Two weeks ago I rescued a 6 year old female pug that has been used as a breeding bitch. She absolutely lovely we just have one issues she has severe separation Anxiety she can't leave my side am lucky as she can come to work with me at the farm but when ever I am home I can't go into another room without her she just crys and winds her self up . She also won't sleep of a night unless she in my bed with me ,she can't & wont sleep in her own bed of a night , I can leave her with friends or family for a couple of hours but I've told she just watches the door for me to come back the only time she's ok with us being in different rooms is if am in the shower then she's fine , please can someone help I feel so guilty she so insecure the only advice I get is excise but she walks miles every day round the farm doesn't matter how tired she is she got to follow me I've only ever owned staffies this is my first pug please any advice would be great thank you !!!