I was offended and hurt.

My sister came by this morning with her friend of many years, I have met her before a couple of times but cant say I know her.

Anyway, I hadn't seen her in a couple of years; she comes by and Rexi is all excitied with someone new being in the house. I say 'Hi', and give a little fake hug.

She see's Rexi and goes 'Ewwwwww, what is it?' continuing with 'that's the uglest 'thing' (knowing his name is rex) I have ever seen' (my sister at this point is laughing saying 'i know right').

Rexi is being all excitied and sweet,barking for fuss. She goes on ' OMG doesn't 'it' ever shut up ewwwww' My boy says, 'Fuss him and he will stop barking'

This was it for me.....

shes says 'I'm not touching  THAT!'

(He's not a 'THAT' he's my baby boy (oh my god i'm getting upset again just typing this) My partner says i'm taking it to heart to much.)

Anyway, I grab Rexi, walk in th kitchen to find him a treat, saying 'You weren't planning of staying for coffee were you!'. My boy follows me (this is when you know your kid loves you) saying 'What a B*TCH kat, who she think she is not fussing Rexi!' at the top of his voice for everyone to hear. I didn't correct him for swearing as I agreed with him, my partner just looked at him without correcting him either, as we both agree that he used the term in the correct context.

But seriously, what a B*tch!

They left after that, my sister has since txt saying, 'Wow you were in a grump'; i've ingored her.


Kricket10 (almost 7 years ago)

hehehehe, good for your little kid. people don't realize what they're doing when they go into someone else's house and start insulting the things they love. so many people now days are so rude and don't have any filter on themselves. at least you and all of us on here know that pugs are the sweetest, cutest (by far). oh so very smart and make the best companion dogs out there..... her friend is just missing out

docand (almost 7 years ago)

Kat, you handled much better than I would have.  I'm sorry, but I have NO time for people like that and certainly don't need there friendship(if they're capable). Lexi and I, think Rexi is special and very good looking pug!  That was the correct term for her also. My sister would never dare to bring anyone like that around.          Doc


JanandSass (almost 7 years ago)

Rexi is an adorable little man.  Sounds like a very low class friend your sister has, no manners, just a big mouth.  She wouldnt even give him a chance - how nasty!  You tell your sister all your real friends love Rexi and find him so cute!  Very few people dont like pugs and those who dont usually dont like dogs in general.  They just dont get it!  Next time ask her if Rexi was your kid (which he is), would she say the same thing?

Shea (almost 7 years ago)

Darn Kat, now I don't like her and I haven't a clue who she is!  How dare she say that about my man Rexi?!!!  Hmmm...afraid you were all nicer than I would have been.  Don't think I could ignore my sister either without giving her a piece of my mind.  Some people are so rude.  You tell Rexi I think he is very handsome and lovable.

kbailey (almost 7 years ago)

what a freak! i have rexis pic saved on my phone and im always showing people. they always think hes cute. i also get really annoyed. who the hell do people think they are!

Puglover0625 (almost 7 years ago)

People like that make me so mad! Most people love Puck, but those few who have dared say something mean to him have gotten a piece of my mind. I agree with your son, she was a bitch! Next time she comes over don't give her a fake hug, just say you don't want to touch, THAT!

KatB (almost 7 years ago)

Don't you ever think for one min. no matter what anyone says that Rexi isn't a beautiful dog. I adore his face so much. He makes me smile everytime I look at his pictures. I know that this really hurt you. I am so sorry you had to go through something so rudd and unkind.  And I agree you handled it pretty well. I couldn't have held my tongue. I would have asked them both to leave. If you decide to talk to your sister. Do it calmly. I would tell her that you were very very hurt by the way they acted, and do NOT wish to ever hear such unkind remarks from both of them. It is your home. Rexi is part of your family, and to make a remark such as they did is very very unkind in my book. Tell her about how Rexi bring so much joy in your life, and how you love him. And she should be ashamed of herself for hurting you in such a way. And I would tell her her friend of many years need not ever come back to your home. Sounds to me your sister needs to find better friends, How terrible.

l.moes (almost 7 years ago)

Next time your sister and her "friend" come over say to your sister Ewwwww.... What is that thing (pointing at friend) thats the ugliest thing I have ever seen !! HA I have absolutely no time or engery for people who come to my home and insult my babies! And I have let a few people know the are not welcome if they continue.

Laurie222 (almost 7 years ago)

Rex is adorable!  Anyone who does not think so needs glasses!  My mom always said "if you don't have anything nice to say-DON'T say anything at all.  People are rude & hurtful.  I have also had people say that my pugs were ugly & I got SO mad!  As long as you love Rex, don't worry about what anyone else says!  And remember that all of us on Pugspot LOVE LOVE LOVE him.

Sofezmom (almost 7 years ago)

Wow...can't imagine someone could be so cruel...and so wrong!!! Rexi is a doll...well he's just way too cute for words!!!

