Does you pug(s) sleep with you in your bed?

Just wanted to know how many people share there beds with there little fur babies?

Baxter sleeps with me from about 4am...., thats when he barks no stop! but I don't mind I like to have snuggles with him for a few hours 


moonunit (almost 8 years ago)

Depends on the night! We used to sleep with Booker all night, but lately we haven't because he is too restless and we don't get a good nights sleep.  Jimmy Chew sleeps with me when my hubby gets up for work around 5am for a few hours...I think we need a bigger bed before both of them are in it..but I know it will happen..feel so bad when we kick them out!!

RedRoss9 (almost 8 years ago)

Molly and I share a bed.  She takes up so much space that it's more like I'm sleeping in HER bed and she's gracioiusly allowing me to do so.  Tina sleeps with Stan, Stella, and Scruffles.  Molly won't tolerate another dog in her bed.

Puglover0625 (almost 8 years ago)

This is a constant battle between my boyfriend and I. He doesn't like dogs sleeping in bed, but I love getting to snuggle Puck. The origional deal is that Puck gets to sleep in bed one night a month, but it normally tends to be 3-4 times a month He'll snuggle between us till I put him to bed about 1 am. Then I wake up around 6:30 and let him out and feed him. Then he goes and snuggles in bed with my boyfriend till he gets up a few hours later. So he ends up in bed a lot more than my boyfriend origionally wanted, but he doesn't seem to mind as much now. Puck makes a good heater during the winter! lol.

@RedRoss-Puck manages to take up our entire bed too! He sleeps right in the middle and stretches out horizontally so he takes up as much space as possible! Whenever he stays in the bed, I wake up falling off the edge. lol. He's pretty good humored when I move him over tho. I just get a little grunt of displeasure, but thats it.

kbailey (almost 8 years ago)

Charka is my cuddle buddy. My husband comes to bed later than me so when he arrives charka and I are snuggling together. The snoring is a challenge but I don't mind. Wouldn't want to sleep without him

KatB (almost 8 years ago)

My puggy's get to take afternoon naps with me. My hubby is a big guy and when he is in bed no room at the inn. HA! I hate that. But we get our alone time together and my baby's cuddle up with me as tight as can be. And I go right to sleep. When I am sick in bed. Man! They stay right there by me, especailly China Rose. She will wedge up against my back and won't move, all to keep me warm.

elgor (almost 8 years ago)

We are getting a new bed for Christmas ... KING SIZE! When we ordered it - in October - we were told 3-4 weeks! So I called and was told it would be 6-8 weeks!  We have had 3 pugs in our bed for quite some time but when we added Liberty she peed in our bed - twice - then both boys had to mark it! So, for the past 3 weeks Zoe is the only one allowed to sleep with us. We let them all sleep with us last weekend and didn't have any accidents but we realized that we just don't sleep as well with all of them in our bed. We'll see what happens when we get our new bed ... I'm a stomach sleeper so I'm sure that Webster will still use my butt for his pillow no matter how much space there is!

Molly i just like Zoe - except Zoe likes to have her own pillow!

stevinik (almost 8 years ago)

Before I got my baby I told my OH that he was sleeping with us. He tends to lay my side or the middle.. One early morning I woke laid on my back with Eli on his back in the middle up top with his head on my arm lol.. He looked so cute.. As for the snoring well once I'm asleep he doesn't wake me.

JanandSass (almost 8 years ago)

Sacha does sleep with us - we have an extra comforter to roll her up in, if you don't she goes under our covers and eventually runs out of air and tears all your covers off trying to get out!! Now, if we want her to be quiet so we can take a nap, all we have to do is roll her up in her blanket!   

Rita (almost 8 years ago)

Zena sleeps with me, for the first five or ten minutes she wants to lay with her face against mine and have her chest rubbed then I tell her to go to the foot and go to sleep and she does then in the morning she does her face against mine routine again until I tell her is time to get up.  If really cold both her and the cat want under the covers, they both sleep with me and each have their own spot.

Guillotine007 (almost 8 years ago)

Gizmo expects and demands to sleep in bed, under the covers, between your legs.  If you move around and she gets dislodged she'll worm her head between your legs and if you don't respond you'll start to scratch you until you give in like a slutty prom date.

Buddypug (almost 8 years ago)

Buddy only sleeps with me when my boyfriend is out of town working. He likes to cuddle right up next to me, so I don't get much of the bed to myself, by about 4a.m. I'm almost pushed off the bed.

mrs.marylou (almost 8 years ago)

Tallulah is really small so she sleeps in a porta crib next to our bed. All of our other dogs and cat sleep with us.

Frankie2009 (almost 8 years ago)

yes our Puggers has sleeped on the big bed since we got him, and takes up more room than i do! lol

he snuggles under the covers with the wife all the time to stay warm.....except 2 days a week that the wife works and i don't (we have diffrent days off) then he sleeps on my leg.....and the snoring is loud especilly when he gets wore out....I figure a family that snores together stays he has us well trained.....

amyb8199 (almost 8 years ago)

Not anymore but pugsley pretty sneaky about worming his way back in the bed. The last time he realized he'd been booted off the bed he slept on the floor all night. By day 3 or 4 he would beg to get on the bed with me at 4am when my husband would get up for work and sleep with me til about 630 when I get up. He did that for a couple of days and gradually started coming to the bed earlier and earlier until eventually we would just put him in the bed with us at night when we went to bed. He's back on the floor again but I'm sure he'll come up with another plan.

