I'm getting a pug!!

Any Advice?


Zuji (12 months ago)

~ Hi, PugBurrito!

It's wonderful that you'll soon be sharing happiness with a sweet Pug.


Whether your Pug will be a puppy or an older dog, there's an adjustment for both of you.

There are good days and bad days, but with love, patience and the willingness to overlook temporary ‘mistakes’, you two will forge a wonderful friendship.

Chew toys are a must, in order to provide alternatives to chewing up the household environment.

Soft voices work wonders. No smacking, ever. A stern look will send the message that you aren't happy with something.

Pugs are independent-minded, which adds to their charm. It also means at times they're a handful.

Thank the angels that you have such a small life to contend with, rather than far worse problems.

Above all, enjoy. Taking a Pug for granted wounds their hearts and doesn't warm ours.

I'm delighted that a Pug is coming your way!