My Pug is far too attached to his toy

A few months ago my partner and I bought our pug, Doug (just over a year old) a blue, spikey, squeaky ball. He absolutely loves it. After a while the ball lost its squeak... So we stupidly kept replacing them. He has just become so attached... Sometimes I think he likes it more than food If you're sitting on the couch he will continue to pick it up and drop it on you until you'll throw it, dropping it on your face, lap or wherever. He does it to anybody. Especially new people who will cave and throw it for a while. But he constantly thinks about it. When we go to bed (yes, he sleeps with us) he'll have to go find it and bring it along with him so he knows its safe and the first thing he does after breakfast is goes looking for it. He will honestly play for hours and keep playing fetch with it if you continue to keep throwing it. If you try hide it he will search high and low sniffing around until he finds it and we'll cry and carry on until you give it back. What should I do? Should I just throw them (we have two atm) away or would that be cruel? Is this just behaviour related? We give him so much attention.. Well we try to... but hes so focused on the ball that he doesn't really care about us anymore Open to suggestions. He is also quite stubborn so we're still learning in terms of discipline in regards to teaching him when its ball time and when its not. Thanks.


KatB (almost 4 years ago)

I would just learn to go with it. Also using his precious ball as a treat for good behavor. If your trying to teach him some Obed. use the ball for reward. I have three dogs, one pug and two chin. They each have a favorite toy. Had a Rotti once that had a duck that made a sound like a duck. She carried it everywhere with her, and would lay and suck on the ducks feet. I don't know how many times I replaced it with another one just like it, and made repairs to fix it. I figured it made her happy and that's what matters. And by the way, you haven't been replaced. Your puggy loves you.

Ximena&Leo (almost 4 years ago)

Kat B has a good point why not use that squeek toy to your advantage for good behavior?

In addition, I think your pug just loves the squeeky sound of it. The only way to get him off the idea of the squeeky ball is with a total different toy such as tug of war, chuck it, frisbee or perhaps with food such as kong and fill it with peanut butter. Your pug is very energitic and just loves to play with you and so the squeeky toy is only thing that will get your attention. Just redirect the annoying behaviour and only use squeeky toy for good behavior.

KatB (almost 4 years ago)

Your pug is young and has alot of energy. And with it being winter, toys can really help burn off some of that energy inside the house. Playing a good game with them, will get them worn out. HAHA!

Zuji (about 1 year ago)

~ Although Zuji likes his various squeaky toys, he hasn't displayed any favoritism towards any one of them.

Rather, there's a set of chew toys and squeaky toys which seems to be favored.

He'll move them into his crate, then on another day move them back out.

Who knows what he might be feeling, other than he's fairly relaxed and easygoing.