I need suggestions

Hello my family rescued a black pug we've had him for about 2 1/2months now and I allergies but about a month after having him I have sice caught a sinus infection and I've been on 2 different antibiotics I've gone back to the Dr. Because I can't shake the stuffy nose and running nose Dr. said it's not a sinus infection but my allergies i notice the dog has dandruff on his black coat i recently put the dog outside for 24hours to see if I'm allergic to him and I haven't had an issue regarding my allergies since he's been outdoors.What do i do because my 2yr old Grandson is in love with the dogšŸ˜”please Help


Zuji (11 months ago)

~ Hi, Toyahbaker41!

That's really a terrible situation.

A physician who's a Board-certified allergist may be able to help you.

There are allergists with direct experience in treating patients who have pets in the home.

I hope that you'll soon fully recover and enjoy your black Pug again.

DeAnns12 (11 months ago)

Hello I need some suggestions my pug Toes woke up yesterday with the horrible honking cough like he's trying to get a furball out or something out. It's really scaring me because he belonged to my oldest son who we lost 4 years ago so he's my last piece of my son we have left. It's breaking my heart to see him have these bouts of coughing. We've given him cough syrup. Is there anything else we can do for him. DeAnn

Zuji (11 months ago)

~ Hi, DeAnn!

What you describe doesn't sound much like a typical dog hairball.

Dogs which obsessively lick are most likely to develop hairball symptoms.


This sounds like the symptom of a condition requiring a prompt visit to a veterinary clinic.

I hope that Toes will get better soon.

Zuji (11 months ago)

~ I asked two friends, both said that it doesn't sound like a hairball.

Let's hope that a veterinary specialist will diagnose it and suggest appropriate treatment.