Appetite decrease around 10 -12 months

Hey fellow Pugspotters,

Temujin is nearing 10 months of age, and up to a few weeks ago he was one of those 'vacuum cleaner' eaters. But then suddenly he became much calmer, and some mornings he started leaving almost half of his breakfast bowl. Some days he had to be hand-fed by my mother. We changed his kibble to a different puppy brand, but the quality wasn't the best, so we decided to move him up to grown-up kibble instead (which he likes a lot better).

My other pug Xavi had the same thing happen to him when he was around that age; some days he wouldn't touch breakfast then eat it all at lunchtime. But he eats normally right now, so I'm not that worried about it.Both of them run, play, walk, poop and do everything the same as always.

I believe pugs' metabolism doesn't work the same way as humans, so maybe every 3 or 4 days breakfast must seem like eating a 3-course meal in the middle of the night for us: not fun at all.

Any similar experiences?


Kat_and_Rex (almost 7 years ago)

Hi Goentiz & Temujin.

My rexi went through a similar thing, he has never been a vacuum cleaner feeder, but he woould always clean his dish in the morning and again in the evening, but then he use to have tummy problems, I too changed his food to a quality small dog food and now it just kinda disappars throughout the day and no tummy problems; I know a lot will not free feed; but all 3 of our dogs do this, they each have their own bowl and stick to it. However, since he has done this I do not refill the bowl until the next day.

I wouldn't get Rexi into the habit of being hand fed as he would expect it all the time and from a sliver spoon lol

KatB (almost 7 years ago)

I would ask first what are you feeding. Could be they don't like the food. Pugs are known for sucking in the food. HA! I would also check the teeth to make sure he doesn't have one that is sore. Keep an eye on this. PS- I don't go for the hand feeding unless it is for a food agression thing. It can cause to back fire on you. I wouldn't do that. I would try chicken broth on the food before that. Just a thought.

Corsario (almost 7 years ago)

I don't think it's a teeth problem, cause like I said before Xavi went through a similar stage where he skipped breakfast, but he eats normal now that he's 3.If anything, I think part of the problem was the puppy kibble was getting too small for these guys to chew so they would choke sometimes on whole pieces. Moving them up to the adult kibble solved that.

We're definitely trying the chicken broth idea though. Kibble always seemed a bit dry to me...


three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

I noticed when I started to add liquid to our pugs food, I have also started having to clean their little face wrinkles more.  Espically stellie cos she must put her whole face in the bowl to get out every last

Zuji (12 months ago)

~ Although Zuji's now 12-weeks old, it's useful to know about metabolic changes in the coming months.

He eats three times a day, never leaving anything.