Best veggies to give Pugs as a treat?

I'd like to introduce Abby to some veggies as a low calorie snack instead of always giving her Pupperonis and things like that (gotta watch that weight!). My parents don't give our other dogs veggies so I'm new to this. I've given her a few fresh baby carrots which she seems to love, and was thinking about trying green beans. Does anyone have any suggestions about any veggies they give their pug babies? Also, are there any fruits they can have, or are they a bad idea? I've read mixed things about both online and thought I'd ask here.


ZuZu0609 (almost 7 years ago)

Here is a great and thorough list of foods that you should never give your dog:

Carrots are okay to give but just keep in mind that carrots are full of sugar so don't go crazy with them. My pug loves tomatoes, red pepper, lettuce....just about every veggie she is allowed to have she likes except for cucumbers, lol. Just like veggies, you can give them most fruits (refer to the list for the no-no's) but just make sure that you don't give them cores, seeds, etc.. Our ZuZu is really trim, no extra weight at all on her (compared to the many pugs that we run into at the dog park) and I really think it's because we limit the dog treats and go more for the fruits and veggies Hope this helps!

MustLovePugs (almost 7 years ago)

Dunkin loves baby carrots, Peas, and green beans. I also give him apples as a treat and a little banana for breakfast mixed in with his dry food every once in a while.   My vet said that he was getting a little heavy.  He was only 20lbs  which I didn't think was bad, so we started feeding him just the blue buffalo sweat potato and fish dry food plus we mix in veggies with it twice a day 1/4 cup dry at each feeding. He has been on that for about two months and at his last vet visit he is now 18lbs!

Kat_and_Rex (almost 7 years ago)

I read the list....funny/....'Foods to avoid feeding your dog'.....Number 24....string??....Apart from string there are few things I need to have a word with Rexi about....his alcolhol and marijuana intake being just a few lol

Puglover0625 (almost 7 years ago)

Puck loves his fruits and veggies! Some of his favorite veggies are: Carrots, crunchy lettuce, celery and corn (although watch this one because a lot of puggies are allergic to it). Some favorite fruits are: berries of any kind! (we mix whatever berries we have on hand, typically blueberries, in with some low fat cottage cheese as a special treat), apples (no seeded parts or the core), pumpkin, bananas, yams, and watermelon. Just watch it with the fruit because it tends to have more sugar than veggies, but is still healthier than most commercial do treats! Like ZuZu, Puck is in very good shape and we too tend to give more healthy human food (fruits and veggies) than commercial dog treats. And the treats we do buy tend to be natural. Right now Puck has some yam treats from Spring Creek Ranch that he just loves! There are also tons of easy to make low fat dog recipes online if you like to bake. We have an over load of treats in the house because I'm always baking some. lol

three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

yep I agree with all on here.  the only thing we don't do is carrots cos sam chokes on them, and stella has a hard time chewing them, green beans are the best at our house, along with strawberries and banana and apples!

JanandSass (almost 7 years ago)

The Sass likes carrots but only if they are cooked, the fussy b--h!  She will also eat green beans, crisp but not raw.  She also likes a bit of banana and peach.  Two Cute, try giving them cooked ones, they are easier to chew. 

JanandSass (almost 7 years ago)

Come to think of it, all my dogs like berries, especially raspberries, and can pick the ripe ones themselves when we go for a walk.

ZuZu0609 (almost 7 years ago)

Oh, and about 'string' being on the list....we have a saying between ourselves at work that 'sometimes you have to cater to stupid' It's scary but there are actually people out there that don't know that, lol

KatB (almost 7 years ago)

My baby's love the baby carrots, sweet potatoe chews(100%). I use can green beans for diets when they get to heavy and need to loss some. Mine also LOVE peeled apple wedges, bananas, mandrin orange wedges. I also give plain non-fat yogart.

Zuji (12 months ago)

~ Zuji likes very thin slices of raw carrot.

He also is delighted with micro-slices of apple.