Average pug weight

Im curious to find out the average weight of other pugs. My pugsley weighed in at 25 pounds last time I took him to the vet ( and that was at about 7 months). Im sure he's gained more since then. Ive never been told hes overweight. but it seems all other pugs are alot smaller.


pugsly (almost 9 years ago)

My Pugsly weights in at 20 lbs. and Frankie at 25lbs.and Frankie at 20lbs. but his legs and body are longer so he looks thinner.I've been told to rub your hands along there sides and you should be able to feel there ribs, if so they are not over weight.Don't know how true this is but thats the way I do it. Bu the way Frankie is 4 years old ,Pugsly 3 and Robbie 1.
Would like to hear more comments.

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LucyLoo09 (almost 9 years ago)

The weight range for pugs seems to be fairly large from what I can tell, despite the breed standard. Some of the larger pugs that I've seen have not been fat, but just big. Although I've found most that fall outside the standard tend to be bigger rather than smaller. Ours is 10 1/2 pounds at 1 year. She'll probably top out at about 11 or so. We are very careful about her weight since she's so small in stature. It wouldn't take very much to make her overweight.

I would also like to know what others have found with their puggies. Any other little freaks of nature out there like our little one?

KatB (almost 9 years ago)

My China Rose weights in at 23lbs and very muscilar,and she is very very active. Sulynn weights in at about 20lbs and she is a small framed pug. So right now she is alittle over what I want her at. She has some bad knees at about a grade 3 I'm told by the Vet. So I try really hard to keep her on the lighter side.

RosienMikeysMom (almost 9 years ago)

it's hard to say what an ideal weight could be as pugs vary in size. as stated before, you should be able to feel the ribs without seeing them when running your hands gently along their sides. also, when looking at them from above, they should have a waist starting around the bottom of rib cage. they shouldn't be sausage shaped .
my mikey is about 19 lbs and rosie is about 18-19lbs.
lucyloo09...you have one petite little puggie, she must be adorable!

Madison Rose (almost 9 years ago)

Maddie weighs about 20 pounds but I don't think she looks big at all. Of course, her "sister" Rosie was 30 pounds--but she was a full-figured gal!

KatieBug27 (almost 9 years ago)

Mochas weight is 12 lbs 3oz which she could probally stand to loose a few....
latte doesnt cound shes 3lbs at 10 weeks

hockeypug10 (almost 9 years ago)

I too have heard various weight ranges for pugs. Our Sophie turned 3 yrs at the end of June and is 15 lbs. She is a very "little" pug, so she may be a little overweight but she is very healthy and happy

hlynnr (almost 9 years ago)

Stewy is 22 lbs and he is very muscular , Ranger is 18lbs and he is shorter and has more fat than stew. they are both year and half old.

Twirds (almost 9 years ago)

My Lily is about 22 lbs but the Vet says that is good.  He said she would be bigger because we had her spayed.  Mimi is still little and weighs in about 17 lbs.  SHe is spayed too but she is only 10 months old.

predatorpug (almost 9 years ago)

I just took Kamoku in last month with Misaki for their yearly shots and Kamoku weighed in at 25.2 lbs(usually he is at 23lbs, dang puppy food)And Misaki is at 13lbs.  But we'll see what she ends up at in 6months.  I know the vet told me they are supposed to weigh between 15-18lbs.  But the vet would always say Kamoku looks great, then weigh him and scold me.  So I get what everyone is saying with "the he's in great shape"!!!!!!

KatB (almost 9 years ago)

Please all. Do watch your puggy's weight. If you feel that they are to fat, do try to bring it back down. With the problems some have with breathing especially in summer hot weather, we own it to them to make sure they are at a safe weight. It is not hard to spot a pug who is uncomfortable because of weight. Please make sure they do not become to much of a couch potatoe. Theirs lots of ways to bring the overweight pugger back down. So anyone having any problems with that always ask you vet. I also have read the ideal weight in most pug books says 15-18llb range. But that is usually not the norm with pugs. I have never seen an adult pug that light weight. Just a little caring advise from one to the other. Hope you all don't mind.

puggylou (almost 9 years ago)

puggy lou weighs 24 pounds and she is 7 years old, and she feels heavy when i pick her up though!!

pugslife (about 7 years ago)

Seymour is a big one, and not fat. At 8 weeks he was 9.5 lbs. 13 weeks, he was already 16 lbs. He will be 4 soon and weighs between 27 and 29 pounds. Very athletic and loves to run. :>

leafy (about 7 years ago)

My Stan is 6 years old and is 22lbs.  He'd always been 21lbs but this last few months he's put on a 1lb.  I'm wanting to get that off again but he's very athletic and full of muscle.  He runs for ages. 

Rita (about 7 years ago)

Zena is 18 months and wieghs 12.3 pounds, she is small  built so seems to be a good weight for her.

johnv59 (about 7 years ago)

Both our neutered males are very active and muscular. They get vet check ups frequently, just had one for each about 2 weeks ago. 4.5 year old Mr. Wook weighed in at 27 lbs (could lose a couple) and 2.5 year old Outlaw at 23 lbs. (he's very fit).  The vet said they are very healthy. They both run and play a lot and go on walks.  Keeping them active is key, I'm afraid they'd turn into marshmellows if allowed to just lounge around all the time...  We also strictly control their diet, no junk or fatty foods, and that really helps. Just say no to fatty treats...

Puglover0625 (about 7 years ago)

Puck is 1.5 years and about 17 lbs. He's very lean but very fit! lol. The dog never stays still long enough for any fat to build up on him! lol.

baylee (about 5 years ago)

When you are talking about weight and pugs, If the dog is very muscular, remember that muscle does weigh more than fat. I was told by my vet that they like to see the "indent" on the pug back by the hips. All animals take on the lifestyle of their owners.... If you are sedentary your dog will be. It is important to exercise these smaller breeds as well, because it seems like they gain weight so easily.
Can I ask, what kinds of treats do any of you pug owners give your pug? I feel these ready made dog treats are too high in fat and calories. I need help with this one.

KatB (about 5 years ago)

baylee, that is right. Was always told that as well. They should have a hour glass shape looking down over their back side. But I also watch my pugs breathing. Alot of times when they are a little to heavy they breath harder. And just don't have to much energy. I use the green bean diet to get that weight off fast. I also like to give treats like baby carrots, green beans, blue berry's, bananas, and I have a dehydrator and make my own jerky treats for them with deli meat. I am finding my baking skills again by making treats for my baby's. Lots of recipes on the net. It's kind of fun too.