Did spaying calm your girls down any?

I am wondering if Maggie's upcoming spaying will slow her down just a wee bit-did it calm any of your females?  I don't want her to lose her spunk or silliness or cute personality, but she is charging the chihuahuas like a raging bull.  She is only trying to make them play, but we have had her for 4 1/2 months and she should know they don't want to play by now.  She is 7 months old.  She already weighs 14 lbs. and they weigh about 5 lbs. each. I know puppies play so I haven't worried too much about it-just discourage her from pushing and bumping them with her flat face.  She starts running and bumps them like when a car rear-ends another car!  She gets plenty of playing out of her Dad, me, and her many toys.  I keep thinking when she is grown and spayed she won't do this anymore.  What do y'all think?  Is it a case of a puppy just being a puppy?  I see all the cute pictures of pugs with smaller dogs (even chihuahuas) and they are just sitting together nicely.  We also researched before we got her and all sites said pugs get along well with other dogs.  Don't get me wrong-she is not mean-the girl just likes to have fun but they are not toys. She will be still with them only if they are cleaning her face and ears-yeah-they clean her up because they know she is a baby-kinda neat. I have tried spraying water-she likes it so that doesn't work-she thinks it's funny.  Thanks!


JanandSass (about 6 years ago)

Oh, dear.  Spaying will calm calm her down - for about one week til her incision heals!  It is a case of a puppy being a puppy and she will have to learn not to be too rough with the smaller dogs - cause she will get bigger still.  They don't stop growing completely until about two years.  And they start calming down a bit after one year, and more so until they are two, cause they are till puppies til then.  Just enjoy her energy, try to keep her calm while she recouperates from her op, and then try to teach her it is not acceptable to bulldoze the chihuahuas!  Patience is the key.  You may have to utilize time-outs until she learns not to be too rough!  Kat B might have some advice for you cause she has a puggie girl and Japanese Chins which are much more fragile than the pug!  I recall her saying she had the same problem with her doggies.  Puggies are just natural miniature tanks! 

z28susan (about 6 years ago)

We were hoping when our pug, Winnie got spayed it would calm her down...NO such luck.  She is still full of energy and "picks" on Sheldon who is about 10 lbs heavier than her.  She is also starting to (rough) play with our new puppy Jake (who is probably around 5 lbs)...  Jake holds his own, but I'm not sure she realizes her own strength sometimes.  Good luck!

KatB (about 6 years ago)

I don't really believe that spay and neuturing calms a dog down. She is all puppy and just wants to play. I understand your concern with her being to ruff. My Jap. Chin Jiminiy Cricket was injured by my pugs when he got body slammed. This isn't a case of dominance, I think it is just her wanting to play. Pugs do slam and shove their weight around. What you can do is use a water bottle and squirt her when she gets to ruff and use a command word like EASY! or GENTLE!  Chihuahuas are also known for standing up for themselves. And will back down the biggest of dogs. They will put her in order soon enough, when they have had enough. Your pug also needs to know the pecking order in your pack, and she hasn't figured it out. A nip on the nose by one of the chihuahuas would fix that. HA! So if one of them does put her in her place don't scold them. But starting to use command words and taking authoriety yourself will help. Give it a try. Hope this helps.

elgor (about 6 years ago)

Both Zoe and Liberty were spayed when they were 4 months old ... I think Zoe calmed down after she turned 2 years old. Liberty is almost 18 months old and she is psycho compared to Zoe. We always thought Webster was our "rotten" pug but she is worse than him. I swear he cries when she is picking on him. Sometimes we have to give her a time-out so she will calm down. She hates that but she knows she won't get out until she calms down ...

three_cute (about 6 years ago)

lol...aren't our pugs funny!  I can tell a difference from the time we got stella at 4 months old, till now she is almost two...but she still reverts back to being a crazy little pug,  even trudie who we just had spayed is calmer, cos of her age....then there is sam who has his anxiety issues also...so who knows...i just tell myself to enjoy them now, cos i know down the road when they are older they will not play around as much.....

MaggieMaePug (about 6 years ago)

Oh dear-I was afraid this might be the answer I would get.  I will try all these very helpful ideas.  I will have to give her time out every single time she rams them and sends them flying-maybe sooner or later she will "get" it.  Also, I will go to a toy store and get one of those squirt "canons" that reaches real far.  The backyard is humongous and she also has started running from me...sounds like it's thundering outside when she takes off to get away with  a big grin on her face and ears flapping in the wind.  One of those should reach her!  You are so right, KatB, I have seen my smallest chihuahua, Barney Fife, the deputy, back down a full grown standard collie but Maggie is the most hard-headed dog I have ever seen. I've been separating them when it gets hairy but maybe I'll let her get spanked by him a little bit.  Her Dad babies her too much and she is thinking she can do no wrong-discipline is about to begin.  Thank you all so much.

Nuz (about 6 years ago)

Spaying didn't calm aanya down one bit... 

It's been almost a year since the spaying now (got spayed at 7 months) & she's just as crazy as ever

KatB (about 6 years ago)

Sometimes you have to let the dogs in the pack discipline. As long as they are not drawing blood, a nip on the nose can establish pecking order. A pug is a subborn little breed. And yes they have the weight behind them. Just keep an eye out. If you think a grumble has or is turning ugly then step in. Pugs are known for teasing other dogs. My own China Rose is a master at this and does it to my MinPin all the time.