Help! My pug is throwing up yellow liquid.

Hello pug family!

I need your advices so bad. My pug, Frank is acting kind of sluggish which in not normal for him. Around noon, I usually give him & my other pug treats, which they love! But surprisingly, Frank didn't even wanna get up from the recliner and refused the treat. About 10-15 minutes after that, he threw up a lot of yellow liquid stuff which kind of resembles the appearance and texture of an egg yolk. What should I do?? What is happening to Frank? Please advice. I'm really concerned right now.

Thank you in advance!


JanandSass (almost 6 years ago)

Actually, throwing up could be a good thing. If something is bothering his tummy, or if he has a tummy virus, it is good for them to throw up. Offer him just a small meal or couple treats. He may be fine now as he may have thrown up whatever was bothering him, but if it continues til tomorow, or he does not perk up, then you need to get him to the vet. Did he eat any grass? Any exposure to any yukkies outside? Make sure he has access to water if he is not hungry and keep him kind of quiet.

newpugmom (almost 6 years ago)

Hi Janandsass!

Thank you for your advice. Yeah, Frank actually loves eating grass. He does that everyday. I didn't realize that grass is bad for them. Thanks for letting me know. I will now have to watch him when I let him out on our backyard.

cd (almost 6 years ago)

yellow is usually an empty stomach and he is throwing up. if he is otherwise normal, then i would think its just a passing thing, make sure he is eating and drinking normally for him . if not, take him to a vet, and have him looked at.

Marta (almost 6 years ago)

I agree with cdcra. That's a sign that his stomach is empty. Mine would throw up the same yellow fluid every morning and not want to go for his morning walk, I realized it was because he would eat up his last meal of the day (I give it to him around 6pm) and not eat anything else until the next morning. I started feeding him a bit of ham and a cracker before bed so that he wouldn't sleep on an empty stomach and he stopped throwing up. This happened when we did the transition from three to two daily meals, I assume he was too used to eating three times a day. I don't know whether or not you feed your pug two meals a day but if you do I'd suggest you give him a little snack between meals.

Roxy & Maddie (almost 6 years ago)

My pug did that - Vet told me to start on ice chips then water then small amounts of food - I was told to go slow, small amounts and add a bit at a time. If she started thowing up bile go back and start over. I took my time and in a few days she was fine. I did not have to start over thank god She is fine and has not had any issues in 6 months
good luck

petuniamay (almost 6 years ago)

When Petunia would decide that she no longer wanted to eat her food and go on strike, she threw up yellow bile a couple times. It freaked me out because it would happen at night after she hadn't eaten all day. Thankfully we found a food she likes finally and we haven't had any more problems.

RedRoss9 (almost 6 years ago)

Stan will do that sometimes if he gets too excited and then drinks a lot of water on an empty stomach.

Also, all of my dogs are regular back yard grazers. It's like I have a herd of tiny, tiny cows eating all of the grass in my back yard. We don't treat the yard with any chemicals so I don't feel bad about them consuming mass quantities of grass. Molly lives for the day after we mow the grass when she can find huge clumps of mowed grass.

JanandSass (almost 6 years ago)

Newpugmom, grass is NOT bad for them - as long as there is no insecticides or chemicals on it! It is acually their salad - Sass eats grass all the time. But it does make some doggies throw up when they need to clean out their tummies. You have to just make sure the grass they eat is clean - try giving him a bit of clean lettuce or green beans, that's good too. Sorry, I forgot to make myself clear there!