I have a question...there might already be a forum on this but I am new to this site and haven't been able to explore everything yet.  Anyway, just wondering if there is anything to stop my pug from constantly licking...everything...the air, the floor, furniture, me, etc etc etc...most of the time it does not bother me but sometimes it can be really annoying.  I have found that saying "no lick" sometimes works...but then a few minutes later, he starts up again.  Not a big deal, but just wanted to ask around to see if there is any advice.  Thank you!


reaper (about 7 years ago)

Kevers, I really don't have any advice on how to make a pug stop licking.  Puga (4yr old fawn) has constantly licked since the day we brought him home over 4 years ago.  He licks everything!  The only time he doesn't lick is when he's asleep or playing with Aubie.  I wish there was something to make him stop, but I guess thats just their character.

Biggles (about 7 years ago)

I think it's just a little puggy quirk Biggie does the same thing! He will sit and lick the wall all day if I let him! He loves to lick the air, too haha. He will sit in front of me until I look at him and then start licking the air! It's so weird! When we go to bed, he lays down by my feet and licks my legs! He's just silly. I don't have any advice on how to make it stop, but I know how it is! haha. I have to admit, though... I think it's cute when he licks that air  

By the way, welcome to Pugspot! Your baby is SO cute!

leafy (about 7 years ago)

Stan constantly licks too, he likes licking the leather on the bed and his bed too.  He has now started to wake us up in the morning with a big lick on our noses.  He's saying "c'mon mummy and daddy its breakfast time"

RedRoss9 (about 7 years ago)

Molly licks everything, too.  Her toys, her paws, the air, the couch, the floor, the bed, my face and neck, my arms...everything.  And this morning I was sitting on my bed, putting on my lotion, socks, etc, and she licked my back for 5 minutes.  It felt very disturbing. 

JanandSass (about 7 years ago)

REDROSS9!!!! You should be honoured that your puggie would give you a back massage!!! HA!   I guess beauty is in the eye of the  beholder!  Sacha will suck her "thumb" (or where one would be if she had one, whenever she gets suckie.  She licks the air, the sheets (now, that's disturbing!)  and our feet.  Often she will lick them & then sit on them.  (?) 

RedRoss9 (about 7 years ago)

I didn't so much mind the back licking.  It WAS disturbing feeling, and I had just showered and I didn't particularly want pug slobber on my back, but that's ok.  It was when she started moving around to the side and licking my love handles that I got really creeped out.  I know that they're there, but I don't particularly want that much attention paid to them. 

Every night, at bedtime, Molly has a ritual.  She hops up in bed and waits for me to take her collar off.  Then she sits and waits to be offered a dish of water.  She may not drink from it, but she refuses to proceed to the next step of the ritual unless it's offered to her.  After she drinks (or doesn't) she goes and gets a toy to chew on from the nightstand.  She tramples down my body pillow and settles in for a chew while I'm getting my pajamas on, brushing my teeth, etc.  When I finally get in bed, she sits and waits until I'm settled, and then she has to hump my elbow for a minute or so, then lick my face, neck, ears, and chest for about 5 minutes.  After that, she presents her butt for back scratches and a knee massage.  Only after she gets adequate scratching and massaging will she scratch to be let under the covers.  If any step of the ritual is skipped or skimped upon...well, it's not a pretty picture.  She barks at me and paws at me and won't settle down to sleep.  I'm a slave to a diva-pug.  And proud of it. 

cathym (about 7 years ago)

Olivia Rose, is the licker out of my two. Always aims for the lips but will settle for legs. and her Monkey. That thing has to come to bed every night. And all you hear in the dark for about an hour is some sort of slurping noise and then she gags. Sophia Marie doesn't do any type of people or toy licking she just goes right to Olivia's eyes and licks all that nasty eye boog stuff. yuck!

kevers (about 7 years ago)

Oh my gosh, no one has any advice but everyone has some great stories!  I love this site and I love all these stories.  Keep them coming!   You know, the licking can be annoying but I don't think any of us would trade our pugs for anything in the world.  There is just something about pugs...all their cute stuff makes up for the annoying licking!

Sofezmom (about 7 years ago)

After each meal, Sophia licks the kitchen and dining room floor, all around the edges and even the carpet in the bathroom around the corner which really grosses me out. we call it "swiffing"...

Kricket10 (about 7 years ago)

oh yes, definitely when you get out of the shower. kricket is all over our legs... and our last one... she'd lick you until you moved away! she would go for hours! we've even timed it to see how long she'd lick an area. well i know we made it through one whole movie and she was content with licking my arm. i finally had to pull it away because my arm felt water logged! it's definitely a pug thing. there's nothing you can do to change about it

Vanilladow3 (about 7 years ago)

Buddy loves to lick my legs, he licks the sofa, the bed and when he is tired he will grab my hand and lick it and then put the whole hand in his mouth like a baby pacifier.  He's done all this since he was a baby.  I figured it's just a pug thing.

Sparkpug (about 7 years ago)

Both Elvis and Sugar Pie lick a lot too - more than my past pugs.  Sugar goes for my face/mouth when she has a chance, and legs the rest of the time.  Elvis goes for the eyes, especially - I started wearing glasses about six months ago and have to take off my glasses so he can lick my eyes.  I just have to be careful that he hasn't just been doing his hole digging in the yard when he does it.  Because of asthma and pug shedding, my babies don't get to sleep in bed with Mom and Dad, but on special occasions (or when they need special comforting) I let them snuggle with me in the bed.  I always have to move my husband's pillow off the bed, or Elvis will have it soaked almost completely through from licking before I even catch him.  He also licks his bedding and his sister's bed (which is why she has to defend her bed) so sometimes the covers are so wet I think one of them has peed on one of their beds.  I've worried that it is a neurotic thing and that maybe I'm not giving them enough attention, but it sounds from the rest of you that it is extremely common - which is helpful to know.

AprilnOscar (about 7 years ago)

My Oscar licks the air mostly and one time he got my eye(ewwww, gross!), although he has picked up the habit of licking the couch from our Pekingese. :/ Haven't found a way to stop either one of them so I just live with it!

HANK2008 (about 7 years ago)

Hank goes for the legs after a shower, and he smacks his lips when he's tired.  He gives kisses alot but when he starts licking I can tell him to stop and he usually does.  I have no idea what my new baby will do, but he does love to give kisses.

RedRoss9 (about 7 years ago)

i just thought id add that molly has been licking my wood floors around the molding for the past twenty minutes.  she shows no sign of stopping and she is refusing to come to bed.  its times like this that im glad i dont use chemicals or waxes to do my floors, and that i have earplugs.  the sounds are just...disturbing. like a contrary little molly to leave her mommy freezing in bed on a cold and rainy night like this.

Sofezmom (about 7 years ago)

What do you wash your floors with? I worry about Sophia licking the floors and around the moldings after every meal. We use the Swiffer products and they claim to be safe but I wonder...

KatB (about 7 years ago)

Licking is one of the pugs favorite things to do. I too, don't mind it so much, but understand after an hour of this, it gets old. HA! And slimmy. HA! I have taught mine to stop when I give a command. Think of a simple word to use as a command. When you have had enough licking, use it. If they don't stop push them off, and using both your hands give a firm hold over their shoulder area and add a push down to the floor. Give the command again. And new lesson takes some time, but if you work at it it will work. Good luck.