Any good pug beds?

My Pug leo keeps bitting into his bed and then opens up and eating the stuffing. I don't know what to do. I bought it at petsmart those white ones. Any suggestions? YOu can see the bed on one of my profile pics...


cd (almost 4 years ago)

that's a cage liner (bed) I would pull all the stuffing out and use it flat. I have 2 of those, my pugs lay on them but don't rip them. I got a big pillow type at tsc my pugs loves it but they can be torn if not used right. I bought it when it went on sale for $12 reg $32. look for one with a tough outer shell he can't rip.

Ribella (almost 4 years ago)

my pug does the same thing. we gave up we put a bunch of towels down for him that seems to work for us. lol

Zuji (6 months ago)

~ Zuji's crate has a towel. He investigated it on several days, but ultimately left it as is.

There are several dog beds in my apartment, but I'm waiting until Zuji's a bit older before letting him have unfettered access to them.

Thus far he seems happy with his living arrangements, apart from my not being available to play every waking moment.