Allergies and itching!! HELP!!

I know I've read a few forums on here about pugs allergies and itching. Dolce just turned 4 and this is the first time I've ever experienced any sort of allergie symptoms from her. She has been scratching and itching so bad that her hair has fallen out in certain places and the former scabs have now turned into hyperpigmentation on her belly and chest. I've tried puppy shampoos, oatmeal, hot spot treatments, even a sulfer and tar bath. It seems they just make her condition worse. I know I may be bathing her too often, 2x a month, but I have to say..she is a bit of a smelly dog (even her pits smell and get sticky..weird, I know). I wash all her blankets and bed just as much as she stinks them up too. Perhaps it's my detergent? It is a lavendar scent that I've used for ever. I was hoping it was spring allergies (they are horrible in FL) but it's just not getting any better. Her hair was incredibly dry and brittle up until a couple weeks ago when I changed her food (currently IAMS lamb and rice formula), her hair is soft again but still itching...

Any advise would be GREATLY appreciated! My next option is to take her to the vet and get a cortizone shot. I've tried the benadryl, didn't really work. So now I'm asking for your help. I just feel so bad for my baby


RosienMikeysMom (over 7 years ago)

it might be allergies either to the food or environmental, but also, i would consider it possibly being a yeast infection especially because you say she doesn't smell like roses. i would bring her to the vet to get her checked out but i would also change her to a grain-free potato-free food. although you might think iams lamb and rice is just that, it is also chicken, corn, barley, lots of stuff that you don't even realize that she might be allergic to or just adding to the problem. always read the can't trust some of these companies unfortunately by just looking at the label. also, try adding some wild salmon oil (can be found in most pet stores). just a teaspoon a day in her food can help her skin and coat. all being said, giving her meds to relieve the itching is one thing but it kinda masks what is really going on. what you want to do is find the cause, not just treat the symptoms. good luck and i hope she feels better real soon. it's so hard to see them uncomfortable.

RedRoss9 (over 7 years ago)

i agree with avoiding corns and other grains.  molly got a treat with corn in it last week and she broke out in hives!  go to the vet, talk it over with the vet.  between the two of you it should be possible to get the poor itchy baby sorted out.

KatB (over 7 years ago)

I agree with RosienMikeysMom and Red. China Rose has allergies from corns and grains. It may be time to change the brand of food you are giving and go to one that is grain free. I did this for China Rose and it has made a big difference. Way less out breaks. She usually has trouble in the spring and fall months. It also may be time to talk with your Vet and see what they think is goin on. Sometimes they can get skin bacteria and other skin problems and is best to see what the Vet says. If you change foods, it may take a month or two to start seeing a change. Also watch out with all treats, and make sure they are grain free as well.

SkinKari (over 7 years ago)

Thanks! Do any of you have a recommendation on any specific brand that does not contain corn and grains? I hate to admite it, but I was feeding her Pedigree since for as long as I can remember, never an issue. I will take her to the vet to see what they recommend as well. I just don't want to buy a bunch of brand for trial and error, you know?

KatB (over 7 years ago)

They will most likely recommend science diet. And thats fine. I don't like the brand at all. But I think if you could probably find a brand at the pet store that will be better at grain free. I feed Wellness White fish with sweet potatoe, but there are alot of grain free brands. Others will tell what brands they like I'm and sure. Got to really read the ingred. on the bags. Remember to change over alittle at a time as not to cause stomach upset when you do.

RedRoss9 (over 7 years ago)

Blue Buffalo is a great food, and they have several varieties available that are for dogs with sensitivities to certain ingredients.  You'll want to go to and check out the Blue Basics line of food.  I feed my dogs the regular Fish and Sweet Potato recipe.  They love it, and I feel good feeding it to them.   

kayjean07 (about 7 years ago)

my pug has had many problems with itching and allergies. I changed his food to Diamond Rice and Lamb forumula didn't seem to work all that great, but I left him on it since its better for him. I bathe him with a shampoo from Drs Foster and smith that is for itching and I was told to try vinegar and skin so soft. After about a month of trying most things, his hair is growing back his sores are healing, and the itching is way down. I feel like the vinegar has worked alot, I was told to just wipe him down with it or add it to his bath water, which is what i do, and it has helped.

jombangis (about 7 years ago)

hi.. im just new here, and i have a pug also and i'm having problems with his skin. he has a hair loss (it started on his chest) and now going up to his neck. the part without hair has turned black and some some of scaly/flakey. i think just like what to skinkari's pug. after reading all the thread here. i will some of the advices. but please if you have any additional advices. please help me. im desperate and really want to bring his beautiful skin...

KatB (about 7 years ago)

If you change foods with an allergy dog, make sure you give it several months to see if it is helping. It takes a good while to see. And even then you still may have allergy problems. It may not be food related and it could be things like grass, flowers, or things in the house. Without an allergy test (which are expensive) you will not know for sure what is causeing the problems. Alot of us, Myself included just go and try a different food (grainfree) and that helps, but our dogs still go through the itchy's. It can really be hard when you have an allergy dog. But I wouldn't trade the world for my Rosie. I just help her scatch. HA!

l.moes (about 7 years ago)

Our 6 yr old pug has allergies we have done steroids., benadryl, changing foods..... Our Vet suggested trying Cyclosporine capsules  its a systemic immunosuppressant . No steroids. We give once a day for 30 days. And it has been a godsend for her. She can eat her regular food and hair has grown back . Maybe this will help.

Pudgythepug (about 7 years ago)

Aw, the same thing happened to our pug.
So the vet recommende 25mg of Benadryl pills every 12 hours. (not the big pills, the small pink ones)
And it seemed to work. Maybe it will work for you!
Good luck and happy late birthday Dolce!

frost_lt (about 7 years ago)

Hi - I am looking at this because my pug has exactly the same problem. he has been on steroids which work wonders until he comes off them. I dont want to leave him on steroids for ever and have just come across this article. I think that from what is said it could be the cure that I and am sure a lot of others have been looking for. - here are the 3 things taken from the article 

One, never give your dog human food with out first seeing if they are allergic to it.  This means go one month without feeding your dog any human food.  Then give your dog one piece of food and wait one week.  If no allergic reaction the food is safe for the mutt.  If there is an allergic reaction then put the food on a banned food list and let everyone in the family know.

Two, and this is the kicker, the old woman said that most dogs never get enough oil in their diet.  The dogs who do are usually inside dogs are fed lots of table scraps.  The oils saturate their skin and coat, exactly the way oils affect humans.  However, the dogs who do get lots of table scraps end up smelling horrible because of a so-called "chemical imbalance" which essentially is an allergic reaction.  The solution to dry skin on any dog was fish oil, she said.  Yes, fish oil.  The kind that you can buy at drug stores as a human supplement.  It increases brain cognition and is heart healthy.

Jeremy told me that once he got the nerve to actually buy and give the fish oil to Skitso his life got a lot easier.  Over the course of five days Skitso's skin was itch free and his coat shinier than it ever had been.

Finally, he asked the old woman about shampoo.  She said that her experience with pugs was shampoo and chemicals around the house irritate their skin the most.  The only solution she ever found was at the holistic grocery store.  She only bathed her dogs with vegetable glycerin bar soap.  There is only one ingredient, vegetable glycerin.  It removes dirt and grime from their fur but not essential oils.

will be trying the above today and will keep everyone posted

dogcollarreviews (3 months ago)

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wali (2 months ago)

Even i own the pug i can understand the pain brother, while reading iam shivering dont worry god is there.Indian Dogs.