Hyper Pug!!

Hello fellow pug lovers,

In the last month or so my little 6 month old has become increasingly hyper! He just runs and jumps and runs and jumps etc. I know he is still a puppy but he is so hard to control that people are starting to annoyed with him and dont enjoy coming over anymore! we take him for nice long walks and play fetch/tug of war for at least an hour each day  but he never gets tired. We have been and gone to puppy school but no help there! Does anyone have any suggestions? or should we just wait for him to grow out of his "puppy" stage?

thanks!!! xxxx


RosienMikeysMom (almost 9 years ago)

he's just being a puppy!!!! totally normal. in time he will be sleeping his days away and you will be missing these times, believe it or not!

Madison Rose (almost 9 years ago)

I'm still waiting for Madison to pass through this hyper stage and she's a year and a half now.  She may be slowing down a BIT, but she's still pretty wild.  I've tried cutting down on her naps and keeping her active, but it's hard to keep her awake because I'm at work all day and she's home alone in her pen.  Like RosienMikeysMom says, they will pass this stage. 

pugsly (over 8 years ago)

Maddie I acted the same at your age but calmed down when I turned two Daddy would go to work every morning and I would sleep in my chair until he came home...... Then I was so glad to see him I'd go crazy and then I'd get my walk and then crash untill supper time. So tell mommie not to worry you growing up just fine. We all love you....Licks and wags Pugsly

Madison Rose (over 8 years ago)

Thanks, Pugsly.  I feel so much better now--and so does my mommie!      Licks and wags right back atcha from Maddie!

nicky927 (over 8 years ago)

I have a 4month old...almost 5 months. And shes SUPER hyper! We call her "turbo dog" sometimes because she runs so fast. We also take her on long walks and try to tire her out...but nothing works lol. We took her to the vet today, and she was being really jumpy and all over the vet....he said that was normal for a young Pug. But, I think you're right...it's just a puppy stage, because I know other Pugs over a year old and they're lazy as can be!

nicky927 (over 8 years ago)

Sophie is already 11lbs at 4 almost 5 months old (we took her to the vet yesterday)! I'm hoping she doesn't become a fat couch potato!

Mom2Pugs (over 8 years ago)

Don't worry Smash88, Desi was so hiper when he was a puppy my friends found another pug to help entertain him!  He wanted me to throw a toy 24/7 he would cry if someone would not entertain him.  I even had to throw the toy in the bathroom!  So, one day my friends at FACAR rescue found a little girl pug and sent me an email with her pix.  One week later she was mine and the rest is history.  And she keeps Desi in line!  LOL  He is now a couch potatoe, the ultimate snuggler!  The puppy stage will pass all too quickly!  Enjoy is while it last!  Good luck...Marti   Desi & Bella 

KatB (over 8 years ago)

Smash88, Keep up with your training, If not at training school make sure you are working on it at home. Your puggy is still young, so be patient. In order to not lose any friends may I suggest putting your pug in a crate when friends come over. I know you want him to control his self and be a nice pugger when friends and family are over, and that will come soon enough. Or leash him so you can control him. Time spent with obedience is really your ticket. Don't give up. If it helps, refer to bowzer's amazing video of tricks. Look for on here. It's wonderful how she has trained her pugger. As I said with time spent. Pugs are very food motavated we all know that. That is your key to getting them to do what you want. Start small and work on one thing at a time til puggy gets it. Out of all the dogs who come through my class, Pugs learn the fastest. I am not just say this because I have pugs. They really love to work and please their humans. Go for it! Pugs are a class act. Can't top a pug. LOL!