Let your pugs sleep with you

I also go to bed with my little jaxy with me. He starts out and the very edge of the bed, then by morning he is curled up by my face! We are always so happy so see each other in the morning. Jackson is very afraid of cages (check out my profile and you will find out why), so why not let him up with me?


RosienMikeysMom (over 9 years ago)

i see absolutely no reason what so ever why your pugs shouldn't sleep with you. rosie and mikey cuddle up with me and my husband every night since the day we had them....i can't fall asleep without them!

melissa829 (over 9 years ago)

Well, at first our pug didn't sleep with us as we were crate training him. But he eventually ended up in our bed, and now has to sleep between my husband and I every night. We are looking at upgrading to a King size bed! We are running out of room..Lol

Defense (over 9 years ago)

Our pug has been sleeping with us since day 1 and I cant fall asleep without her either,she loves to cuddle. She also has to sleep between my husband and I every night and we have a king size bed and sometimes we feel like that isnt enough.....LOL

Shpigford Staff (over 9 years ago)

Unfortunately our two snore so loud that it's simply impossible to sleep when they are in the bed.

CallMeBreeze (over 9 years ago)

I wouldn't mine James and Baci sleeping with us (and Maria would Love it, but they keep me awake all night. ! - They snore really loudly. 2 - Their compact little bodies are so dense that they weigh down the blankets so it feels as though I'm wrapped up like a mummy! 3 - They MUST be between us and I'm not really fond of that.
But on weekends when if we are sleeping in we often invite them.


magooo (over 9 years ago)

We used to love lil stew ball in our bed....he slept there since the day we got him, until there was a lil inicident and a bad case of diaherria.....YIKES lol Sometimes he gives us that lil "I LOVE YOU" look and we cant resist!!!! allthough sleeping with out him is a lot more peace ful lol

predatorpug (over 9 years ago)

We tried the crate deal when we got Kamoku and he would just whimper all night long and he's been sleeping with us ever since. The snoring doesn't bother me, I snore like a lumber jack : ) And bless my hubby, he doesn't snore at all and we're both still allowed in bed...lol.....If we get another pug, we're gonna need to upgrade to a king bed.

olliegus0607 (over 9 years ago)

All three of my dogs(2 puggies one boxer) sleep with me and my husband in a queen size bed. The two puggies snoring is so rythmic I can't sleep without it! They are my little snuggle pugs and I can't imagine having a bed without them in it.

ronnycage (over 9 years ago)

when i adopted mine they said she was crate trained by both previous owners... we have a crate, we leave the door open and she sleeps in on her own. she can freely get out and hasnt even done it once. up to her... I tried putting her on the bed... she'll sleep but if we bump her more then a couple times she gets up and goes back to her crate... I think she spent most of her life in a crate at her old owners houses... who knows I cant prove it but shes definately happier now!!!

puglife (over 9 years ago)

my pugs always sleep with me! they are great to snuggle with and keep me warm. i'm actually in atlanta right now on a trip and couldnt bring them and have had the worst time sleeping! i never thought i'd miss their snoring but i do! haha.

amya1234 (over 9 years ago)

We sleep with our Pug and our Frenchie in the bed. They or We wouldn't have it any other way. They will not move no matter how you toss and turn. The pug will start out at the bottom of the bed, and only after about 4:30 am, he stumbles through the middle of us and paws at the blanket, then he will crawl under the covers and I have to turn on my side, and he will lay next to me with his head across my arm. He's a good snuggler!

Hemi2007 (over 9 years ago)

Our pug Hemi has been sleeping between my husband and I since he was about 8 months old after he was crate trained. He chooses who he sleeps next to each night. & for the snoring I have to figure out if it is Hemi or my husband LOL!

devonator (over 9 years ago)

we sleep with our three pugs and one peke in a king size bed. the blind one sleeps between us. he used to sleep is a doggie bed on the floor by our bed but he would cry at the side of the bed til we brought him to bed with us and i've never had a pug snore as much as he does! i learned a long time ago that earplugs are the greatest! the two boys are absolute snuggle bugs and i usually wake with oreo sharing my pillow as close to me as he can be! I'm usually sandwiched with a pug on one side, two on the other and my peke at the foot of the bed, and you're right..... they don't move!!!

