Ming is always looking for something to eat... always!!

if there is something lying around on the floor or within her reach ming will hoover it up within seconds. is this normal? she is always picking up things off the ground...leaves, sticks, fluff, bits of bark anything. i find it really worrying? is it even possible to teach her not to put everything in her mouth?


KatB (about 8 years ago)

For Pugs? YES! HAHAHA!  Every pug owner should pug proof their inside house and outside yard. And you do have to watch them. Not just puppies, but even the adult pug will forage for things. With puppy's, it is part of the puppy stage as with any breed. You can start to teach the LEAVE IT! command.  Use a water spray bottle set on stream, when pug starts to sniff something you don't want them to get, squirt them towards the face and Yell Leave IT!  This exercise is wonderful, once they get it. Be patient, but watch them and try it out.

Zuji (9 months ago)

~ Ditto for Zuji.

It's not that he's famished, but rather he feels that it's great fun to forage.

Who's to say that he's wrong?

Supervision is needed, as he's 5 months old and not anywhere close to adulthood.

PugHotel (7 months ago)

My two pugs are 6 and 7 years old and they will still suddenly get up out of bed if they hear the vacuum cleaner, so they can have one last scrounge around the kitchen for crumbs before I hoover them up.