How to toilet train when my pug rarely goes?!

Hiya everyone,

I wanted a bit of advice. We have a 12 week old pug puppy and as much as we love him to pieces, we are finding it hard to cope.
He sleeps in a pen of a night and every night starts crying and screaming as soon as we leave. We stay strong and don't go back into him. In the morning when we come back into him he has wee'd and pooed everywhere (I've never seen anything like it)
The problem is I don't know where to start with toilet training. Everything I read online about pug puppies before got him said that they tend to go to the toilet as soon as they've eaten and when they've woke up but not our puppy. When he has a meal he can go for hours without going for a poo. It's almost like he taken the decision to hold it in because he knows he'll be in his pen over night and thinks he'll do it in there so we have something to clean up.

Any ideas?


Patty25 (4 months ago)

Hi Pugsby... if you check the Forums section, there should be some helpful suggestions on potty training. I know one thing, you need lots of patience. Good luck with your new baby.