do your pugs throw up sometimes?



pugsly (almost 9 years ago)

My 2 older pugs 4 and 5 will spit up if they play to hard in warm weather. Is this what your pugs are doing?

hlynnr (almost 9 years ago)

oh yeh, my pugs get sick and will throw up over about anything , the heat , new food, to much food, to much exercise, stress, I think its just a pug thing, but if your pup is throwing up alot , like everyday or even weekly you should see your vet.

RosienMikeysMom (almost 9 years ago)

just like us, they get tummy aches or eat something they shouldn't. as hlynnr said, if it occurs on a regular basis, i would plan a vet visit. also, a change in feed might be in order. the food might be too rich for them. and be careful in warm weather as pugs do not tolerate heat well and can suffer heat stroke very easily.

Puggy2009 (almost 9 years ago)

Yes only when they find food on the floor so I always use a squeaker for my pug to eat anything un healthy for her to stop eating it. Even my pug Maxey is hard because he always sneaks to get food

devonator (almost 9 years ago)

If I take Maggie on a long walk or she plays outside and comes in and drinks a good bit of water, she'll spit up some. If it's actual vomiting and happens frequently, I agree with the others. . . have it checked by a vet. Especially if it's projectile vomiting. That's VERY serious! I've had one do that and it turned out to be an intestinal blockage.
Keep us posted.

Eatamouse (almost 9 years ago)

When is she throwing up? Sometimes a pug can be car sick and throw up a little in her mouth....If they drink too much water playing in a river, lake, pool, stream...I have seen them throw up then. How old is your pug? There is a condition that can result in a recently weened pup not able to digest food well when the duct opening does not grow with the pug pup...very rare but usually see that around 12 weeks of age after taking the pup home.

KatB (almost 9 years ago)

I totally agree with RosienMikeysmom-She said it all. Watch out for the hot wether. I do not let my fur kids out for more than 10 min. Just long enough to take a pee and poop. All play takes place in the cool of air conditioning in hot weather or after dark when the sun goes down and is cooler. Nothing will make a pug sick faster than over heating. If both pugs are getting sick at same time I would say they are getting too over heated after eating.

OLT647- Give more info on problem. All dogs throw up sometimes. But if it is happening all the time you need to find out why. Dogs eat grass when their stomachs are upset. Grass will make them throw up to ease the upset. Pugs are like little cows, they munch on everything. Sometimes bad stuff. To them if it taste good eat it! You need to keep track of this and figure out whats happening. Watch to see if they are eating grass. That will clue you in on if dog is sick. Dogs can get flu. It can be bad for flat faced dogs.

slimmingsuz (almost 9 years ago)

Our pug has always been prone to throw up when he eats and then drinks too much water too fast. Our solution is to limit the amount of water he can have at any given time. Seems to work.

puggylou (almost 9 years ago)

through out the year we have gotten puggy 6 different beds because she thew up on most of them.. she got sick on 4 of them. she usually gets sick when she sneaks into the back hall and eats all the cat food, then she gets diaria on the persian rug and vomits!! it's grose!!! but don't worry, i think pugs getting sick is normal, just like humans getting sick!!!

rubysmom (almost 9 years ago)

I agree with slimmingsuz,  Ruby usually vomits after drinking too much water and running around.  She eats grass and weeds through the day for fun and this doesn't make her sick.  Now the other night she wanted a cuccumber and that did make her vomit.  You'll find what bothers your pug and doesn't.  They all seem to be different.   But if  it happens all the time, you should have her checked out.  Aren't s wonderful!!!!

puggylou (almost 9 years ago)

by the way, puggy lou has thrown up more than four times this year. she threw up on 4 of her beds, but she also threw up alot on the rug!! plus i wanted to tell about puggy being indistructable. she has eaten like half a pound of chocolate, a grape, more chocolate when we were grocery shopping, one stick of mint gum, a whole pack of berry flavor gum, (sugarless) and probebly much much more when we werent looking!! 

 p.s. we did not own puggy lou when she ate that half pound of chocolate. her old owner told us that. (easter chocolate) but i beleive her!!! it seems like puggy can handle anything!! i can not beleive it!! she servives things that are poison to dogs!!

puggylou (almost 9 years ago)

puggy lou thew up a little this morning. she kept gagging and waddling weirdly, so i'm like "mommy, she's gonna puke!!! she's gonna puke!!" and i left the room-i DIDNOT want to see it. grose

leafy (almost 8 years ago)

My Stan threw up last night and twice today but we had given him the Kong peanut butter filling in his Kong which he's not had before and I think it was too rich for him.  Poor thing

JanandSass (almost 8 years ago)

I hate it when my dogs throw up.  Sacha has been pretty good though.  It is true the hot weather throws them off.  Their tummies (and mine too) get all upset and we have to be careful not to feed them too much. 

JanandSass (almost 8 years ago)

We have to watch and vacuum lots - we have four dogs and five cats -  and if they injest fur they will gag and sometimes throw up.

