I will never feel truly supported....

I'm so excited that our champion pugs Stu and Bailey but not much support from anyone on here. Even before my husband and I had dogs, we knew we wanted to breed for the right reason, to continue to produce standard of breed puppies, I see nothing wrong with it. I've owned shelter dogs, abandoned dog, Lilly, until she died 2 yrs ago we feed her and she slept on the porch every night. I love my babies and I take them to the vet before, during, after the pregnancy, they always have uptodate rabies and well checks, they are loved and played with and walked and snuggled and bathed, I love my pugs. And it's my right to breed these pugs because I do it for the right reasons, my babies are not for sale but up for addoption with fees you'd be happy to pay for a healthy, beautiful show quaility dog. You have to be approved before you get my dogs so how more resposible should I be? I Know there are pugs are in the shelter, if i had the means to do it i would have every dog in my house....I do have a heart, I do care. Just stop making me feel bad for being a breeder especialy since I know I'm an excellent breeder. So I will continue to update on Olives progress and up until her babies are born. Leave the negative comments out...I don't want to her it, my baby is having her first litter and it's real and exciting and serious and alot of work but I am more than readt for that.


RosienMikeysMom (about 8 years ago)

sweetvirgo...please don't feel like that. i am all for responsible breeding. if you have done your research, know what can happen, do the proper testing, do it to better the breed not for the money and screen your potential pug parents, i am all for it. it's just that many people come on here not even having a pug yet, ask for advice and say they are so cute, they want to have at least one litter not knowing anything about breeding. that's when problems arise and they either lose their dog, lose puppies or they have such bad health problems that they end up in shelters or rescues because the new parents can't afford the medical bills. after all, many of us would not have pugs if it wasn't for breeders. there are so many people on here that are involved in rescue and see the after effects of bad breeding and irresponsible dog owners that they just want to let everyone out there aware not only of potential dangers but also other options to owning a pug. i know i didn't know there were specific breed rescues until i got into pugs. i thought the only ones out there were for greyhounds, i figured who would ever give up a pure bred dog. anyway, enough of my rambling...i wish you, olive and stu the best, hope everything goes well and would love to see pictures of the puppies.


Laurie222 (about 8 years ago)

Good luck with everything Sweetvirgo - I am not on this site to judge anyone.  I am just a pug lover & I wish you the best of luck with your new litter!!  Hope to see some pictures of those adorable pups soon.  

Take care.

KatieBug27 (about 8 years ago)

I think we need more breeders like you!!!! I not only support you but i encourage you! i feel like we love this breed and the only way its going to stay alive is if people like you keep breeding!

Shpigford Staff (about 8 years ago)

sweetsvirgo: Please let me know where people have talked negatively toward you here on PugSpot. That's definitely not something we tolerate...we want to be as welcoming as possible and certainly want you to be part of our little community!

ZuZu0609 (about 8 years ago)

sweetsvirgo........The subject of breeding seems to be a very touchy subject here on Pugspot. Even if you go through the past forum topics the only subject that ever seems to get heated is when the subject of breeding comes up. There are many reputable breeders out there (and it sounds like you are probably one of them ) but for every one legitimate breeder there's probably 10 times as many people that breed them for the wrong reasons and are doing it blindly while not knowing the risks involved   Many pug owners here on Pugspot have devoted their homes and lives to taking in and fostering unwanted puggies (I would love to be able to do that one day!) but because of the sad situations that they deal with on a daily basis, I can understand how it might be hard for many people to show the excitement and support that you are looking for  But please, please do not feel like you are not welcomed here because I don't think that's anyone's intention, especially from all of the pug owner's that I see on here all the time  Take care of that little Momma-to-Be and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of those little baby puglets

Tannis and ZuZu

Mom2Pugs (about 8 years ago)

Sweetsvirgo, I am the one that wished your babies good luck and I trully meant it. I would also love to keep up with their progerss, eapecially the pups! LOL. I wish there were more breeders like you out there. I used to breed Shelties many years ago and I must say I could not do it better myself! Sending you and your babies a big pug hug! Marti

sweetsvirgo (about 8 years ago)

Thanks for the support guys...I'm just so excited when my babies have babies, I love raising puppies and finding them the best homes possible, to give someone the gift of a sweet, charming, goofy little pug just warms my heart.

Abbey89 (about 8 years ago)

I'm am all for responsible breeders!  Responsible breeders are what keep Pugs going, and in the right direction.  We all know what poor breeding leads to, so kudos to you for being another keeper of the Pug breed!  Good luck with your girl and her pups!

KatB (about 8 years ago)

Have been in and out on pugspot lately due to added afternoon training classes at club. Kinda hit and miss on the topics. Sorry.  We all know that without breeding, we would not be sitting here chatting with one another about our beloved pugs. Yes the topic of breeding does tend to get heated. Sadly, on the inter net, you can be who ever you want to be and no one is the wiser for it. So I am alittle leiry at times. Sometimes it's not hard to tell who has been around the block when it comes to breeding, and who's not. A lot of us tend to discourage  breeding when we feel that person doesn't have a clue or is wanting to do it for the wrong reasons. When I joined my kennel club it is one of the things that I promised as a member to educate others on the right and wrong subject. Breeding is best left to those that are responsible, know what the heck they are doing, and care only for the support of good healthy, quality dogs, and not do it for money or over breeding. And if that person still wants to get into breeding dogs, I tell them to find a  mentor to learn from. It's something I feel very very strongly about. I do preach about rescue, fostering, and spay and neuturing, and will continue to do so. And will continue to do it in the most tactful way possible. But some folks just don't get it. I have had my own feelings hurt by some on here, when they don't get the reply that they wanted,  saying I and a few others are  against all breeding, because we do resuce and foster. And I will say it now. That is not true! Walk a mile in my shoes.  I have myself welped pups, and was raised in a family who breed dogs for many years. Some of the best hunting dogs in this area.  Being a member of my AKC kennel club, have emailed, made telephone calls to state reps to fight against new pet laws, and radical groups, that would like to take away your rights to breed, and own dogs. All because of puppymill breeders being money hungry.   In resent years joining into rescue and fostering, and have learned the horrible things that people do to animals. So at times, myself and others come across as harsh on some topics. I am sorry if I have offended anyone. Not my intent. My intent is to educate. Responsible Breeders! You know if you are, Thanks for our wonderful pugs. Keep our breed true and sound.  

And sweetvirgo? Congrads on your up coming litter. My best to ma and pa PUG. Sending prayers for a healthy litter of beautiful puggers for the world to share. Make sure we get to see pictures.   P.S.- The crazy lady.

Zuji (9 months ago)

~ Until reading all of the posts in this thread, I had no idea that breeding was regarded as being such a sensitive subject.

As Zuji is a male, the thought of breeding never occurs.

Those responsible Pug breeders do a considerable service by facilitating the whelping of healthy Pug babies.