Bathing and Nail Cutting

Hello -- I have had Sirius for 2 weeks now and he is a joy. Housetraining continues to be a struggle, but we are definitely making progress. I have 2 questions for all the experts on here -- 1) How often do you give your babies a bath, and is there a particular shampoo that's best for pugs? and 2) how short do you cut their nails? I have 2 cats so I know that there's a red line you can't cut below, or else it will hurt them and it will bleed -- but I have no experience cutting a pug's nails and don't want to hurt or scare him by cutting them too short. 

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks from me and Sirius!


RedRoss9 (about 8 years ago)

I give my babies a bath about once a month.  Unless they're really stinky, and then sometimes it'll only be two weeks.  My Molly tends to get a nasty corn chip smell after about two weeks, so she gets a bath a little more often.  When I do give them baths, I usually use a hypoallergenic shampoo or an oatmeal shampoo.  All of mine tend to have itchy skin so I don't want to aggravate the condition.  As far as the nails's hard with pugs.  Reason number 1:  they hate having their nails trimmed.  Reason number 2:  they have black nails.  If you look at the nail from the side, you'll see a part on the underside close to their foot that is fairly straight for a bit, and then it starts to curve.  Ideally, you want to cut right after it starts to curve.  However, if the nails are long it's very likely that the quick of the nail is longer too.  If your pug is ok with cutting the nails, then cut a little bit off, and examine the nail.  If it looks like it's ok, then cut a little more. 

However, if your pugs are are insane like mine are and will not let you within 10 feet of them with clippers, take them to a groomer who has much more experience with cutting the nails of reluctant dogs.  In fact, maybe you should go to a groomer the first time and have them show you how to do it.    Actually seeing how it's done is much more informative than trying to figure it out based upon the ramblings of a madwoman who posted about it on PugSpot. 

Guillotine007 (about 8 years ago)

Pedi-Paw or some similar varient has been wonderful for us.  I put a dollop of peanut butten on the back of my left hand and Gizmo will lick that as I manipulate her paws.

LolaAnn (about 8 years ago)

I give Lola a bath about every 4-6 weeks, usually more like every 4 weeks, but Lola has had trouble with skin conditions, and she has had skin cancer. You may want to give yours a bath more often, but you also need to remember that Pugs are prone to skin conditions, so if you see any sign of irritation, you should check with your Vet, and maybe lengthen the time between bathing. As for the nails, my Pug also hates getting her nails trimmed, since their black I was always terrified that I would cut her. I got a Pedi-Paw and it seems to work much better than the trimmers.

PinkPugINK (about 8 years ago)

Cinnamon gets a bath about once a month, sometimes every 2 months- depending how stinky he is! We use an oatmeal shampoo, which keeps his coat nice & smooth. As for his nails, he despises having them cut. Tried PediPaw & he's terrified of the sound so that was out. Once in a while we'll take him to a groomer & they always have a hard time with him too but it gets done. For some reason when the vet cuts his nails, he doesn't complain at all, so we make sure to have her cut his nails every time we go there.

hannak28 (about 8 years ago)

We give Mugzy a bath sometimes once a week just because we are stationed in the dessert so, everywhere we go it's all dirt or sand and he loves rolling around in it and sometimes he gets a little stinky. We use Vets- Best Natural Formula Hypo- Allergenic Shampoo. We started with just and oatmeal shampoo and Mugzy would get super itchy then when we took him to the vet our vet recommened it and i love it! Not only is it all natural theres not strong smell and "it's a no tear shampoo" so, you don't have to worry about getting it in their eyes. As far as cutting his nails our walks actually keep them pretty short so, when it's the rainy season we use the Peticure so, you don't ahve to worry about cutting them too short.

SiriusPugMom (about 8 years ago)

Thank you all so much for your great advice! I am on the hunt for an oatmeal shampoo and I feel much better about the nail cutting now.

Thanks again! Much appreciated.

Zuji (9 months ago)

~ Zuji doesn't have a doggy odor, with his fairly fastidious cleanliness.

His baths are a once-per-month event.

He takes them fairly well, without any discernible anxiety.

The drying takes several hours to be fully completed.

He smells wonderful six hours after a bath!

Champain2121 (7 months ago)

Ok this might be crazy or maybe not considering everything I've read about Pugs so far Haha. Any Dexx typically gets a bath almost everyday unless I sneak away from him somehow because he will not let me out of his sight for more than 10 seconds. I guess my question is bathing them let's say every 2 days bad or anything?