JayCronk (almost 8 years ago)

Ellie sleeps with us in our bed every night.  She goes crazy if we get into the bed without her.  She also takes up a lot of room sometimes for such a small pug.

Laurie222 (almost 8 years ago)

We got our first pug (LuLu) in 1995 and our bed has never been ours since then.  Our first 2 pugs slept with us every night until the day they both passed on & when we got Chloe and Charlie, they immediately were in our bed.  I don't think I could sleep without that furry little snuggly pug body next to me.  My poor husband ends up pressed against his dresser & I end up with no covers sometimes but it is all worth it.  Charlie is sleeping on my lap right now as I am typing this!

judymc73 (almost 8 years ago)

When we first got Kiki, she slept in her bed on the floor.  After 4 months, we went on vacation & left her with a friend who let her sleep in the bed.  When we returned, Kiki expected the same hospitality.  So yes, thanks to a king size bed, there is room for me, my husband, pug and 2 siamese cats--when permitted.  Why do pugs like sleeping under the covers--when they can barely breathe?

alhall (almost 8 years ago)

Mine sure do, and we have a king size bed as well, however, you wouldn't know it with me on the edge of one side and Greg on the edge of the other!  Gotta love the babies, they each start out with me all snuggled up then Puga stays on my side and Aubie either sleeps on his back sideways or lays up against Greg.  If I get up in the middle of the night, i lost what little space I have, Puga is in my spot, I always have to move him over and jump back into bed quick or he moves right back.  I love my babies.

pugsleysmommy (almost 8 years ago)

I wanted pugsley to sleep w/ use but hubby is against it. She sheds so much it's unreal plus she does so well in her crate at night I dont want to mess her routine up

Keg1986 (almost 8 years ago)

i love all the stories, thank you for you replies

Baxter loves sleeping with mummy & I love having him with me, BUT he is such a bloke! he farts,snores,grunts,kicks, sneezes in my face!  He likes to poke me in the face with his paw to let me know he need to go in the garden if the poke dont wake me then he snots in my face! grrrrr lol you gotta love em!!

I just love that he loves me

MOpElle (almost 8 years ago)

Not sure if I answered this yet, but yes, Luna sleeps in the bed. I was totally against it. And I kept her out of the bed for about the first 2 months I had her. Then I let her nap with me one afternoon, and she snuggled her little head in the crook of my arm. I just couldn't help it....she snuggles under the covers every night--right next to me.

pinkbeccah (almost 8 years ago)

Before getting Rambo i was adamant we weren't going to let him sleep on the bed with us. That didn't last very long and he now sleeps under the covers and Bella loves her cuddles so she always sleeps in the crook of our arms and we fight over who gets a Bella cuddle at night. Oh and the cat sleeps on our feet as well. 

Mom2Pugs (almost 8 years ago)

That would be a YES for Bella and Desi!  We have a king bed so there is room?   Some how I still end up hanging on to the side of the bed?   LOL  Their pix was taken on their bed!  Now if I clould just get them to MAKE the bed each morning......

luvmypugzeus (almost 8 years ago)

Zeus and I cuddle a lot on the couch, but he isn't allowed in the bedroom becaues my fiance is allergic to him, so the bedroom is the one spot in the house where he can get away from the puppy when he needs to...although if it were up to me and my fiance wasn't allergic-he would definately be snuggling right beside us in bed too!

Yodasmom (almost 8 years ago)

at the moment my husband and I share our queen bed with a bed hog of a beagle. he will paw at you until you get the hint to let him under the covers. then he goes on to snore like a train and goes on to kick you in the middle of the night.

Yoda on the other hand sleeps in his crate next to the bed. He can't seem to lay in one place for more then a minute.

SamMorgan (almost 8 years ago)

My Morgan, loves to sleep with me in my bed because she feels safe But Sometimes she has go down stairs, because she eats, and gets to lazy to get back up stairs

larrydavid (almost 8 years ago)

oh yes, he has a nightly ritual, lick sheets, rub face against pillow down for the night, usually at my feet. then early morning he likes to come up right near my chest and cuddle in arms, that is heaven...

dollila (almost 8 years ago)

Wyatt & Mattie both sleep in our bed (thank goodness for king size!). Mattie usually falls asleep on the couch before we go to bed and she'll continue sleeping there until about 2 or 3 am, then she'll come & hop in the bed with us. The minute we say, "let's go night-night", Wyatt will run to find his favorite stuffed bunny, then he waits at the bedroom door for us to open it. He jumps up, licks his bunny for awhile & then eventually falls asleep! They both like to lay right up against me, so when Mattie comes to bed she'll climb on top of Wyatt to try and wedge herself between him & me... I've found that if I put a king size flat sheet on top of the blanket (I take the bedspread completely off the bed), I'm not having to wash that big blanket so much. It's a lot easier to wash the sheet every couple of days!

Zuji (12 months ago)

~ Zuji sleeps in his area.

He's happy that way.

When he's older that may change.

At 16 weeks, he's enough of a chewer and squirmer that separate beds works best.

Jug lover (12 months ago)

I have a question for anyone who can help! I have a Jug named Ivy I got home and she was happy to see me but than she looked different like kinda lethargic. And she is light on her back legs I'm so worried.she is sleeping now ?

Zuji (12 months ago)

~ Jug lover:

When Ivy first saw you was she dancing around on all four feet?

How long before he turned lethargic?