Can puppies eat too much??

Yeah my babies are 6 weeks today! And since intoducing puppy food this week, good gracious, they are all such little piggies and eat till their about to burst, then nurse on mama!! Walter weighs 3 1/2 pounds against his brothers & sisters at 2 1/2 pounds but Jasmine's not far behind him at 3!! We're playing with toys, having seriously vicious wrestling matches, battles with Daddy, Stu, over the bowl, not quite ready for the stairs yet but that's next week. We love outside and stay with me pretty well except my brave Jasmine. Oh and the poopies, uggggggh the never ending poopies, I swear I've killed a million trees over the weekend. And so far Rose, Carlos, Maddie and Jasmine have great new homes, some have to fly but I'll never get used to that. One is actually going on a caravan transport van to MA So Walter & Lola still aren't spoken for but considering we won't have another litter for awhile, it may be nice if they stick around a little longer, lol


Zuji (12 months ago)

~ Ha Ha! Yes, as much as possible, if it were up to them.

Zuji never refuses a meal, a treat, or a single kibble bit.