First Dog First Pug

Hi Im new to the whole owning a dog nevermind pug deal (actually not yet im not) but Ive had my heart set on pugs for a long time and my girlfriend has recently decided to buy one for my birthday Ive done a lot of research on them especially health issues etc but I'd really appreciate if you guys could help me out with a kindve checklist for things il need ex. leashes etc in preparation for the arrival of my new family member! Also if the little guy is potty trained how do I set up his toilet space in a way that he knows how to use ? thanks in advance for reading (my usernames not just a funny title as you can see haha)


Kricket10 (over 7 years ago)

hello... welcome to the pug community! the people on here are very helpful. if you get a little one that is already potty trained that will make it a lot easier... but if not it's a fun experience for the both of you. first things first... when ever we bring a new pug into the family... we make sure each pug always has their own bed, kennel, toys, chew toys (especially if it's still a little one, you'll need them for sure during the teething process), bowls for food & water.... some dogs like to share but since you have only 1 right now you'll need these for sure, a leash, small collar & harness..... off the top of my head that's a good start to already have those when you bring your little one home. i bet some of the others on here can cover anything that i missed. good luck!!!! and welcome to having a pug they are the best breed out there by far!! good choice

pugmom77 (over 7 years ago)

The only think I might add to Kricket's excellent and exhaustive list is be prepared for the shedding.  I have a tile floor and use the swiffer vac for regular cleaning.  It's worth every penny...super easy, and not so loud to upset my Grif, who has a deep and abiding hatred for all things loud.  And don't forget to tag or chip your puppy, just in case.  You're going to love having a pug!   

JanandSass (over 7 years ago)

Have nice blankie that you have rolled yourself  up in to put in her bed.  A Kong for her to chew on (you put food inside it, get the smallest size so she can try to get the food out), good quality puppy food.  I like the potatoe and fish formulas, they are anti-allergic.  Nice crate for her to travel in to the vet or in the car. 

Puppy is fed twice a day, about 1/4 c of dry good quality kibble.  Must have clean water at all times.  Put on potty schedule asap, on awakening after each meal, before beddy bye.  (and for younger ones, a couple more times too) Praise lots when they go outside.  If accidents inside, clean it up and take puppy outside immediately.  If possible, take out at some time as another dog (friend, relative?) they will get the idea faster.  Prepare to poop and scoop. 

Most important - much hugs and kisses and cuddles.   Then some more.  Teach basic training:  sit, stay, leave it, come, off, down, walkies, McPee.  Teach to walk nicely on leash.  Then more hugs and kisses and cuddles.

RosienMikeysMom (over 7 years ago)

hi clueless, welcome to pugspot and the wonderful world of pugs! your life will never be the a good way. everybody pretty much covered what to buy...the only thing i would like to add is that when buying food bowls, make sure they are stainless steel. ceramic and plastic bowls can harbor bacteria where as the stainless can be cleaned thoroughly. also, make sure to buy a harness. collars are fine for holding id tags but harnesses are the way to go when using a leash. you don't want to put strain on thier necks.  

i just wanted to give you some pointers on what to expect....

1. pugs were bred to be companion animals, they love to be with you as much as possible. you will find that where ever you go, you will have your buddy right there with you so if you get a puppy, be careful where you step , your pugger will be sure to be underfoot. 

2. make sure that you plan a vet visit within the first few days that you get your pug, especially if it is a puppy, you want to make sure you have a healthy dog and your vet can check for worms, fleas, etc. 

3. before you bring your dog home, crawl around your floor. make sure all wires are out of the way and any small objects off the floor (yes it is like baby proofing). also, put away anything that you don't want i'm not saying your puggy will do that...but just incase he/she is a chewer, you want to save as much as you can (you will learn to put away shoes) 

4. as far as potty training, be patient and consistent. take your pug out as often as possible especially if you see them sniffing around. if you can't keep a close eye on him, keep him in an enclosed area like a gated off kitchen. i never paper trained my pugs, i took them right outside from day one. i figured if that is where i wanted them to go, i would start that from the beginning. i know some people that live in apartments use potty pads as they can't bring them out quickly if they live on a higher floor. also, for accidents in the house, make sure to clean it up with a neutralizer like nature's miracle (can be found in any pet store), household cleaners just don't take the scent out for dogs and you will find that they will go in the same place. 

5. find out what food your pug was eating. if it is a good food, you can continue with it, if not, you will have to change the food gradually, decreasing the old food and increasing the new food until it's all new food over about a week's time. if you are not sure if the food is good, just come back and ask...we are not shy in telling you. buy the best food you can afford, it will pay off in the long run. 

6. most important...enjoy every moment with your pug and be prepared to laugh alot!!!!!

i think that's about it for now, i'm sure others will chime in and if you have any questions...feel free to ask, that's what we are here for   OH, one more thing, when you get your new pug, you MUST post pictures...we love them!!!! by the way, i'm carol, mom to rosie and mikey

docand (over 7 years ago)

Hi,  Welcome to Pug Spot.  This is where you"ll learn all about our fur babies.  I don't need to say more, other than welcome.

KatB (over 7 years ago)

Welcome to pugspot! And welcome to the happy world of pugs. They are the best breed ever if your lookin for a companion. And be prepared for many many laughs. They are clowns. And will do anything to please you and make your world rock. Everyones advise is right on. Patients with any dog is key to a great relationship. I would like to add somethings for your home, for your pug. You must keep ears and face wrinkles clean and dry. So have dog ear cleaner, cotton balls, on hand. Have your vet show you the way to do the ears properly. It is a must cleaning face wrinkles and ears. Make it a routine. Keep nails trimmed and arounded and smoothed down. Starting these practices when they are puppies makes it lots easier. Also get them use to brushing their teeth. Pugs have odd teeth and hard to reach in the back. Keeping them clean will be easier and save money on teeth cleaning with the vet. Good luck with your new baby. Can't wait to see pictures.  

Zuji (10 months ago)

~ Excellent advice for beginning a life with a Pug.

As companion dogs, they have their own approach to life.

Relaxing, letting the small stuff go, and enjoying all of the ups and downs and back ups again.