Steph (almost 7 years ago)

It doesn't even matter whether or not this person thinks that Rex is a beautiful dog (which he is), what matters is that she felt that she could enter another person's home and make such thoughtless and rude remarks.

I agree with whoever else mentioned banning this person from your home, and having a conversation with your sister about boundaries. Completely uncalled for.

Frankie2009 (almost 7 years ago)

The Gall of some people. I think Rex is a distinguish  look fellow and distintive, and cute! of Course I am A dog lover...I am guilty of sometimes ignoring people in Favour of their dog! I would have fussed over him....just like everyone else's dog on pug spot. Correct m,e if I am wrong but Dogs were creatd to be fussed over??? it what they do best. I would want people like that around either. Even when I go to the Bark Park I fuss over all of the dogs there....(is it bad I know all of the dogs names, but not the names of the owner?) I ussually just say oh your so-and so's owner. anyways.....somepeople have no class.

sweetsvirgo (almost 7 years ago)

I think you handled things just as I would have but the police may have been called...So super rude, disrespectful, hurtful and just plain mean....Thank goodness kids can say sometimes what we want, we we don't, lol!!!

ZuZu0609 (almost 7 years ago)

OMG Kat, I think I would have lost it if anyone said anything remotely like that about ZuZu Although, in situations like this sometimes we're just stunned and have no idea what to say. I must say, you handled yourself very well. We all know Rexi is a handsome guy and that's all that matters!

leafy (almost 7 years ago)

OMG Rexi is a cutie and I hate it when people say that.  You did well.  Someone once said to me about Stan "oh, he's been hit with the ugly stick hasn't he".  I just looked at the man confused and didn't reply.  They should keep their comments to themselves, even if they are joking, its not nice. 

three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

Ah Kat that story brought tears to my eyes, I am a stronggg believer in Karma so that girl had better watch what she is saying about Rexi!!!  You know and we all know here on pugspot what a little cutie Rexi is and that is allllll that matters.  Your boy was very correct in the wording he used!!  I was even telling my parents yesterday on a visit about rexi and how cute he is....mom asked me why he was hairy, and i said i don't know...i just know he has a very distincint personality!!  lol.....People make fun of stellie's eyes alot also....we hear bug-eyed freak, and alien dog.....I correct them and ask them to never call her that again, even if it is said in fun!  It hurts our feelings as pug moms and dads more than people realize....

kenv (almost 7 years ago)

WOW! You handled that better than I ever would have. I would have kicked both of them out with a barrage of swear words.

cd (almost 7 years ago)

there is an old saying about dogs look like their owners , i would have said that.( dogs look like their owners) then asked her if she would like to refrase her comment. if no apology comes then tell them don't let the door slam on your way out.

Kat_and_Rex (almost 7 years ago)

Hey evryone, thanks everso much for your support and such kind words. rexi may not be super good looking, but he is my baby, I've had him since he was 7 weeks old, okay he didn't start off hairy and looked like a pug should look, then his legs stopped growing but his fur didn't.

I know I don't have to explain this to you guys as your just the same, but I cannot describe how much I love this little guy; we have always joked that if there was a fire in the house, I would scope up rexi and tell my boy to grab my laptop lol....we joke.....I know it to be true!

I spoke to my sister; she came back around yesterday evening with her family (yes she is an adult, and older than I) and I kinda let rip, as my boy had gone to fencing; I mainly held back because my boy was there at the time. 

My sister, went through the whole semi-apology of 'ohhhh she was joking',  'she didn't mean any of it' and 'You took it way to seriously'. Well I went into  'well, your husband is a tw*t' and 'your home decor is tacky', 'your a*se IS big in that dress!'....quickly followed by 'i'm only joking' and 'don't take it so seriously I didn't mean it....well not about your house decor, thats quite nice!'

All this while she sitting on my sofa, stroking and fussing Rexi (like she always has); she even brought him new bear and bone! Her friend won't be coming over again and they did promotly leave when my boy referred to her as a b*tch. Although she didn;t directly apologise, the gifts for rexi were a peacemaker.

I told her that if she couldn't  find better friends then she shouldn't bring them into my house. She didn't reply, I think she got the message. As she was leaving, she checked out her butt in the floor mirror, turned and asked if her butt really did look big...I told her 'Yes!'.

cathym (almost 7 years ago)

First of all beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And as you know Olivia and Sophia along with myself think Rexi is an extremely handsome young Puggie. Secondly, this woman must have been raised by buffoons because I was raised if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. Lastly give Rexi, Flower the wonder dog and Samson bigs kisses from us.

elgor (almost 7 years ago)

I would have been mad, too! My pugs are my family and if someone doesn't like them then they are NOT welcome in my home!

I have to admit that I acted "weird" at my husband's nieces' house once! She had two rats and they were huge! I am terrified of mice and these things scared the crap out of me. She let them run all over her house - they would climb on the sofa and curl up on her neck!  As soon as I saw them I ran outside and sat in the car (and cried) while I waited for everyone else ... I just couldn't stay in the house with those creatures running around the living room! My husband came out to make sure I was okay I told him to go back in and visit with his family ... I'd be okay! I know they all laughed at me but I didn't care ... it was their house so I felt it was the right thing for me to go out and wait ...

