How to keep happy when alone

We've had our pug for a few days now, and when I have to go to work we will be leaving him for around 4/5 hours alone, are there any things you could reccomend that would keep him occupied whilst were gone, and things to keep him calm and happy. Thank you in advance.


KatB (almost 5 years ago)

There are lots of little things you can do. First though make sure that when you leave him, he is in a safe area just for him. You could leave him in kitchen with presser gate across the door way. Leave water, and potty pads down. Making sure there is nothing he can get into. Leave toys for him to play with. You can leave music on low. Find some music that is instrumental like new age, soft and gentle. Or you could leave the tv on low. If you are using a crate/cage, make sure he has room to move around.

Zuji (about 1 year ago)

~ When it's necessary to go to the supermarket, Zuji is exercised by fetch games before I leave.

Plenty of chew toys and squeaky toys are available.

In his area there considerable room to run about.

When I return home, invariably Zuji is sleeping.

I play with him after returning, so that he feels loved.