getting my pug fixed

so i really want to get gracie mae fixed we are not going to breed her and i heard that little dogs have lots of problems if u dont fix them or breed them...but im really scared im so worried that something is going to happen and im going to lose her ...i have heard a few different ages that u should get them fixed just woundering if it might be to late she just turned a year in aug???


RedRoss9 (over 8 years ago)

It is never too late to spay or neuter your pug. One of my friends had her boy pug neutered when he was 10, and with the rescue I'm involved with we routinely spay or neuter older pugs. Due to events beyond my control (she ate xylitol and had liver issues and then went into heat), I was unable to get Molly spayed until she was about a year old. I had heard that pugs were notorious for having problems with anesthesia and I was terrified about having her put under for any reason. I spoke with my vet about my concerns and they explained that the main problem with pugs and anesthesia is with maintaining their airway. They have problems breathing anyway and when they're knocked out it's even harder for them to get air in. My vets were wonderful and explained that they wouldn't take out the breathing tube until she was awake and alert and that she would be monitored constantly until they were certain that she would be ok. I was also concerned about the pain, and it's true that Molly was a wee bit uncomfortable for a day or two, but the pain meds they gave her kept her from feeling too badly. She was over it before I was! And the incision was tiny, only about an inch long. Having her go into heat and dealing with that mess was way way worse than having her spayed.
Please go have your Gracie Mae spayed. Talk to your vet about any concerns you may have. They are there to help you and your pet. They can explain the procedure and address any fears you have about it. It's not that bad, and it'll be better for both you and Gracie Mae in the future.

RosienMikeysMom (over 8 years ago)

redross9 is spot on!!!! the only concerns i had was with the anesthesia and after discussing it with my vet and knowing that he was familiar with the problems with flat nosed breed dogs, i felt much better. talk to your vet and let him know your concerns. i would go for is so much better for them. don't worry, we will be here for you when you bring her in.

jojomae (over 8 years ago)

thanks everyone i know it will be better for her thats why i want to do it but the next issue i have is the cost i was thinking like 150-200 dollars my vet said like 434.00 and i just got layed off for the winter so i dont have that kind of extra money right know everyone that i talk to seems to think thats high for a price they tell me to check around but i already switched vets once i dont want to keep doing that the vet i go to it highly priced on everything so im thinking may be i should be for she gets to old ... what to do what to do..........

RedRoss9 (over 8 years ago)

Whoa, that's steep.  Molly's spay ended up costing me about $185 when all was said and done.  Perhaps you should ask your vet why it's that expensive?  When Molly and Stan were in the doggie hospital after eating sugarless gum, we racked up about $1400 in vet bills.  Our vet let us work out a payment plan.  That's something you can ask about.  Sorry to hear about the lay off.  I got laid off this summer and I understand how rough it can be.  Just remember, Gracie Mae loves you, whether you have a job or not!  Molly and Stan got me through that really tough time.  I didn't have much money to spend on them, but they didn't mind!  So just snuggle up with your puggy baby while you're looking over the employment section in the newspaper.  It really does wonders for your state of mind.  Best of luck, dear.

nicky927 (over 8 years ago)

We were thinking of getting Sophie fixed soon, since shes now 6 months old. I was worried about the anesthesia too, but after hearing the good comments on here about pugs getting fixed, and asking my vet. I'm sure Sophie will be fine! I was also worried about the price when we got Sophie, but she came with a free check up and $50 spay if we stayed with the same vet the breeder used for their pugs (which we have).

pugmommy (over 8 years ago)

Pumpkin was 7 months when I had him fixed and I was scared and nervous also but he recovered fine and was up and about his normal routine the next day. He didn't care too much about that cone, it made him really depressed so I would only recommend it if you really see that she's trying to lick. As long as you follow the vets orders everything should be fine.

pugsly (over 8 years ago)

nicky927..... WOW what a deal on spay thats a great price. The anesthesia that is used now  is a lot better, I had the same worries as you but the vet put me at ease,(but I still worried till it was over). Just follow all his orders and Sophie  will be fine.I did take a favorite toy with us so there will be a familar item there when she wakes up.Give her lots of treats and love and she will be fine. Licks and wagsPugsly and the boys.

Ashlie (over 8 years ago)

Hey all....Tank has not been neutered yet because his boys haven't dropped yet so it's going to probaly have to happen the more expensive way to get it done. Daddy wants to breed but I am not for making higher populations of animals. I think we have enough stray cats that breed around us. But my vet will do it for $190 if they have to do the full surgury because of him not maturing. It's only $65 if his manhood drops (love the sugar coating of words?) But we have a place in Indiana for ppl on low income that do it for $35-55...I recommended y'all look for anytype of state help or assistance programs. Our state is over ran by animals so we can get a lot of help that way and it helps. Sometimes especially now you just don't have that extra money put back. Christimas takes it all you know!

I know there are age requests for spay/neuter but I am one that says as long as you get it done you are doing a great thing for your pet. Just don't wait until they are SO frustrated that they are getting aggressive and such. Mainly males....for females like Mylie I waited for first heat...but then y'all know her story after that. RIP.


