just bought a great harness!!!!

in my never ending search for the perfect harness, i think i actually found one!!!! you see, mikey, aka houdini, seems to manage to back out of just about every harness i have ever bought him...even the puppias. i love the puppia harness and think they look smashing on them but i always have to be aware of mikey getting out of it. i have literally spent hundreds of dollars on harnesses for my guys. well this weekend we went to a dog walk for canine cancer research and there was a vendor there selling comfortflex sport harnesses. i happen to have bookmarked this harness online cause i thought i might consider it. i put it on mikey and the vendor let me use it for a while. it seemed to be comfortable for him, so once again, i handed over the cash. well, yesterday we went for a walk and rosie, who gets spooked by those grates in the road, couldn't back out of it and mikey, who gets spooked by who knows what and backs out of every harness, still had his on as well!!! YAY!!! finally one that works!!! just wanted you guys to know about them just incase you have the same problem...definitely a pug paws up review over here!!!!


RedRoss9 (about 8 years ago)

That's tempting!  Molly got out of her harness 3 times on Saturday at Woofstock!  Talk about a panic-fest.  Stan does well in just your standard harness, but Buggy is another escape artist.  I may be investing in one or more of these.  Thanks for the tip!  And you tell Rosie and Mikey to behave, otherwise Auntie Jenny is going to have to come up there an have a chat with Them.  And pets, and snuggles and treats.  That'll teach 'em!

Madison Rose (about 8 years ago)

Carol, thanks for the info.  Miss Maddie may need one of these (though we're moving to a house with a fenced-in yard so she may not need one so much).  And RedRoss9, your threats are too funny.   Maddie wants me to take notes on how you discipline!

amyb8199 (about 8 years ago)

That harness looks very interesting. I also bought one from a local vendor that I really liked because it just slid over the dogs head and buckled under the belly. Unfortunatley pugsley chewed up the buckle part. This one looks like the same concept. I'm not too fond of putting things over heads and under and in between legs like most harnesses especially with a squirmy pug.

RosienMikeysMom (about 8 years ago)

amyb8199...this one goes over the head but it goes over really easy cause it is such a wide opening. the front part goes across the chest from shoulder to shoulder so there is absolutely no pressure near the treachea. the band around the body of the chest is secured with velcro so you can get a perfect fit with a snap buckle just for added security. the harness is completely padded so it's nice and comfy and even has refective strips in the front so you can see them at night. i'm really happy with them...and no, i don't get any kick back from any sale ...i'm just really happy i found one that works

oh, and auntie jenny...rosie and mikey says "we ain't scared a yous, we just kill you wit kisses"

pugsly (about 8 years ago)

Why do pugs like to chew the buckles on there harness i've had to replace all three at one time. As for putting them on my guys have learned to lift there leg so the strap will go under there chest. Robbie like to try to bite the harness if I don't scruf his neck first. Silly pugs but they get excited when it's time for there walk.

Rosie and mikey you guys are too funny.

KatB (about 8 years ago)

Carol, That harness looks really nice. Glad to hear that it is working. It's cute. I hope you bought Mikey a blue one though. TeeHee.

nicky927 (about 8 years ago)

That's a nice harness! We've also had problems finding a harness that fits Sophie right. She's got this one that you put on the floor and she steps in, pull up and buckle on her back with a buckle and it has 2 D rings for your leash. It sits lower on the chest in front by design, so it's weird on her shoulders, it sits low and I feel like it restricts her but she walks fine and it's not bulky like some harnesses. It was $15.99 at PetSmart. $30 for a harness is a bit expensive, but if it fits well, then it's way worth it in the long run. I wish I knew a local vendor so I could try one on her.

SiriusPugMom (about 8 years ago)

I am going to bookmark the link you provided -- thanks very much. So far no trouble with the harness I have, but I'm very paranoid about this. A few years ago I witnessed a pug (not mine) wrestle out of her harness and run straight into oncoming traffic onto an interstate highway. Thankfully, the traffic stopped and she was quickly scooped up to safety by her owner -- but as I live off a busy road, I am so paranoid about Sirius doing this and only walk him in the backyard, away from the traffic. If Sirius gets out of his harness even once, I'll purchase this one. Thanks again, RosienMikeysMom!

Zuji (9 months ago)

~ Zuji's harness is called ‘Tailup’. All-black, it's fairly loose.

He doesn't seem to mind it, making almost no effort to chew on it.

His focus is on the interesting outdoor world, with the harness an afterthought.