Excessive Chewing

Hi everyone,

So Winston is now 12 weeks old. Over the last couple days, he's started chewing more than normal. In addition to chewing on the couch, he also now chews and bites people when they play with him. I may be partly responsible for that as I like to play with him quite a bit, but I am now trying to correct that behavior.

When he chews on something undesirable, I usually try to give him one of his chew toys that I want him to chew. But does anyone have any strategies for getting him to stop biting and chewing people and our furniture?



Yoshi86 (about 5 years ago)

Yoshi chewed/bit people a lot too when he was going through his puppy stage. It hurts a lot (puppy teeth feel like needles!). A lot of this is typical pup behavior, but I've been told to get a spray bottle (set it on stream) and tell my pug "Leave It" or "No" in a stern voice and spray him directly in the face. You can try that technique for anything you find undesirable really. I had a hard time with it - just because I'm a huge softy, but it may work for you. He will eventually grow out of that though.

KatB (about 5 years ago)

Make sure when you are playing with your puppy, that you are not playing games like tug-a-war, or wrestling type games. This excite them and they will play hard. Bite. Play games like fetch. There are things you can do when your puppy bites you. You can say OUCH! Loudly. I never found this to work. HA! Some have though. I always just would scruff behind the neck, and say, NO BITE! In a gruff voice. If puppy continues, I would stop playing and walk away. This is a stage all puppies go through. Don't let puppy have the roam of the whole house. If you can't watch him/her then put puppy in it's puppy area. Crate, or room. Pug proof your house as well. Making sure there is nothing it can chew on and get hurt. Keep items you don't want tore up off the floor. This stage will pass. When you catch puppy chewing on furniture. Say LEAVE IT! Really loud, and give him a his toy or chewbie.

lisaandpuglett (about 5 years ago)

My puglet is 8 months nearly - he started the same chewing behaviours at 12 weeks - you really have to bare with it - h ended up chewing on a soft pillow dog bed for nearly half hours at a time and he would then fall asleep with it still in mouth - teething is sore the gums really ache when you cannot be with him make sure he is crated or in his gated area to stop furniture chewing other than that you have to ride the storm, my partner used to fuss him and as soon as the 'needle teeth' started he would put him down immediately and ignore him - i was too soft !!! I tried lots of toys then I found a £5 ( dollar conversion probably 8 not sure !) it was small and rubbery and especially for teething and he loved it - u have to keep trying - I used to loose my patience but when I saw blood all over his soft chew pillow I felt bad ( vet checked) all Down to teething they really do go through it ,

Zuji (about 1 year ago)

~ I appreciate these practical comments, especially concerning chewing behavior at 12 weeks.

After reading these, I feel forewarned.