Having a pug in my life again

4 years ago we lost our black pug Toby to cancer and last year on December 22 our beautiful Betsy went to doggy heaven at the age of 13. My family was devastated and it took us a year and a half to even think about getting another pug. Our year before Betsy past we got a Frenchy his name is Buddy and he is just wonderful but after Betsy it just felt we needed another pug in our lives. For mother’s day this year my husband surprised me with a brindle pug puppy! I am totally in love but I have to accept there will never be a Toby or Betsy. Still I am thrilled to be a pug mommy again!


Patty25 (4 months ago)

That is so great, congrats! Pugs are the best, aren't they?

Hugs, Patty