Have a good day all!

Ashlie & Tank

KatB (over 8 years ago)

jojomae, Don't worry about how your vet feels about you going somewhere else cheaper. You will hear you get what you pay for crape. Sorry, I do shop around, and I do have a great Vet, but she has raised her prices to, to the point that I get some things done somewhere cheaper. And I don't hesitate telling her when she asked. Vets are over pricing alot these days. They start lowering when they start losing customers. HA!  You mit ask your local human soc. about low cost neuter/spay. Some of them have a program to help people with that. My oldest son who is married now, He got layed off too. and needed to get his wifes little pom spayed. He went and got her done at humane soc. for about $70.

luvmy2pugs (over 8 years ago)

I understand it is really expensive!!! I have heard that the lower cost spay clinics dont use the high quality stuff!  I went to Pet Smart, they have a Banfield Pet Clinic in the store. I asked how much it cost for a spay, they have a program, there is a fee to set it up like $100.00 but then its $39.00 a month, that includes her spay, all her puppy shots, and a discount on meds if needed. I have both my pugs on this plan. My Marley had cancer on his tail, a couple of months ago, I found a little raised wart, it came back cancer, he went under for the surgery, the only cost was the medications afterwards, oh and the lab work. I like the vet there much better than the one I used for years and paid lots more for!!  Check it out!!! 

I went thru that anxiety 5 times in the last 5 years gettings pugs fixed!  I ask the vet to call me the minute they are awake and standing!! They always come home the same day, groggy,  they usually wake up in the middle of the night, uncomfortable, I give them a pain pill, the next morning they are ready to GO AND PLAY PLAY PLAY!!

KatB (over 8 years ago)

I always bring mine right home afterwards too. My Vet I found out didn't have anyone there during the night keeping watch on the animals. I didn't like that at all. And I told them that. So I always told them as soon as they wake up, I'm comin to get them. They do better at home anyway as I feel they know where they are( HOME). They stress to much if you leave them there. Now my Vet has changed to having a Vet there all night. So sometimes voiceing your concerns helps. I still like bringing them home though. They lay in a cage there, and I'm payin for it. So I bring um home and let them rest in their own cage, and it's free. AND, I'm right there to hold their scared little paw if they need me. You can always run them back if something doesn't seem right, just as fast as it would take a Vet to drive there during the night hours.  Just my opinion. I know that's not the same for others.

luvmy2pugs (over 8 years ago)

It makes me feel better too having them home!  Mine sleep in the bed right next to me, they are so groggy they just lay there, again in the middle of the night a pain pill helps keep the pain down. Then WATCH OUT they are energy stored and ready to get released!

Mom2Pugs (over 8 years ago)

KatB is right, call the Humane Society they know of vets that spay and or neuter for a greatly reduced price.  I kept my pugs at home after their surgery, and that is what my vet suggested.  They do better when they are home they tend to be more relaxed in a loving environment.  And you will feel better having them with you taking care of them yourself. 

BobaFett (over 8 years ago)

Yeah the Humane Society is a big help especially now with the over population.  Also check with your city or county.  I know here they occasionally do them for free (I think its once a month).   We are in an area with a lot of problems due to the economy, and one problem with that is a lot of  abandoned pets.  So they are trying to do everything they can to cut back on the pet population!

Pugluv (over 8 years ago)

Hi I will be getting a pug puppy and have also checked around, I am in the Wash., DC area.  I got a quote from on vet, are you ready, $800 to neuter!  Puppy shots 30 each and 85 office visit.  At Banfield, part of Petsmart, a puppy plan upfront 139 and 25 per month.  If I did not take the plan it would be 284 to neuter.  I was curious though how long you are require to keep the Banfield plan?  Can you cancel after the first year, I did not ask that.  Hope this helps,

KatB (over 8 years ago)

Pugluv, OMG! $800? That is way to high. Have you gone to other Vets? BobaFett is right about going through the HS and the city or county. I live in Illinois and the highest I 've spent is 250. Don't be afraid to tell Vets that they are to high. I do it all the time. And let them know that if they want pet populations to drop they need to make it more affordable. Problem solved. They do alot of price gouging. Believe it or not. GEE! $800? What are they using? Gold stitching tread?

danah (over 8 years ago)

When we had our babies spayed and neutered, I opted for the laser treatment.  I think that it cost $50 more but it is less invasive and they heal faster.  I was very pleased with this option!  I have only had girls in the past and this one was up and moving twice as fast and basically acted like nothing happened.  As was the boy.

