First outside excursion...

Hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day! Well puppies are 4 weeks old and getting busy! We went outside for the first time, they loved it, ate grass & leaves, kept trying to get under the boat where we aren't suppose to go cause Mommy's scared of snakes but other than that it was so much fun. Got some cute pictures. And Lord this pen is going to be a mess when I wake up in the mornings come soon, next week we start puppy food so Olive's job cleaning up is done, lol...And it's 6 of these little rugrats! They are all developing personalities...Rose is calm, laid back, right under my feet & always giving kisses, Maddie is adventurous, very vocal, loves to wrestle and play...and a GORGEOUS pup, Carlos, GORGEOUS too is basically the same way but he loves to give kisses to, Walter is more observant, quiet but super lovey, Jasmine is very similar but she love to wrestle and kisses too, Lola is a strange combo, quiet but fearless, very playful but sits back and watches, loves to be under my feet too and super sweet. But my heart is aching a bit...only 10 more weeks with them...Rose is going to TN so we'll be here until 10 wks! Jasmine has a new home too in OH but she's being picked up. Keep ya'll updated


Sofezmom (almost 7 years ago)

I'm heart broken, too....Rose is my favorite. My husband's is Jasmine. Thank you for continuing to post photos...I have sooooo enjoyed them and look forward to them. All the babies are just too precious!

sweetsvirgo (almost 7 years ago)

Aww thanks, they're getting so much fun, I just try and stay in the moment...that may sound gay but they're my heart & I'll miss them then no more babies till maybe spring. The girls deserve a nice break off, about a 1yr.   My little tinkling, pooping, tearing newspapers angels, lol

Zuji (12 months ago)

~ Ha Ha! Tearing newspapers certainly sounds familiar.

Zuji knows that tearing up the papers is sure to result in activity.