KatB (almost 8 years ago)

It's always kind of unsettleing to me when this happens. I worry so much until I get to the problem. Upset stomach, did they get into something in the yard? Have they caught some illness. It is always scary.

maxidoodle (almost 8 years ago)

I'd have this checked out a bit further just to be on the safe side. My max used to get sick nearly every 2 weeks last year. It got really worse up until last christmas. it got to a stage where he was drooling really bad. Vets couldn't figure out what it was. he got really really bad 2 weeks before christmas. it was really really upsetting, i thought he was on the way out! The vet had to give him an endoscopy and he got blood test galore etc... it turned out that he had acid reflux and as he was getting sick alot he got ulcers in his Esophagus ( which caused him to be drooling all the time ) Thankfully we caught it in time as it could of doing him worse damage! He was only on the medicine a week and there was a huge improvement... A year on he's flying it, he will get sick every now and again but i was told that was one of the side affect of acid reflex. He's on acid blockers still and prob will be on them for life. but he's back to his normal self thank god!! oh.. as well how is your dog eating his food, that was another sign, if they go from mad crazy eaters to bearly eating his food. Hope this helps

MOpElle (almost 8 years ago)

Luna throws up after eating something she shouldn't: newspaper, pieces of a wreath at Grandma's house, etc. She has dry heaved a couple of random times too, but she didn't have any other symptoms, and she's been de-wormed and doesn't go outside to the bathroom just yet.

I'm not an expert, but I imagine if your pup is throwing up often but doesn't appear to have an illness, he may have some sort of food allergy/intolerance. I know at least from a human standpoint that dairy will make me ill anytime I even look at it!

judymc73 (almost 8 years ago)

My puggeroo vomits during the night due to eating grass from our yard.  (We don't use chemicals.)   She goes out like a cow and grazes!  We shoo her in when we see this!

gemmabear (almost 8 years ago)

Pickles threw up a lot the other day when we went on a long bus/train journey. He got to the station and threw up everywhere, just as a lady came up to us to admire him. Poor boy, at least he waited to get off the bus!

He threw up again (just a bit) at 7am this morning. We have just changed his food (only a little, we're doing it gradually). He tends to throw up whole chunks of kibble, even if it's hours after he's eaten. It's like he hasn't digested them, which is a bit worrying.

battery (about 6 years ago)

My dog Mickey just came to our house. When we did the meeting at the SPCA his stools were hard and normal. He was eating the same food we brought home. He weighed in at about 22 lbs when we got him (again today).

Ever since he's been home, he's had the runny stools and vomitted up all his food. I have read just about every comment on this page and have never owned a pug before.

We absolutely REFUSE to give any scraps as it sounds like the least thing makes them throw up.

As he is new I will be calling the vet tomorrow to have him checked out asap. I will take the advice of limiting water and I don't know what to do about food in the morning... I think maybe I should wait until I talk to the vet.

Although I have a very old carpet I hope to be able to contain this problem with a little bit of time.

I look forward to the forums, I think I can learn a lot here.

Frankie2009 (about 6 years ago)

Frankie is pretty good, he has only thorwn up if he eats something he should not have, or get way too over stimulated, but that is rare. As we have just moved into a apertment and we were in a place that has central air, we went and bought a a/c unit, as we live on the third floor. We Just want him to be comfortable, and don't want him to over heat during the summer! Guess I worry about him more than about myself it seems! lol if in doubt it is never a bad idea to have a vet check him out, better to play it safe than sorry.

Mom2Pugs (about 6 years ago)

My male pug, Desi has always had a sensitive stomach. I know when he is having an issue because I can hear his stomach making noises. Also, he won't eat as much and often will refuse treats. Once he gets sick he is over it and goes back to his normal eating habbits. Ifit goes on for more than a day I give him Pepto and that gets him over it quicker. I would not let it go on too long before consulting your vet. Good luck hope your baby gets to feeling better soon. Marti

docand (about 6 years ago)

Puggies can get real nervous when they are moved around. It's like you moving into a new house. The first few nights you can't sleep or eat right during the day. I wouldn't worry to much about it yet. If it is still going on after a week, than I'd take him in. Also, when I hear Lexi's stomach making noise before bed, I'll give her 1/2 of a Tums ant-acid. I'd check with your vet though to see if they think it's o.k. Good luck! Congrats on being owned by a pug. Doc

Marta (about 6 years ago)

Is it liquid or solid when they throw up? If it's solid and looks like their food I would say it's normal, my pug throws up sometimes either from eating too fast or running a lot after a meal, but if it's a yellowish or white fluid that can mean something is wrong with their stomach, this doesn't only apply to pugs, it's the same with all dogs. When dogs throw up to the point of not having anything left on their stomach but still continue to throw up, a yellow viscid fluid comes out, that is bile.
I would say take them to the vet if it looks weird and your dogs aren't being their usual selves. I hope I was somewhat useful, good luck!