Just a thought...

tanziesmom (over 8 years ago)

when I took mypug to the et yesterday for her shots, and annual checkup, I received the quote of $150.00 for her spay. that included anesthesia and pain meds for afterwards. I thought that was high, but I quess I'm one of the lucky ones. Also, I found out that our county on the oregon coast has a lot mor pugs than I though. Just no one has organized anything yet. NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!!!, I can't right now, but perhaps in the future I can figure out parties on a larger scale. Anyone out there willing to help with some advice? post it on my home page for me. thnks

Pugluv (over 8 years ago)

You are right KatB they must be using gold thread, LOL.  I have heard about the HS helping, I was talking to a person in Petsmart about that, she said if you go there you pay $200 and you go to one of their recommended vets.  I will be getting the baby pug on Sunday and will take him to a vet I am familiar with they charge $51 for shots and checkup.  I will be looking into HS for neutering.  I have a vet recommened to me who comes to the home $48 for them to come out $20 for visit and $37.50 for shot.  Really not bad for them to come out considering the $800 neutering!

amyb8199 (over 8 years ago)

I also use banfield at petsmart and I absolutely love them. For the person who was asking if you can cancel the plan. The plan is for a year. When the year is up I think it automatically renews unless you decide not to. But if you decide to enroll again I'm pretty sure you have to pay the upfront sum again. As far as neutering with them, I didn't have to pay for anything but pain med. Any other visit is free. All you pay is for meds and all routine vaccines are covered. I get calls everytime he gets a vaccine to make sure he's not having a reaction. They even called me the other day to see if we needed any flea products. I can't say enough about them.

KatB (over 8 years ago)

Wish I had a petsmart here. Our shopping area is growing, but don't have petsmart. I have to go to Springfield, IL. Hope we get one some day. That sounds like a really great deal.

Danél (almost 7 years ago)

Hi all,

I want to get my 1 year old balck female fixed, but Im scared. I have heard all kinds of bad things regarding the surgery and that pugs does not survive the operation. Please help????

three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

Hi Danel ...I also was very worried about having stella spayed and I talked to the vet and voiced all of my concerns.  He explained the procedure and I went ahead and had it done when she was 6 months old.  I also brought her home that night, she was pretty shakey on the way home and I worried I had made the right decision bringing her home, but once we got home and she settled into her bed, she slept.  He did not send any pain pills home tho and that is one thing I wish now I had pushed harder least for that next day.  She also developed a red lump after a few weeks on her incision but I took her back to the vet, and they said it was normal for some dogs, part of the healing process...sure enuf in about 6 weeks everything had healed up just fine.  Now it has been almost a year, and I have found out puggies will cos you different types of worries, but you just figure it out, and talk to your friends on here and go on, at least with spaying that is a responsible decision you make for the health of your baby!

RosienMikeysMom (almost 7 years ago)

i'm sure your little girl will be fine. just look for a vet that has experience with flat nosed breeds as they require more monitoring when coming out of the anesthesia. don't be afraid to ask your vet any and all questions. if he brushes you off...find another vet. the pros of spaying out weigh the cons so try not to worry. i think the hardest part is dropping them off and we will be here for you . i say go for it!

Puglover0625 (almost 7 years ago)

Puck getting neutered cost us about 180ish. It was 100 for the surgery, 60 for the blood panel, 12 to get baby teeth pulled, and 15ish for his pain meds. I thought that was expensive. lol. As weird as it sounds, check craigslist under the pet section. At least in the Fort Collins one places post on there for low cost spay and neuter clinics. I just saw an add that I showed some friends. They got an appointment to get their male pom neutered for 35 bucks. Plus pain meds, but they aren't that much.

I was very worried about Puck going under. To the point I mademy boss have someone on call incase the vet called me and said there was a problem I was leaving then and there. It didn't matter if I was in a room with 10 infants, I was gone. lol. But the vet called the moment he woke up and said the surgery went great. No complications or anything. My boyfriend was able to pick him up just a few hours later. Puck acted like nothing happened, and it was a pain in the butt to get him to stay still. lol. Granted the surgery is harder for girls. My old room mate got his mini doxie spayed when she was 6 months and she was groggy and sore the next day or two, but fine otherwise!

Chopper2011 (over 5 years ago)

Hi my name is Brianna im 15 an my pug chopper is going to be 2 years old on feburary 6. He is going to get neutered tomarrow and im really scared that somthing bad is gonna happen like him dying my mom keeps saying things like "o hes not gonna dye he'll be fine". She doesnt no anything about pugs at all and its making me mad she wont let me stay home from school and go and wait in the waiting room to find out if he made it or not. I just dont no what to do

KatB (over 5 years ago)

Chopper2011, We all understand how you are feeling. I have had many dogs in my life and every time one of them has to have a surgery I go bonkers. No Kidding! I am sorry you can't stay home from school. I would say, it's not going help worrying all day if he is alright or not. And one day off school isn't going to hurt. Try not to think bad thoughts, that's not going to help you. And believe it or not Chopper can pick up on your mood. So you must think good thoughts. I am sure Chopper will be ok. I will be sending prayers for you and Chopper that day. And alot of other people on this forum will do the same. That is how it works on here. There is power in prayer my dear. Before Chopper goes for his surgery, you yourself should say a prayer for him. God will be listening. He always is.

jilybeans (about 5 years ago)

we just had Otis fixed, you couldn't even tell he had anything done, as happy and hyper as ever. They had to go in as he didn't drop but he is just fine!

docand (about 5 years ago)

Brianna, How's Chopper doing? Your mom may not show it, but she does love Chopper. Hope everything is going well...... Doc and Lexi