8 New Baby Puglets = )

Does anyone know the record for pug puppies ?  We were thinking 4. but they kept come until we reached EIGHT !  Mommy had them all just fine & all are doing well = )

They are just over 2 weeks old & have their eyes open now.  I will get some pics up soon !

CONGRATS to Bandit & Kahlua !


charliesmom (almost 7 years ago)

I can't believe you have eight!  I found this link to people talking about their litter sizes http://www.faqs.org/qa/qa-1112.html  It looks like you did have a large litter.  Its great that they are all healthy.   I saw the pictures of your  pugs and puppies. Great family!  Congratulations they are adorable!

elgor (almost 7 years ago)

Congratulations!!! Zoe came from a litter of 6 and they thought that was large! Webster came from a litter of 3 ... he is our one and only "pick of the litter". I will have to go look at pictures ... nothing cuter than new born baby puggers!!!

JanandSass (almost 7 years ago)

That is a BIG litter!  Mommy must be very tired, give her some yoghurt and lean chicken or steak to help keep her strength up!

cd (almost 7 years ago)

8 or more is common for a first and second litters, the litters are smaller after that, but the trick is to keep an eye on all the pups to be sure all of them are feeding, the bigger ones will push the small ones out. if this happen you need to start bottle feeding the ones that don't get fed enough with a milk replacement formula (this info came from my breeder who specializes in pugs and small breeds) we found it very useful with our pups, we had to bottle feed mouse from about  two or three week. now is when you need to keep on eye on them as they get bigger. watch for ones not getting fed (mother running out of milk) or getting weak from always being pushed out, they are usually smaller pups. the larger the litter the more chance of small ones having problems

lillianthepug (almost 7 years ago)

Lilly was 1 of 10 little puglets!  You can just imagine how hard it was to only take one home lol  I visted these pups for 2 weeks straight before I brought Lilly home and I agree with cdcra with their temperment. The bigger ones of the litter picked on the runts (Lilly and 3 others) so keep a close eye and make sure the little ones are getting proper nutrition!

Mom2Pugs (almost 7 years ago)

Congratulations on a beautiful litter of pugglets!  Mom must  be proud!  Be sure to post lots of pictures for us here on Pug Spot!  Hug  Mom Pug for me!  Marti, Desi and Bella    :p

Frankie2009 (almost 7 years ago)

wow that is a lot of Puglets...8 times the cuteness! I am just glad that Momma and her puppies are doing ok! I alwasy love to see pictures of Baby Pugs. Guess I am a softy.....but when it comes to Puglets, if can resist your not human! lol

Guess the wife is right about me ! just have a soft spot for Dogs. but that is a good thing! Congratz to you and the Pug parents. I hope they all stay healthy and go to good and loving homes, and get spoiled like Pugs should!

Zuji (12 months ago)

~ That's a remarkable litter!

The photo is terrific!

I hope that the little Puggies all had happy lives in forever homes.