Excessive licking?

Our oldest pug, Baxter (2 years), has always seem to obsessively lick...everything. Doesn't matter what it is. Our hands, the couch, a wooden chair, my desk...he licks everything.

Has anyone else experienced this with their pug? Have you found a way to get it to stop?


diana (about 11 years ago)

Our pug licks all the time, too...except she licks the air. We think: 1) either she has chapped lips, or 2) she likes the taste of the air. Maybe pugs like to lick because that is how they express their love for their owners! (and your furniture, too!)

Kelly (about 11 years ago)

Hmmm, I don't know. Lola gives me a wild, intense ear lick every morning but aside from that, no licking. I bet someone will know. You never know with these cuties. They all seem to have very important reasons for what they do--even if we don't agree.
Kelly & Lola

wordplay2 (about 11 years ago)

I think it's a bit of a comfort thing (like thumb sucking). But yes, my pug Della did it quite a bit, Kiki doesn't.

Bubba (almost 11 years ago)

My pug Bubba also has the same problem. He constantly seems to be licking the air, like one of you mentioned. I only hope it is normal!

Kari (almost 11 years ago)

My pug likes to get under the covers, lay at the foot of the bed and lick the sheets. It is really gross to be half asleep and then roll over and stick your leg in a puddle of cold pug slobber. I can keep her from doing this if i put my foot next to her she will rest her chin on it and go to sleep, lol.

mooshoo02 (over 10 years ago)

Our pug also licks the air excessively. We can't figure it out. She will be 2 in Feb. We are afraid it might be allergies, but after reading the other replies, it may just be a Pug thing. She also loves to clean our feet every night and she does love to clean my kids ears. At first we thought it was gross, but now we actually enjoy it, which is really wierd. She is the sweetest thing ever.. We are going to take her to the vet and rule out the allergy thing just in case.

MamaPugford (over 10 years ago)

Its amazing the things we will allow our pugs to do huh? I used to be so grossed out by dog slobber, but since getting our two pugs, I get kisses on a regular basis :o)

kayla1984 (almost 10 years ago)

My pug licks the dust off my hard wood floors. He licks his fluffy bed. He likes the air like crazy, like he can't stop. He licks my other dogs eyes and ears. It's hilarious, and I never figured out why he does it. He makes so much noise too when he does it.

kushinada (almost 10 years ago)

Our pug does the same thing. He licks anything and everything. He has developed a routine where right after he eats, he will sit at my feet and lick them until I stop him or he gets thirsty.

I asked Buddy's Vet about this and he said it was a vice, like people who drink or smoke or what not. It's just something they like to do and so they do it all the time. Hope that helps some of you understand.

As far as I know, I can't keep Buddy from licking permanently.

Annette (almost 10 years ago)

My oldest of three does exactly as you all are describing. He licks everything....my feet, my legs, the dog bed, the couch, the table leg, and the air as well. He has done it his entire life, but the two younger ones have never done this. I just chalk it up to Winston's ADHD traits. We just shake our head at him and go on.

JudiC (almost 10 years ago)

My 3 year old "lick-osaurus" Senbei loves to lick - if it's lickable .... I even caught him licking the wall the other day! I've tried to stop him from doing this but after 2 years I think it's something he "needs" to do!

lil_precious07 (almost 10 years ago)

yeah, I think it's a pug thing, but mine he doesn't lick everything.Just have a habit of licking my feet to wake me up.And get excited when I come home I got a lot of kisses.

predatorpug (over 9 years ago)

Kamoku isn't much of a kisser...he'll get right in your face and sniff.....he does this to anybody who will let him near their face...no kissing, just the snorty sniffs...I only get a lick or two when I get home and that's it. But after he eats he will sit there and lick the air...it totally cracks me up....I think this is definitely a pug thing.

lnaffier (over 9 years ago)

I have 3 pugs and they love to lick everything. So that is normal. Also Pugs love salt. That is why they are lick any part of you that they can get to. They are licking the salt off your skin. Not much you can do there expect let them keep licking or run away...

