Is it worth having health insurance for pugs?

Hi my pug family! I just wanna ask for your opinions regarding pugs' health insurance. We've been paying $60/mo for our 2 pugs health insurance for almost 2 years now. (About $1,400, more or less) Our plan has a deductible of $250 a year. Till this day, we haven't gotten any single cent of reimbursement from our insurance company for all our visits to the vets. Would you advice us to still keep our health insurance, even if we've paid a lot already and have gotten nothing? Or just lose it and just pay on our own as we go. What are the foreseeable health problems with pugs as they get older? Please advice.

Thank you!



cd (about 6 years ago)

why didn't the insurance pay? if they aren't paying for anything then why keep paying for it.

Kimmi-Lewie (about 6 years ago)

I personally would keep the insurance going, pugs tend to get alot of problems and I have made so many claims with Lewies. I currently pay £80 a month for him and in one month the insurance company paid for £8000 worth of treament for him and there is no way I could of afforded to of paid for that out of my own pocket. I know it seems like a lot every month going out of your bank but at least you have peace of mind incase anything was to happen. If the company arent paying up for some reason maybe change companys x

Vicki-Boone (about 6 years ago)

I'd definitely suggest switching companies and actually complaining to your current company and finding out why they've never reimbursed you.

Try a price comparison website to get the best deal. I pay around£13-£15 per month for Boone and I've luckily never had to visit the vets for any irregular health issues

Good luck! x

newpugmom (about 6 years ago)

Thank you all for your replies! The insurance company has not paid anything yet coz we have not met our deductible yet, which is $250/ yr. I always pay upfront to the vet whenever I bring George & Frank for their vaccines & regular check-ups. Then I submit the receipt to the insurance co. They said they would only reimburse me once I have spent already $250/dog in a year. The sad part is, you start on a clean slate every year. What you have spent on the previous yr. doesn't even roll over to the next. Right now our dogs are pretty healthy. George is 3yrs & 3 mos. old, while Frank is 5 months younger. So at the moment, for most part, I only bring them to the vet for their regular vaccines & check-ups. So aside from paying for those visits myself, we still pay the insurance $60/mo and have gotten nothing out of it! I'm just so undecided right now weather to keep or just drop the insurance.

@kimmie-lewie- how old is Lewies and what problems or illnesses has he experienced?

I appreciate all your advices. Thank you so much, my pug family!

SiennasMommy (about 6 years ago)

I like having insurance for the peace of mind that if anything happened, I can take her in. I support pug rescues and it is sad to see someone have to give up their pug because they can't afford a surgery. That would be my worst nightmare.

Sienna had pancreatitis and that cost $500. The blood tests alone were $200...she had to have 2, so you can figure about $100 for a blood test.

You might want to shop around for a different insurance. There are comparison charts and reviews of what insurances paid up.

horatiothepug (almost 6 years ago)

I would recommend having insurance! We've had Horatio for 1 year and he's had a lot of problems with his eye, leading to a bill of almost £3000. I would definitely not have had the cash to pay for this.

Make sure you get a 'covered for life' plan; our's is 12 month essential, but I wish I got the more premium cover however the chap on the phone advised me to get this one. Now I know why... I want to upgrade it at renewal stage but I think it's unlikely they'll allow us. His eyes are probably uninsurable now!

Ushagrace (almost 6 years ago)

Im in the process of signing up for insurance now. I read with interest your story. I am going thru A company called VPI. Now im not so sure that I am doing the right thing! Usha

Kimmi-Lewie (almost 6 years ago)

Hi New Pug Mom,

Hes 12 years old and had a few problems bless him from pancritus, food allergies, going blind, broncitus.. You really wouldnt quite believe it though as hes like a little puppy.

He had a growth in his eye recently and that alone for treatment came to £500 as I was sent to an eye specialist out of town - Obviously i want the best care for him and best treatment so will pay what ever I need, but knowing I can claim back some money is a result x

newpugmom (almost 6 years ago)

Thank you so much everyone for your advices. It's great to be part of this pug family. I love the support & love from everybody!

pugvadar (about 2 years ago)

I would recommend still having insurance but I would probably shop around for a different company. My pug has already been to the vet a couple of times for breed-related stuff like skin problems and respiratory and airway issues and more, so I’ve started to research some options online. I’ve found a few resources that help clear things up but I'll have to talk to my vet first and maybe some other pug parents to see what's best. Just remember pugs have more health problems than regular mixed breed dogs because they’ve been selectively bred for a long time and any purebred dog, especially brachycephalic breeds (bred for short muzzles and smashed faces). I’ll include the places I found to have the most accurate info in case you’re interested. Been looking for more threads from other pug owners on their opinions as well