Rexi is a pug .. not a rat! How could someone not love him???

l.moes (almost 7 years ago)

I had Ping to a new Vet and the Vet tech girl came to check her before the Vet came in. Well She called Ping FAT to her little face.She is NOT fat, well lets just say I had a talk with the Vet about her and how rude that was and it better not happen again. You know I haven't seen her around the office again. I think she is hiding from me HA HA !

Biggles (almost 7 years ago)

AH! I would have been SO mad. I think this is something we are bound to encounter as pug owners. We see past the 'unique' appearance of our babies. We don't see anything wrong with them at all.. We see their sweet, loving and gentle souls. We see the beautiful, big pouty eyes that are always starnig up at us in hopes of getting some food, and we see the CONSTANT love and affection that they have for us. There is nothing in this world that I can think of that makes me as happy as my little puggies. We all know that our pugs are more than "just dogs", they are family! Sometimes I feel sorry for the people that will never know what an amazing thing it is to be owned by a pug. Then again, there are some people that definitely don't deserve to know how it is.
I bet your sister's friend will think twice from now on! I'm going to have to give you an internet high-five for not socking that mean girl right in the face! haha. There's two things in my world that you don't even THINK about messing with.. they go by the names Biggie and Ollie
Rexi is very handsome! I love looking at the photos of him and showing him to my boyfriend because I think he is just too cute!
By the way, I was laughing out loud to your second post.. Way to go!!!! That was just too funny.


Shea (almost 7 years ago)

Kat I always say the same thing, "I'll grab the dogs and you get my computer if the house is on fire".  My son tells me it's a good thing he is old enough to fend for himself because he isn't sure I would get him before I get the dogs if he wasn't.  At which time I simply point to the "Dogs Inside"  fire sticker on the windows and remind him there isn't one that says "Teenager Inside", enough said.  He just laughs.

I had a friend push Lola off the couch one day while visiting.  I picked Lola up and put her right back on the couch and told my friend that if it bothered her having Lola and Tucker on the couch when she was here then she was more than welcome to sit in the floor but this was the dog's home and they would sit on the couch anytime they wanted.  She hasn't done it since.  I don't recall her being here licking my face to make me feel better the last time I was sick....OK, well maybe I wouldn't have WANTED her licking my face.....but you get the point.

Kat_and_Rex (almost 7 years ago)

I must say that everyone have made me feel so much better; partly as you have had similar experenices and that i'm not so crazy that I cried and wanted to punch her in the head.

We have had much better days since, with rexi as the centre of attention.

We had 2 old dears come into the centre on tuesday and ask if they could show the children how to knit, 'wow of course they can', main problem is I have no idea how to knit myself.

So they whipped out their knitting needles and began to show us, it didn't take long for Rexi to start playing with the ball of wool and they didn't even mind, telling me that he is too cute to be told off  for playing; one lady even knitted him a little beany hat (in like 5 minutes flat!) It's so cute, not that he will wear it, but the thought was there!

Anissa-Martin (almost 7 years ago)

Rude.  My mother has made similar comments though.  Some people don't understand what 'tact' is.  We all love different types of animals for different reasons.  Don't let their uncultured sense daunt you.  You are the higher species.

RedRoss9 (almost 7 years ago)

You handled this much better than I would have.  I take Molly out and about whenever I can (which isn't often lately and I feel guilty, but I digress).  Inevitably, some woman with her kid says "Oh, honey!  Look at the ugly little dog!" and it is all I can do not to crouch down next to Molly and go "Oh, Molly!  Look at the ugly little kid!".  People just have no regard or respect for other people's feelings anymore. 

larrydavid (almost 7 years ago)

not sure if youve heard of this derogatory word for ladies like that but in my circle...


is what i call it....and a sad one too, that she is clueless on the joy that pugs bring...sad.

KatB (almost 7 years ago)

Kat and Rexi, You handled it way better than I would. WELL DONE! Ya know I have to say this. I don't understand where common curtisy, morals and values have gone. Somewhere along the road I guess. It must not be COOL to be nice to people anymore. It is sad. There is beauti in all things great and small. God made them all  for us to look at, love, and take care of.

Frankie2009 (almost 7 years ago)

Why people say such things still surprise me! I think all dogs are cute....I never considered a pug before Frankie, and I must admit, that I was not a fan until I got Frankie, then my whole out look changed. I think all dogs are Cute and adorable, Now I can come across any pug or Pug cross, without making a fuss and giving them lots of love. As know I know better! They are all cute in many diffrent ways! for me it always the soulful loving eyes that get me!

Zuji (12 months ago)

~ Whatever happened to tact, let alone good manners for a visitor?

Pugs are charming, nothing at all like the crude slurs described here.

It goes to show, not everyone is made for Pugs, which is their loss.