struggling. You could her her squeezing with all her might to eventually squeeze off a few turds but it took longer than normal. Shortly after, she vomited a transluscent liquid with small bits of food. Then she started walking around very wearily. I put her to bed and after 30 minutes I checked her and noticed she had more chunks of vomit in her nose and cleaned it up.

I asked my friend to call the breeder and ask what he was feeding her prior to me picking her up. He told me to stop giving her the canned food and to give her chau with chunks of beef. Chau is basically gruel. Watery rice mixed with small bits of meat. Do you guys suggest I continue feeding the pup gruel as the previous owner was?

In addition she has not been drinking water since I picked her up... I've had to dip my fingers in water and put it up to her mouth for her to drink water, but she only let me do it once. Now she just refuses to drink water either from my fingers or bowl. I went to the vet and she gave me a syringe and a gerbil water bottle to hang on the pen and said to try those, but she wont drink from them either.

Really concerned. Hope some of you can help us.

1.) What food should I be feeding a 2 month old pug puppy that only licks food?

2.) Is something wrong with my pug? Why wont she drink water? She pees regularly, however.

3.) The dog has been vaccinated with her first shot for distemper, adenovirus type 1/2, parvovirus and leptospira according to the vaccination card the breeder gave me. However, things in Vietnam are very shady. Seeing as how the puppy only cost $150 There is a possibility that the breeder did not vaccinate the dog at all and gave me false papers in order to save money. The chart says she was vaccinated on the 2nd of August but I'm not sure if I can trust it. If he indeed did give her the vaccinations already, would it be harmful for her if she got a 2nd dose so soon?


cd (almost 6 years ago)

try feeding pup milk if she likes it then start mixing it with water and taper milk off until you can feed her just water. she may not be weened fully, this would explain why she doesn't like water.the shots are recorded if they cannot be confirmed then you need to wait for one month and do shots again after another month but check with your vet. after the first two sets, the shots are a year apart. as for the food, chicken and rice is supposed to be good for pups but it would be what you would eat not garbage. you need to look around and see what brands you can get, most grocers or even your vet should be able to help you decide. good luck...

JanandSass (almost 6 years ago)

You couldl always just grind up some chicken and mix it with a bit of milk - just give a bit at a time. CDCRA, the only thing I sort of disagree with giving puppies rice. It can sometimes cause constipation at times, it does with a couple of my dogs. If in doubt about the dogs foods you can get locally, then feed your puppy home made food. There are lots of things - fish with a bit of white or sweet potatoes, chicken, lean beef, and even some fruits like peaches bananas (not too much just a piece or two.) Also lots of pugs do good on green beans and grated carrot. Try these different things one at a time, so you can tell how your baby will react. Make changes slowly.

dominique (over 5 years ago)

you may be feeding your pug a little to much a size of a pug only realy need 2 meals a day so do half a tin of food am an the other half p.m or biscuits in the morning an a half tin of meat p.m, try introducing some chicken not much just to tempt your dog to eat or boiled white fish and boiled potatoes are also really good for dogs you could also try putting some gravy on it that sometimes helps my dogs when there being fussy. Thats my opinion just dont rush to it as it could give your pooch further problems start to slowly introduce it, hope this helps

JanandSass (over 5 years ago)

Plus, I would get her off the Pedigree ASAP. Not a good food. Try Blue or Wellness fish and potatoe if you can get it. It is expensive but it lasts a long time. And dry is better than canned. (better for their teeth)

KatB (over 5 years ago)

Not sure what brands of dog food are available where you are. If you can? I would get foods made from USA. Or make your own, as suggested above. Real meats like chicken, vegetables, fruits, and rice would be better, I would think. This is such a young pup, and I am hoping it is healthy from the breeder. I never feed can food by the way. Only when the vet recommends it due to a illness or injury. Pedigree is NOT one of the good foods. Iams is about as low priced as I would go. It is a good food.