Groomingdale's will never be the same....

Today is the day we always dread, that once a month trip that would strike the fear in the hearts of anyone who has ever witnessed it.  This is the day that Lola and Tucker get their nails trimmed at the groomer.  I no longer attempt this at home because while I can eventually wrangle Tucker and get the job done with only minor scratches and bites to my hands, there is no way to handle Lola, she is much stronger than Tucker.  She has hated the nail trimming since the day I brought her home at just a few weeks old.  I did all the "tips and tricks" from day one, playing with the feet to get her use to it, letting her play with the clippers and then later on letting the electric file run beside her to get use to the sound.  All of those worked long as you all you want to do is play with her feet or let her play with the clippers or file.  The minute you try to actually trim a nail armageddon starts.  I finally had to admit defeat and started taking her to the groomer to have it done, and Tucker goes along too.  Today started off like all other spa days, the chase through the house to get the harness on, figuring out the harness(puzzles to me) while trying to hold her still and triumph when I finally get the silly thing on.  The jumping back and forth in the car until she figures out that no matter what she does she is still going to have to wear the seat belt.  So we are all finally in the car and ready to go.  Then the day takes a turn for the worse.  For some reason today she doesn't want to ride in the car so she starts the pug screaming, the girl screamed all the way to the groomer, nothing would console her.  We get to the groomer and then Tucker starts.  He loves the huge, hairy male groomer.  He is not there today so the tiny, well groomed female groomer is going to do it.  Tucker is having no part of her and attacks, it took three of us to put a muzzle on a 4 pound chihuahua and we did not come out of the fight unscathed.  Now while this is going on my son has Lola's lead in the waiting area, she hears Tucker carrying on and apparantly  thinks he is being seriously injured (no one is allowed to attack him but her), she breaks my son's hold and runs from the waiting room, down the hall, into each room, pug screaming the entire time,  my son in hot pursuit.  She finally finds the one we are in and launches into a pug tantrum like i have never seen before.   Naturally by now every dog in the place is barking and growling, the groomers are frazzled and all the doggie parents are looking at my banshees with total disgust on their faces.  By now I am seriously looking around for a hole to crawl in, afraid that if I do manage to find one my son will harm me in his attempt to throw himself in it first.  No holes to crawl into, not even a crack.  So we hang our heads throughout the nail trimming of both dogs, apologize profusely and then quietly slink out to the register to pay with all the other Mommy and Daddy's eyes burning holes in our backs.  Then we make a run for the car.  We sit there for a moment to gather our composure then look at each other and completely dissolve into hysterical laughter.  I'm sure it was nothing more than nervous laughter.....well maybe not completely since my son is now looking at me every little bit and repeating the line we heard one of the Mommy's say when the screaming Lola whizzed past her in the waiting room...."Well, I never!"    Bless her heart, guess she has never owned a pug.


JanandSass (almost 7 years ago)

Actually, TheSass is so bad for nail clipping, we take her to the VET to get them done!  And it takes four people to do it.

l.moes (almost 7 years ago)

OMG ! that is so funny ! Iam a groomer and it takes two of us to do my puggies nails and its so embarrassing if one of my clients come while they are screaming getting nails done  .If they ask  if they are my dogs I always says NOOO I just found them wondering around the streets.! LOL. Pugs you gotta love them.

docand (almost 7 years ago)

What a great story.  I can so relate to the harness.  I chase Lexi around the house so much that I have to sit in my easy chair and don;t feel like going on a walk. HA!  Must be a Pug Thing                  Doc

Rita (almost 7 years ago)

Oh my, I laughed until tears were running down my cheeks.  I have been dreading taking Zena to the groomers next week, as she does not like going there or having her nails done. So I can relate, but your trip to groomer did not do my morale a lot of good, just made me dread it more. But she has an appointment for Wedneday and she is going.  I needed as good laugh though as my computer did a crash and I only have it half working, will not let me download pictures or any of my games. So I will be doing a lot of work on it. Sure glad I can get to here anyway.

Kat_and_Rex (almost 7 years ago)

Thats the funniest story.

Rexi, like Lola has had his feet played with since being tiny, infact when hangng out on the bed together he often taps my hand so I will stroke and play with his feet, if I stop, the 'tap tap' comes again for me to continue.....but nail clipping....lordy!

I gave up, we have tried ourselves, tried a groomer, even the vets shakes her head. I wouldn't mind but when he was tiny I would clip clip clip them and all done while he was napping! Now he runs alot on the pavement and keeps them fairly well trimmed, thank goodness!

Oh I have the harness sorted, as he loves it! Main problem his, when trying to fasten it under his tummy he gets so excitied to be going out and impatient he starts to walk away, normally as I just about have it!

Shpigford Staff (almost 7 years ago)

Both of our pugs loathe getting their nails trimmed as well.

We're able to use a Pedi Paw with Baxter if my wife and I team up, but Sofia always screams and squirms out of any hold we do. We have to take her to the vet to get it done and inevitablly one of the vet techs ends up bleeding and we have to pay an extra "difficult dog" fee to get her nails trimmed.


Frankie2009 (almost 7 years ago) sure is a Pug thing! Frankie is not too bad...we tried to do it at home, but he fought it all along....We take him to the groomers, some times it not too bad, but other like the end of the world! only Pugs.....I will have to take him soon, oh the joys the bliss.......another Pug adventure for sure.

three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

Yep, we have thesame issue at our house, hate the trimmer, hate anything that touches their feet...I wish i could save the money and do it myself but its horrible so i give n and take them there, which lately they have just laid on the table and let them clip away!!  WhO IS REALLY IN CHARGE AT

Zuji (12 months ago)

~ This thread is humorous and informative.

Nail clipping is definitely a challenge.