Yulia (over 9 years ago)

My pug Allegra licks her favorite toy - a plain thick sock, which I replace frequently with a new one. She can not sleep without licking it. By the way it helps us to keep her not to snore.

snuggypuggy (over 9 years ago)

If you want to meet a licker, meet my Queso! He licks extremely vigorously and HARD...it's like he'd like my face off if he could!

milosmom (over 9 years ago)

Milo licks everything as well. Especially like to like my legs after I get out of the shower. Always have to re wash my left leg...

potsie'smomma (over 9 years ago)

potsie does this as well...the air,hubby's feet, the couch...esp. the air though. she'll just lick,and lick & lick. LOL

pug_lady (over 9 years ago)

Hello! I am new on this site and I am glad my pug, gadget, isn't the only one who licks. We have three dogs...a Japanese Chin, an Ocherese and a Pug...they all three lick! Our pug use to scratch the wall, then lick it until she was down to the wall board. I caught her doing this when I was home from work. We installed a gate and kept her in the kitchen, where for some reason she never did it in there. She also licks the air! She also licks her paws, over and over!

jharrison (over 9 years ago)

I have three pugs and one of them is always licking the air...but ALL of them lick everything else. I was worried about this "air licking" but I now see that others have experienced this too!

PugPaws (about 9 years ago)

My pug is the same, and if not he will constantly lick himself, and no matter what, he wont stop!

KatB (about 9 years ago)

It's a Pug thing guys. You just have to learn to love it. It's one of those things that puggy's love to do. My husband is bald on top. He lays on the floor at night to watch TV. He has two big floor pillows and the puggy's lay on the back side of the pillows and lick his head. When he gets tired of them doing that he put on his stocking hat. LOL! Mine girls lick so much on me and hubby, I tell um to quit. and then they lick each other . This can go on for an hour. They will play fight, you know bit and wrestle, and then all of a sudden they stop and kiss each other. Like are you ok? Yea-I'm ok. I love you Yea I love you too. I is so funny.

GeneWilderthePug (about 9 years ago)

I am so relieved to learn that my baby Gene isn't messed up. He licks constantly and everything. He recently started licking the air too. I guess its just a pug thing. I was started to worry something was wrong, but I am glad to know its just one of those pug things.

KatB (about 9 years ago)

Pugs just like to lick everything. LOL! My husband is bald as a billard ball, and if he's laying on the couch China Rose licks his head. she's even got Sulynn in on it. It is so funny. When you tell them to stop, then they start licking each others face. It has to be a pug thing.

jaxysweetheart (about 9 years ago)

Jackson like EVERYTHING! Our toes, the furniture, the food bowl, the water bowl, thedoor! What we have found that works is this product called "FOOWY". It has a horrible taste. Just spray it wherever he licks(besides food/water bowls of course) and he won't lick there any more, for fear that the bad taste will come back. And this stuff tastes horrible(if have accidently gotten some of it in my mouth too!)

ron (about 9 years ago)

i love pug kisses
i have two my old man is tank
my baby is bear
tank is +2 bear is 6 mo

MyPugsMom (about 9 years ago)

I'm new to this forum and joined specifically because of this post. My 2 year old, Oliver, is an excessive licker. I posted the same question over in another forum I belong to and nobody had experienced this with their pugs. I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone. Oliver has been tested for allergies (has none), acid reflux (has none) and various other "ailments" to defend his out of control licking. He gets so compulsive about it that I have to physically stop him. I must admit, as a previous poster has already said, the feet licking thing was sort of gross to begin with but now we kind of like it. I wouldn't admit that any where else! My 3 year old pug, Charlie, really seems to enjoy his nightly bath, too.

amouse (over 6 years ago)

What I have learned through our pug's excessive licking... she is either smelling something that she doesn't like, is nauseous or is really stressed.  We haven't found a way to get her to stop except get rid of the smell or put an air purifier on, try to reduce the stress if possible, or give her something for her nausea (she is on chemo so does have med's for it as needed.)