Now that all the snow is melted my Douggy has been digging like crazy. He even tries to sneak his bones and toys outside to try to barry them. Will this be a forever thing or will he grow out of this stage? He's not even a year old yet....Oh my gardens


KatB (almost 9 years ago)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Get use to it. My pugs help me do all my gardening. It's a pug thing. No, if you don't like the digging thing, there are things you can try to stop him. Water spray bottle set on stream. That's kinda fun. A Soda can with rocks or penny's inside tape the opening closed, and don't hit the puggy. Or just get up and run over there each time and stop him and let him know you don't want him to do it. Say, NO NO Dig! I'd try the spray bottle first. Puggy's usually don't like to get squirted. Let us know how it comes out. Hope you have lots of doggie shampoo. TeeHe.

predatorpug (almost 9 years ago)

I know this sounds bad, but put his poops in the holes, and anywhere you don't want him to dig. My in laws had a lab that was a digger. A friend told me to do that and let me tell you he did not dig in the flower beds again. I would plant, he would dig. I would get the shovel out and place some poops all the way down the garden and in any new holes. Hope this works, good luck.

Addysmom (almost 9 years ago)

My pug liked to dig outside too. We decided to turn this passion of hers into something nice for us, so we taught her how to scratch our backs! It is a great relief for an itchy back (although she does scratch pretty hard using the usual dog digging motion). Ever since she learned this trick, she stopped digging in the yard. I guess it fulfills her need to dig in some way. I know...this suggestion is a little crazy, but it worked for us!

KatieBug27 (almost 9 years ago)

my pug could care less about digging outside.... she digs at our legs. we would be watching tv on the couch and shell jump up and she will just start digging! it hurts so bad!

KatB (almost 9 years ago)

After I read this post, a few days later, My husband was on the bank in back yard cutting dead branches out of the bushes on the bank. I looked out the patio door to see him sitting there with the pugs with their heads stuck right against the bushes trying to help. I wish I had had the camera. It was so funny. By the way, I thought the put the poop in the hole trick is a good one. I'll remember that. My husband also puts dog poop in Mole holes, seems to work for that to. LOL!

devonator (almost 9 years ago)

To Addysmom. . . . how did you train your scratch your backs?? I have only one pug that LOVES to dig in the dirt and then roll in it. I'd love to train her to scratch my back LOL!!

DougThePug (almost 9 years ago)

I've been trying to get Doug to scratch my back but no luck. He would rather eat sticks, grass and dig out my gardens. Poor Doug took a fall into my pond thismorning, very stinky.

DougThePug (over 8 years ago)

I think he likes the pond now...just another thing to keep him away from. I think he's picking up traits from my 3 year old!!!

KatB (over 8 years ago)

I totally believe that. Pugs will think up anything to make you have to get up and go over, and try to stop them, or have you fix something. They really let you know when they want something. In the warmer month, I have a dog toy box on the patio with toys for the puggers, China is the only one that does this. She will sit and grumbly at me and look at the box. I have to take the lid off for her. She picks it up and carry's it out to the middle of the yard and drops it. And then comes back for a toy. We do this every day. LOL!