How do I know when she's ready to mate?

How do I know when my pug is ready to mate? How old does she have to be? My pug is going to bea 1 year old in SEPTEMBER. A person that had puglets when I went to the vet said that their first time breeding their pug was when they were 8 months old.. I don't know what signs to look for to let me know she's ready. Any information from anyone would be extremely helpful. Thanks!


RosienMikeysMom (over 6 years ago) this might get me into trouble but i'm gonna do it anyway. please know i am meaning this in the best of ways. breeding isn't just putting 2 dogs together...there is so much more that goes into it and so many things that can go wrong. i would suggest that if you are interested in it, get a mentor that has bred dogs successfully and for the right reasons to help you thru it...not just someone that has done it once or twice and got lucky. 8 months old is way too young in my opinion to breed as is 1 year. being that you are asking this question tells me that you don't know enough about the subject to consider breeding. i would suggest you read this article and think about it before going forward....

like i said, please don't take offense, i just want you to be educated on the subject and know what you are getting into and putting your pug thru before going forward.

three_cute (over 6 years ago)

That was a very good article rosey and mikeys mom, good information.

Pickles, I have never bred a dog that we have owned so until we became owners of sam and stella I was rather oblivous to how the dog world worked.  Then after we became "pug-owned" and they each came to us with their own set of problems I started learning about the world of breeders, mills etc. etc.  Both of our pugs came from a breeder who did this for a living,  for over 15 years, so I would assume she knew all the ends and outs, problems and benefits of dog breeding but YET.......Stella was the only pug who lived in her litter, and her soft spot didn't close like it should, and she has buldgy weird eyes, and can only see a little bit, and she is small...Sam has terrible allergy problems and  with all four pups in his litter none of them could go to the pet stores cos they all had eye and skin issues.  He now has frequent ear infections, no hair under his neck or his elbows, or tummy, and sheds more than a normal pug sheds.  He was born with one nostril closed and had to have surgery the day we brought him home, which causes him to have some lasting breathing problems....again this was from a breeder who does this for a living.  So like roseymikeys mom said please just be educated on the subject and think about what you will put your pug and yourself through.  Good Luck! 

Pickles24 (over 6 years ago)

Thanks for the article. I didn't read EVERYTHING yet but I will.. It's only my first time with TWO things.. A pug and a FEMALE. I've bred pitbull but I've always had the male.. From what I skimmed in the article, it was mostly about the stud/male and it was stuff that I already know to look for in a mate for my pug such as healthcare issues.. So, I definitely don't have any experience with taking real care of a pregnancy, other than when I pet-sit my inlaws pregnant chihuahua LOL. But I've never seen what a female looks like when she's ready.. I've heard the usual that her lady area will get swollen and be pink and she'll bleed? Maybe I wasn't asking the right questions.. LOL. I'm not necessarily ready to breed my Pickles right away but I want to be exactly sure of what SIGNS that happen when she is ready to.. And also, I was really wondering about her PERIOD? If she does get? LOL. Cause there have been like a rare few times that I smell like that metallic blood smell but when I check her out, I don't see anything and she looks at me crazy like why am i inspecting her there? .. LOL! Anyway, thanks for the input and don't worry! No offense taken!

petuniamay (over 6 years ago)

So your question is more "How do I know she's in heat?" rather than when she's ready to mate?  Petunia is 1 year and 3 months and she's in her 2nd heat right now, so she got her first one when she was around 8 or 9 months old.  I can tell when she's getting close to starting because she becomes very interested in smelling her pee and her lady parts start to swell up.  She does bleed for around 3 weeks and needs to wear diapers during that time.  Her behavior isn't that different, she doesn't act anything like say a female cat acts (insane if you've ever had one).  She just pesters her big brother (neutered 12 year old husky) like crazy and follows him every where.  I baby gate her away from him just so she'll leave the poor old guy alone.  Also, her nipples are going to get bigger, more pronounced, and they'll stay that way if she doesn't get fixed before her first heat.

My husband wants to breed Petunia and I'm very much on the fence at this point.  But rather than force ourselves to make the decision right away and rush into getting her fixed,  we decided to wait and take our time to decide since she has to be at least 2-3 years old before we would even consider it.  I want to learn as much as I can before I decide, try to take classes if they are available, and be sure that it's what I want.  Until then, while I know it's better for her overall health to have her fixed before her first heat, dealing with the heat itself is not so bad until we can make a good informed decision.

Pickles24 (over 6 years ago)

Petunia, when she bleeds... is it like A LOT?  Hmm, I hope I didn't miss her first heat cause Pickles is already going to be 11 months in a few days.. I'm home everyday and I haven't noticed any changes in her behavior other than she started to chew on her food bowl but that was a problem easily fixed.. My boyfriend has also been wondering too if we've missed her first time being in heat but I'm thinking that it's something we will DEFINITELY know when it happens..

petuniamay (over 6 years ago)

With Petunia it was enough to notice for sure.  The first time she started was at night and she got it on the sheets.  I use diapers that I can put a regular maxi pad in and I have to change it 2-3 times a day right now.  Sometimes she'll leak a couple drops on the floor when she comes in from outside before I can get the diaper on her, but for the most part she's busy cleaning herself when the diaper is off.  Petunia is the first female I've had, and I know her heats are noticable for sure.  I don't know if it's something you could miss or not.

elgor (over 6 years ago)

We had a pekingese mix that NEVER came in heat. We were there when she was born - my husband had to deliver the puppies because the mama was small - she was a peke and she got out and got prego by who knows what kind of dog - and the puppies were big. The mama almost died and probably would have if my husband didn't help her. We took Phoebe home when she was 6+ weeks old. We never got her spayed and she lived to be 14.

On the other hand - we had a boxer. We had a heck of a time breeding her - she was the dominate one and kept trying to ride the boys. Finally - on our third try she got pregnant. She was almost 5 when she had her puppies and she was a horrible mother. She only had two and we had to lay down with her and hold her down to make her feed those babies. When they were 10 days old she stepped on the girl and she died. We knew then that breeding wasn't for us! When Tiffany was in heat she would actually drip blood all over the place. We kept her outside in a dog pen and had to hose it down daily and clean out the dog houses. I tried putting a diaper on her but she always managed to get it off.

Good Luck!