Psweet57 (over 9 years ago)

Our pug Mia has always slept with us she didn't do well with the crate and we just got another pug yesterday her name is Kiwi and she even slept with us last night They snore but gotta love em!

zombie (about 9 years ago)

When I got Zombie the people warned me that he snored, I laughed and told them not to worry... my husband snored like a freight train, lol... and I sleep like a log-- through the whole snoring orchestra, lol! I am always worried of him falling off the bed too though, but hes doin good

NicholeRenee228 (about 9 years ago)

Shasta sleeps with my husband and I every night. I always tell him she loves me more because she only sleeps next to me (she really does love me more..lol)

MyPugsMom (about 9 years ago)

Charlie sleeps on the pillow next to me and Oliver sleeps under the covers, attached to my hip. I also wouldn't have it any other way. At first Charlie's snoring got to be a bit much but now I'm so used to it that it doesn't bother me. Sometimes he'll shove his nose next to my ear and snore and that isn't right. Nothing like waking up with wet pug breath in your ear.

papaofgus (about 9 years ago)

I couldnt imagine sleeping without my pugs although there have been a few times that they have had to sleep on the couch because of the loud snoring. When 3 pugs are going at it hard noone sleeps

Molly (about 9 years ago)

Uba always sleeps in bed with me! I noticed a lot of people saying the snoring is annoying....I know this sounds strange but I can't sleep without her snoring!

papaofgus (about 9 years ago)

Back in late January we had a bad ice storm here in central kentucky. The power was off for a week but luckily my parents still had power. So we loaded up the three pugs and the bassett hound and headed over there. The only spare bed at my parents house is my old twin size bed. Now imagine 2 grown adults 3 pugs and a bassett hound in a twin size bed. I was never so happy to have the power turned back on.

KatB (about 9 years ago)

I would love to have my puggy's sleep with me at night. Hubby flip flops and he's afraid he mit sqush one. I say none since, but I do take naps in late afternoon and my puggy's, jap chin and minpin all curl up together without dad. HAHA! and I love it. We just tell him there's no more room. Old Fuddy Duddy!

jaxysweetheart (about 9 years ago)

Wow, i had no idea there were so many snuggle-pugglers! My neice and sister can never fall asleep with my dogs in her bed! Jackson will just keep barking at my nephew!

yoda (about 9 years ago)

yoda sleeps with us and has since the 2nd night we brought her home. She is an excellent pet and loving companion. wouldn't let her sleep anywhere else

hlynnr (about 9 years ago)

Yep , my boys still sleep with me! I Love them soo much I can't stand to see them cry!

milosmom (about 9 years ago)

Milo will wedge himself between my legs by my knees if I am on my back...If I am on my side he curls up behind me. Sampson starts out at the end of the bed then goes to the floor. I can't sleep without Milo snuggled up by me....doesn't work so well when the boyfriend is over and he ends up on the couch because Milo won't leave me...lol

Mom2Pugs (about 9 years ago)

Desi and Bella have always slept on the bed. Desi is the snuggler and Bella has to have a pillow to sleep on. When I first got Desi, I had to find a way for him to access the bed. It is a water bed on a pedestal, it is high. So, at bed time I put a chair at the end of the bed so the pugs can jump on the chair and then the bed. Oh, and there is a water bowl on the rail at the foot of the bed incase they need a drink in the night. Can't sleep with out them! LOL

frostnipper (almost 9 years ago)

My eldest Pudge has always slept on our bed. When i got my twins i kennel trained them, they spent the first year or so sleeping in their kennels. I didnt think 3 pugs and hubby would fit comfortably. Then My Pugs and I moved back to our farm in NS from the North, I of course let them all curl in with me on the bed. The pugs and i spent 6 months before my husband joined us.... guess what 3 pugs and hubby all fit in bed... LOL

tanziesmom (almost 9 years ago)

