curly tails!

earlier i noticed my friend's pugs tail curls to the right (when you're facing her butt) and baxter's tail curls to the left! which was does your pup's tail curl?


Masooon (about 8 years ago)

I was amazed when I first noticed that when Frank sleeps his tail goes totaly down, which must mean they must keep tension in there tail to an extent to keep it curly!

Abbey89 (about 8 years ago)

Tucci's tail would relax when he slept too   Sometimes if he was really barking loud it would come a tiny bit uncurled as he barked.  Tucci's tail curled to the right when he was awake.
Bruno, on the other hand...Well, he's not exact to breed standard so his tail doesn't come to a full curl.  I don't care that he's not everything a Pug is expected to be in appearance, his personality makes up for it... We call him "helocopter tail" because his stands up with a slight curve, and man can he wag that it!

CaliBug (about 8 years ago)

baxters tail uncurls when he is excited and wagging really hard like when my boyfriend gets home from work. his tail is very tightly curled though. and yeah baxter isn't up to breed standard (and probably isn't all pug even though there is some debate about whether or not black pugs can make brindle babies) but he is perfect and i wouldn't trade him for anything!

KatB (about 8 years ago)

China Rose curls to the the left with a double curl, but she also  wares it high over her back at times. Sulynn curls to the right, and she will uncurl it and wag it like a snake. I just love pug tails. I love to tease my girls and stick thing or hang things in their tails. I am weird that way. HA HA!

safyre1 (about 8 years ago)

Ming's curls to the right.. and our new puppy (9 week old, Fidel) loves to chew on Ming's tail! Fortunately Ming doesn't seem to mind..

Zuji (9 months ago)

~ Learn something new every day!

Until reading this thread, I never realized that different Pugs have tails curling right or left.

Zuji's tail curls to the right.