My China Rose-I love her

Chilly and damp today in Quincy. Rosie is coming down the hill with her dad, from one of their daily walks. Wishing my legs could carry me that far without feeling pain later. Watching out the front window, I notice her getting older. More and more gray around her precious face. She still has that puggy pep in her step. But maybe alittle slower. Seeing my husbands mouth moving, know they are having a talk. China raises her little face to look up. Wondering what they are talking about. What ever it is, She is listening to every word. Thankful that husband loves her the way I do. When ever they return from their walks husband tells me everything about it. Telling where they stopped, who and what they saw. This little alien looking creature means so much to me. She is always right there beside me. Watching over me. Can't ever amazon what life would be like without my pug. Those that past before, are still so dear to my heart. Wishing they were still here on earth with me. Rose and I will have our time tonight at kennel club. I'll teach my students first, then Rose and I will jump into one of the other classes for mom and Rose time. Working through exercises we have done over and over. She knows them so well. The time each day we are hardly ever apart, but still there is never ever enough time. No way to get any closer than we are. I love my China Rose.


Patty25 (over 5 years ago)

Awww Kat, your post brings back so many good memories of my Angel. I always called her the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world. She always looked at whoever was talking to her as if she understood every word, just like your China.

xoxo Patty

docand (over 5 years ago)

Kat, I know how much love is between you and Rose.....I can tell by how much you talk about her and the different antics. Pug love is so great, isn't it? I would be absolutely lost without my Lexi. The problems that I tell her and the looks that I receive back. Looks of love in her eyes and her nose twitching when she looks. I do miss my Gretta, but it's acceptable now and we, Lexi and I, can get back with life......Doc and Lexi

petuniamay (over 5 years ago)

I have to share because only pug lovers will understand. I was sitting on the couch reading this heart warming tribute to China Rose with Petunia sitting on my lap. I was getting all misty eyed thinking about my pug babies and how fast they've grown up already, when of course Porky comes walking along the back of the couch and audibly farts just inches from my head. He had to follow that up with a classic pug head tilt and a look back at his bum to see what that noise was. I went from mushy warm fuzzy to hysterical laughter in seconds. Isn't that just like a pug?

rumccormick (over 5 years ago)

What a lovely post. It is sometimes difficult to convey our feelings in writing but you nailed it. After 18 years of raising cats we got our first dog, a pug. I had no idea I could love an animal so much. Your expression of love for China Rose made me cry. Thank you for sharing. Linda

KatB (over 5 years ago)

Thanks everyone, Of all the breeds I have had through out my years of dogs, the pug is amazing. Never have I had a dog that sits on the couch with you like a people, watches TV, or when I lay on the couch and read, she is laying there like she is reading the book as well. When I stop and say anything to her, she looks at me, and I know she really understands. Their expressions give it all away. When I am having a painful day, and can't get around, or I am sick, she never leaves my side. She knows I really need her. Her dad, looks in on us, and always ask her, "Rose are you taking care of mommy?" She raises her head, as if to say,"Yes Daddy, I got her covered. She is fine". Rose is always ready for anything we do. She is a great babysitter for my grandaughter Adele, who also loves pugs like crazy. Everywhere she goes, she calls Puggy Rose to come with her. I really have to give all credit of owning a pug to my oldest son Cody. His last years of living at home before marriage, he broke the house ruled and bought Bailey our first pug. The Buch house lives change for the better from that day. As many parents taking care of the puppy became my job. And Cody saw the bond between us and she became mine. We lost her young, due to illness, our hearts broke in two. Breeder offered us another puppy, and we took it. The day I met China Rose my world became complete again. Before she got her forever name, she was called the little fat girl. She was soooo fat. She was an only puppy, and had her puggy mommy all to herself.

Frankie2009 (about 5 years ago)

As long as she has that puppy spring ! it is all good!
So know I know me and my wife are not alone in talking to our pug, and I know in his way he is listiing and talking back! We both have had long conversations with him. Frankie also take care of us when we are not feeling well or suffering from our depression. As we both suffer from it, but Frankie know and makes us get out and about and does his goofy little things. When I leave for work, I always ask Frankie, are you going to protect mommy? and he does the same thing that China does, lifts his head and says I got it Daddy. I protect from the Evil puggie monsters! I laugh as he is big and brave, from under the covers against his people, and woofs and barks. So cute!

KatB (about 5 years ago)

Thank you everyone for your responses to this post. Pugs just rock our world so much. God sure knew what he was doing when he created pug. They were made to keep us company, to make us laugh with there clown ways, they have everything we want in a dog. And they do it all just right.

JanandSass (about 5 years ago)

No many how many furbabies we have, our puggies always stand out with their quirky characters and their loving ways. That was a beautiful tribute, but even more, it was a wonderful description of how our pug babies change our lives and what they mean to us! Bless you and your love for China Rose.

Zuji (11 months ago)

~ This thread is moving, with such vivid descriptions of Pug love.

They are so affectionate, eager to share the love inside them.

Many thanks to those who wrote these descriptions of their Pug experiences.