The first night we brought Tanzie home, my husband had her sleep in the bed between us. He was up all night, afraid that he would roll over onto her and squish her. Then I made a bed for her next to my side, on the floor. She was there for 5 months or so. Since I work at night and my husband works during the day, I would come home after work and find Tanzie and my hubby curled up together on the bed. I don't know exactly when things changed, but they did. Tanzie not only sleeps on the bed with us, but, she has her own pillow and set of sheets to sleep with ( at the head of the bed above my pillow). Amazing how things change and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Baxter011 (almost 7 years ago)

My boy sleeps with me every night. He thinks it is his bed. He starts out under the covers between my legs. Everytime I flip to the left or right , he moves to the side behind me. About 4am, he comes flying up throught he covers and lands on my pillow beside my head still covered up to the neck and usually stays till I get up. Sometimes, he starts to eat at bedtime, and I really can't go to sleep till I hear him shake and then jump into the bed! There... I've said it....I luv my PUG

Jenrae (almost 7 years ago)

Onyx does but as Tobi has gotten older ( 13 )  she seems to prefer to sleep on her own bed.  

Sofezmom (almost 7 years ago)

We too sleep in a queen with the queen...Sophia. She stretches length wise between us and we hug the edges. I have to have an extra blanket to throw over me because I end up with just a piece of sheet. When she gets cold she comes up and scratches to get under and there she stays until the panting begins and she comes back up. This sometimes happens repeatedly thru the night. When she's refreshed and ready to start the day...anytime after 5 am...she scratches at my face/head until I wake up. Then it's run around me head to toe until I get up, let her down and then it's out side to do business and then back in for breakfast. 

This has been going on since she was potty trained to wake us up and take her out. When we first brought her ome at 8 weeks she slept in a big Tupperware box on the floor beside me. I'd hold her until she fell asleep and put her down in the box. If she cried in the night I'd pick her up and repeat. most nights I slept with my arm over the edge and hand down with her in the box. 

Having her in the bed might not be the most comfortable sleeping arrangement but the few times we've slept without her we missed her terribly. I love waking up to her little loving face and wouldn't trade this arrangement for anything!

leafy (almost 7 years ago)

Stan sleeps with us.  He starts off at the bottom of the bed then moves in between my legs then by morning he is in the middle of my husband and I snoring away.  He's like a bolster down the middle of the bed.  He started off in the kitchen when we first got him but after 5 months something must have scared him because he was non stop barking at night so we brought him up with a bed but he prefers out bed.  There's no getting him down now unless you give him a Kong to play with.  We love our puggle snuggles.  Last night my husband was sat on our new bean bag chair laid on the floor and Stan walked straight up his chest and sat on the back of the beanbag as if to say "hey what's this new thing, I think I'll take charge of it".

You've got to love them.

three_cute (almost 7 years ago)

Yep both of our pugs sleep with us now for at least a year...i have to change my sheets everyday cos of the shedding but i just deal with it...sam burrows under the covers , stella sleeps between us, sometimes she sleeps on my neck depending on her mood....we were just talking about this last night and in hindsight wish we would have crate trained them to their own space at night, but we thought being new pug parents that the bed was the only way we could get any sleep for the first few months....we just need a bigger bed ...we have a queen size...wishing for a king!!

Frankie2009 (almost 7 years ago)

Our Pug Frankie sleeps in the big bed with us! for such a little dog he takes up lots of room! lol

He has been up with us since day one......he likes to snuggle under the blakents with the wife......until I get hone from night shift...then it a walk...breakfast then he get his chew bone and chews it beside me...then a nap then its off to see what momma is doing....sometimes he has to be touching both of us....but hey is that not what pugs do best? give you the woest me eyes and we cave? but it doens't bother us as he is our Furkid......and in winter it is nice to have a hot water bottle that is Frankie! lol 

MeggiePugette (almost 7 years ago)

We went camping last weekend and it was the first time that we let our pugette sleep in the bed (or air-mattress I should say lol) with us. She SNORED sooo loud the whole night, I guess it's not  such a good idea for her to sleep in our bed! Hehe